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Chapter 98: Initial shape of the atomic dinosaur! The Ancestor of King Kong! Dong wins!

After the red flower battle, the entire continent was quiet for a while but what comes around eventually comes around.

This time, Jiang Fan’s gaze was turned to the Xia Kingdom.

Xia Kingdom’s technological development over the years was very slow as compared to the evolution of life in the second continent.

Jiang Fan was not interested in the development of medicine and had also embarked on a wrong path.

A large amount of money was invested in the ethereal longevity medicine or life-sustaining medicine!

Even if this thing really existed, it was something that could not be developed in this era.

It was like a primitive man trying to build a spaceship that goes to heaven.

Besides wasting effort and time, there was no use at all.

For the entire Xia Kingdom, the consequences were even more serious.

Funding for other disciplines had been significantly reduced because the whole country was in a drug-making frenzy!

Han was already bedridden and was unconscious.

At this stage, it was amazing that it lasted a full three years.

It was not that Han’s life force was tenacious enough, instead, Han still had an unfulfilled wish!

After the competition was over, he never saw Jiang Fan again, so his wish was to see Jiang Fan.

At a young age, Han had also been taught by Jiang Fan for a long time.

Jiang Fan was in his heart, except for the reverence of the Father.

There was also a deep affection in his heart.

These years, he had been on his own for a while.

He called on the name of “Father” but Jiang Fan never showed up.

The reason for this was that Jiang Fan was no longer intended to easily interfere with the development of this world, unless there was a significant change, something like nurturing talent.

At Han’s place, the foundations and paving of the way for each discipline had been completed.

Next, they could work step by step and there was no need to bother.

Looking at Han’s white hair and cloudy eyes, Jiang Fan still couldn’t bear it.

“Forget it, you are also considered my disciple, let’s see you one last time.”

Jiang Fan appeared with a slight vibration of the air.

Han’s eyes, who had been staring at the air, suddenly widened.

He sat up straight from the bed in disbelief!

Jiang Fan knew that he was coming back to life.


Han’s tone trembled slightly, with a look of excitement on his face.

“There’s no need for that.”

Jiang Fan sighed gently.

Han suddenly burst into tears.

First, he said in a small child’s voice: “Father, I am ashamed of you!”

Jiang Fan didn’t say anything.

He was quietly waiting for Han to pour out.

“I am not a good emperor.”

With tears streaming down his face, he said: “Father left me the foundation, but I…..

failed to carry it forward, and even caused the whole country to fall into a panic.

I am sorry for all this and even more sorry to you!”

Even after three years in a hospital bed, Han still had a general idea of what was going on outside but his orders had gradually been ignored.

Those who were out there in the name of making medicine.

In fact, they used this flag to achieve their own purposes of various interests!

“You did a great job.”

Jiang Fan said.

Even if Han was in old age, he did not make any mistakes.

He had been secretly suppressing the expansion of medicine and was promoting a balanced development of each discipline.

However, Han was not Qi, after all, there were no such means, nor did he have that reputation!

He could only do his best to keep the kingdom moving forward smoothly!

Hearing these words of Jiang Fan, a glimmer of light was revealed in Han’s cloudy eyes.

After a few moments, Han smiled and said, “I have no more regrets, and when I get to the bottom of the nine springs, I can say to my father that I did my best.”

“But I can’t let go of this country yet.”

“Father, please choose a successor!”

Han bowed down!

“Choose for yourself, and trust your own vision.”

Jiang Fan said indifferently and left.

After a long time, no response was heard from Jiang Fan.

Han looked out the window into the sky.

There was a trace of disappointment on his face.

He also seemed to understand something, and muttered to himself, “Father, I understand.”

Immediately, Han called the guards.

He took a bath, summoned a group of ministers and princes once again, and publicly announced the next heir to the throne!

Jiang Fan did not intervene but he watched this with interest.

Han had lived for decades and there were many concubines in the harem.

The number of sons were also very high.

In addition, as a result of growing up in the military, each one of them was cultivated very well!

In this generation, there were actually nine candidates who were perfect for being emperor, no matter which way you look at it!

But the emperor would only be one after all!

Han’s eyes slowly swept across the nine princes.

However, there was no ripple in his heart!

He knew very well that he raised some excellent sons.

During his own bed rest, they had done a lot of “good things” that were hidden from him!

The reason why the entire Xia Kingdom had become such a mess now, was all because of this throne!

In order to compete for the status of the heir, the nine candidates were completely unscrupulous!

Han’s voice was not loud, and he said slowly.

“After my death, the next successor to the emperor’s throne will be……”

Everyone in the palace knelt on the ground and unanimously raised both ears!

They didn’t dare to miss a single word!


As the word fell, it stirred up a thousand waves!


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