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Chapter 99: Super Science Fiction! The Star meteorite iron! A new type of weapon!


When Han pronounced the name, everyone’s first reaction was……

Did I hear it wrong

It was unbelievable for everyone!

Everyone thought that Han was so old and faint that he even mispronounced the name.

But one by one, they looked up, seeing the hint of solemn and majestic expression on the face of Han, just to be sure, they did not hear it wrong.

Han was not wrong either.

Brush, brush, brush……

For a time, everyone turned their heads and looked at a very inconspicuous young man in the corner.

This person was mediocre and his appearance was very ordinary.

On the streets, he was the kind of person that no one would look at more than once.

Even in the luxurious attire of a prince, there was nothing royal about him.

Surrounded by people, Prince Bai was stunned and confused.

It was not just him, everyone, including the most qualified Grand Tutor was confused.

None of them could have guessed.

The heir chosen by Han was actually this mediocre guy who couldn’t be more mediocre!

“Why is that”

The nine most promising princes secretly clenched their fists.

They were very confused!

Discontent was dissatisfaction but Han had been in power for decades.

His reputation was there, so no one dared to question it on the spot.

After a short silence, everyone agreed to leave.

Prince Bai, who was still very stunned, was left behind.

“Get ready, I don’t have much time.”

Han looked at Bai and said briefly.


Bai said hesitantly.

“Are you asking me why I chose you instead of your outstanding royal brothers”

Han said calmly: “You will understand later.”

Han didn’t say much.

After that, he took things as the foundation and governed the country according to law and gave a brief set of guidelines to Bai.

For Bai, Han was actually not satisfied.

He really belonged to the kind of people who had little talent in any field.

He was extremely mediocre!

Even though he was not eligible to inherit the throne, Han still chose him.

Bai was unremarkable but there was one big advantage –

That was…… listening!

Han explained the words and policies without the slightest doubt.

Bai was nodding all the way through.

At night, the Great Desolate City was still bustling with activities.

It seemed to be no different from usual but under the calm water, the undercurrent was surging!

The nine most promising princes already gathered their respective people.

“Why would Father choose this loser, Bai Why Why”

In the Eldest Prince’s Mansion, a beautifully shaped pottery was slammed to the ground by the eldest prince, with a “pop” sound.

The people around were silent.

There were strategists, ministers, generals and scholars, but none of them answered.

From daytime to now, this was something everyone could not understand!

Among the nine outstanding princes, the eldest prince was the most prestigious.

He was considered the most promising.


As the saying goes, the higher the expectations, the greater the disappointment.

Han’s announcement today gave the Eldest Prince a heavy blow!

“Father, I also admit that I lost to the third and eighth brothers, but…… in your eyes, I’m not as good as this trash, Bai”

The eldest prince had a ferocious look on his face, and said bitterly: “Father, you are old, your eyes are faint, and you can’t even see people clearly!”

“For the sake of this country, I also have to make some right choices.”

The others present did not respond.

Since Han announced the heir position, everyone knew that apart from doing some outrageous things, there was no other way around it.

“Commander Xing.”

The eldest prince looked at a tall general and asked, “How many soldiers do you have now”

“Among the 10,000 troops, there are 5,000 who can follow my command!”

Commander Xing answered.

The Forbidden Army was a team that guards the palace gates.

There were four commanders in total.

Each commander had 2,500 members!

While Commander Xing was the most senior one among them.

“The other 5,000……”

Commander Xing glanced at the eldest prince and continued: “Some were not drawn, and some were drawn by other palaces, but there are not many, so there is nothing to be afraid of!”

“There are also personal guards in the palace!”

A strategist reminded, “His Majesty’s personal guard only has a thousand men, and although they are all elites, they are ultimately few in number.”

Commander Xing didn’t take it seriously.


Commander Xing smiled slightly, showing a hint of pride: “There are also my people in the city guards, but those people have a bigger appetite.”

“I’ll give them whatever they want as long as they are willing to make a move!”

The eldest prince said abruptly, — his face was hideous!

“With His Highness’s words, everything will be easy.”

Commander Xing said with a smile.

“Father, it’s not that your son is not filial, it’s just that you don’t know anyone well.

This son is thinking about the entire Xia Kingdom.”

The eldest prince muttered to himself.

His face suddenly turned cold, a pair of sharp eyes glanced at everyone, and said coldly: “Everyone, prepare to act!”

“Tonight…… is the time for a change!”

This time, there was a sudden sound of rapid footsteps from outside the house.

The voice of a personal guard then sounded-

“Your Highness, it’s not good, our mansion has been breached!”


The eldest prince and the others were shocked!

Commander Xing walked over quickly, opened the door, and asked, “Which army”

“It’s the Great Desolate Army!”

The personal guards trembled.


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