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Do You F*cking Think Im a Bug

Looking at the equipment and items that originally belonged to him, Chu Bais eyes narrowed slightly.

“Just wait. Ill settle all the scores. Ill take back everything that belonged to me in the first place, even if its just some trash props.”

After that, Chu Bai glanced at the other players of the Feng Ling Dynasty.

They gulped and retreated in fear.

“You… Youre dead! Youve picked a fight with the Feng Ling Dynasty. Let me tell you, you… You can forget about getting out alive!”

A person pointed at Chu Bai and spoke in fear.

“Thats right! There are at least 5,000 Feng Ling Dynasty players in this Starter Village alone. You… you can just wait for your death.”

Although their words were quite harsh, their tone and stutter betrayed their fear.

Chu Bai only glanced at them, then turned around and walked toward the starter village.

The players breathed a sigh of relief.


Chu Bai, who was already walking away, promptly threw a Flame Bead at them.



With a loud bang, an area of dozens of meters exploded.



They were all killed instantly.

Some of the surviving players ran to the Bronze Bosss corpse and kept activating “Gather”, checking if there was anything on the Boss that they could still collect. Unfortunately, there was nothing.

Resurrection point…

Old Dream Tian Yu and Tian Xing revived one after another.

Crack! Crack!

Seeing that all his nice equipment had been dropped, Old Dream Tian Yu clenched his fists into tight balls, his eyes flashing red.

“F*ck! My Divine Emperor weapon has been destroyed! F*ck!”

Tian Xing gritted his teeth.

“Bai Ye! Ill kill you!” Old Meng Tian Yu roared.

As a reputable figure and a veteran, how could he not be furious that he was killed by an unknown kid in front of so many people

Now, in the starter village, he did not want to do anything else. He had to kill this person, no matter what! Since it was not reality, he could do whatever he wanted!

“Gather all the members of the Feng Ling Dynasty in Starter Village 77777 and kill him!”

Meanwhile, Chu Bai went to the pharmacy.

He did not have much HP left right now, and the monsters did not drop any HP Potions, so he had no choice but to buy them.

Although he did not lose a single HP point from killing the monsters, he had just waged war against multiple players. Some of their long-range attacks still landed on him. Although each attack only dealt a dozen or so damage—no more than 20 damage— he still lost more than half of his HP after being struck a few times.

He was also tired.

Infinite Ultimate was very impressive, but it was still a normal physical body he was using. Theoretically, he could release the Ultimates infinitely, but it would be tiring.

His Hunger Bar had dropped to 60 points. He had to eat something and buy some HP Potions while looking for some missions.

Starter Village Pharmacy.

There was no one in the pharmacy because the players had just entered not long ago and no one had the money to buy HP Potions and Mana Recovery Potions. They could only rely on getting them from drops.

The Gold Coin Exchange System had yet to be activated.

Chu Bai already had 2 silver coins.

In the early stages of the game, even copper coins were very difficult to get. Essentially, if you wanted to earn money, you would have to do missions.

Of the two silver coins, half of that value was dropped from killing the Bristled Boars, where the cumulative value was converted into a silver coin. The other silver coin was dropped by the Bronze Boss.

10 bronze coins = 1 silver coin

10 silver coins = 1 gold coin

1 gold coin was equivalent to 100 yuan.

In the early stages of the game, before the Real Currency Exchange System was activated, it was very difficult to obtain a gold coin.

“Honorable adventurer from another world, is there anything you need”

The pharmacy owner greeted Chu Bai with a smile.

Chu Bai glanced at the wares.

[Amo Beilin Capsule]: Restores 50 HP immediately after use. Cooldown: 5 seconds. Price: 5 bronze coins.

[Small HP Potion]: Restores 100 HP immediately after use. Cooldown: 5 seconds. Price: 1 silver coin.

[Medium HP Potion]: Restores 200 HP immediately after use. Cooldown: 5 seconds. Price: 1.5 silver coins.

Chu Bai took out two silver coins and said, “A bottle of Medium HP potion.”

The boss handed Chu Bai the recovery potion and said, “Ill give 5 copper coins in change.”


However, after he looked in the drawer, he raised his head to look at Chu Bai apologetically. “Im very sorry. The shop has just opened for business. We dont have any copper coins. You can take an Amo Beilin Capsule. Its worth is exactly five copper coins.”

Chu Bai shook his head. “I dont want it. I just want the five copper coins.”

He still needed the five copper coins to buy two buns from the village.

“This… Im sorry, I really dont have any change here. Why dont you take a Small HP Potion This is one worth a silver coin.”

Chu Bai still shook his head. “I only want the five bronze coins.”

“How about this Ill give you another Medium HP Potion. The two of them would cost three silver coins. Ill only charge you two silver coins. How about that”

The owner continued asking.

Chu Bai still shook his head. “I only need one recovery potion.”

The boss scratched his head.

“Alright, alright, alright. Ill give back you the money. Just take this Medium HP Potion as a gift from me, okay”

He returned the two silver coins to Chu Bai.

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Chu Bai took the money and held the Medium HP Potion in his hand. Then, he looked at the silver coins in his hand…

He silently handed the two silver coins back to the owner.

“Ill buy another Medium HP Potion.”

Owner, “”

“Do you f*cking think Im a bug”



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