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Paragon of Death Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Power level & World system

*Cultivation Levels*

-Human [1-5]

-Warrior [1-5]





-True God [1-5]


Levels 1-2[Amateur]

Level 3[Esteemed]

Level 4-5[Exalted]

Mages have magic circuits! A system that allows mana to flow through the body unhindered, allowing the use of magic.

Mages are scarce and are considered the main fighting force of an Empire. Within a thousand men, only ten at best can become mages.

Mages usually start with two element affinities, those with more are considered prodigies.

Casting spells requires creating magic circles! The speed used to complete magic circles differs.

Outside mages, there are body refiners or fighters. These people were not granted the opportunity to experience the power of magic. It is said that ten fighters are not even equivalent to a mage but once in a while, such statements are disproved by talented fighters who make their way to the top.

The fighting ability of a body refiner is decided by her skill in learning and hisher fighting techniques.

Mages are decided into various classes

War mages: Mages trained to kill and destroy only! They serve no other purpose but to lay waste to towns and villages belonging to their foes

Oracles: Healing and creation type mages. They are one of the most sorts in every kingdom and can be mainly found in the holy church

Enchanters: Probably the wealthiest set of people in the world. Not only do they serve as support in wars for both fighters and mages but they are also known for the production of highly requested magic weapons! Even the weakest magic weapons can sell for over a gold coin! This covers the lifetime earnings of the average citizen!

Meanwhile, Battle refiners are decided into numerous classes.

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