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Paragon of Death Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: Chapter 11: Luthor Wright

Damon quickly got his academy distinguished guest badge and was let into the next hall where he had to go alone.

Apparently, people like him with specialcases have already passed the entrance exam and did not need to take the test but it still wouldnt hurt to see how strong their foundation is so it didnt matter.

When Damon entered the hall, he could see the difference. There was a different section for distinguished mage aspirants like him and it didnt bother him at all.

[A/N: I know many of you will be like equality and all that stuff. You expect my MC to stand up for justice and want everyone to be treated equally but in reality, equality doesnt exist. No one is born equal, while some are born poor, others are born wealthy... The poor one may have potential but lack the resources to put it to good use but the rich ones already have a head start in life... Thats sad but thats just how the world works... equality is just an illusion]

Damon strode over to the other side of the hall and took a sit on a comfy sofa and shut his eyes.

According to what he was told, the entrance exam is meant to showcase a persons talent with magic and how sturdy their foundation as mages is.

Its good to know how good each individual is and know where to place them. It was just a demonstration and there were no specific rules or anything.


Damon contemplated on how much to show. If he showed too little, he will be bullied by his fellow distinguished colleagues. If he showed too much and with his identity as a son of a mere Baron, he will be suppressed by those with a higher social status.

“Its better to be feared than a laughing stock” Damon said coldly.

He would prefer they gang up against him because they fear him than they bully him because they think he is weak.

Damon opened his eyes slowly and he was stunned to see that out of the entire crowd outside, barely more than a hundred people made the cut!

Everyone outside had an affinity for magic but the strength in affinity differs. Those whose affinity is considered too weak are not accepted, leaving a handful of people here.

“This year has more people! Last year didnt even have up to a hundred students... we should be roughly a hundred and fifty this year... its a good number” A kid said beside him.

The kid had jet black hair combed neatly and he wore an expensive purple robe. His purple eyes were the most attractive feature on his face.

“I am Lord Luthor Wright from Marquess Wright family... What about you” Luthor asked while extending his hand to shake Damon.

“Damon Ross” Damon answered calmly but as soon as he mentioned the Ross family name Luthor withdrew his hand and gazed at Damon as if he was some sort of pig on a pig farm.

The boy snorted disdainfully and didnt bother with Damon again. Damon didnt seem to care either. There were about ten distinguished students here and they all heard the conversation. Damon could feel their disgusted gaze on him but he didnt care.

He just waited for a while until they were called out!

Without hesitation, Damon moved ahead and walked toward the next location.

They were taken to an arena similar to the Roman colosseum where all the parents and spectators sat in anticipation of what these kids will be displaying today.

As expected the distinguished students were to display last as the normal students showcased what they can do. While some conjured balls of fire or created orbs of water and all that, Damon didnt pay attention.

He shut his eyes and as usual, he let his emotions fuel his power.

“Emotions can be the strongest weapon of a mage as well as his downfall... It can allow you to draw out the most power your body can muster but it can also make you do stupid things in battle.... Its all about control! Control the emotions and you control your fate!” Liana always said to Damon when she thought him.

During his spare time, Damon would just shut his eyes and think about his past life. The hatred and pain always pulled out the best of his abilities but he never let it go too far. The control and emptiness furled the shadow magic, this made Damon wonder what emotion can trigger the death magic!

Unaware of how much time has passed, the normal students finished their demonstrations and it was time for the distinguished students. While Damons eyes remained closed he failed to notice Luthor going down first.

As soon as he reach the stage Luthor made a request that shook the entire arena!

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He requested a battle with another distinguished student and he picked Damon Ross!

“This...” Damon muttered with a slight frown on his face.

He had expected these people to try to bully him because of his background but he didnt expect Luthor to start so soon. He couldnt even wait for the test to finish.

But of course, its only a request! Damon had the option to reject and the entire crowd was looking at him now. Many people wished to see the fight happen but people like Daniel Ross and his master Liana looked worried. They made eye contact with Damon and shook their heads, signaling him to refuse.

Death suddenly spoke up

“And if I win” Damon remained seated as he gazed at the arena below with an eye full of contempt.

Death said with an alluring voice.

“Then we fight!” Damon said out loud for many to hear as he stood up and walked down the stairs.

People cheered while many gazed at him as if they have seen an idiot! Does this kid really think he can go against the Wright family They are one of the most famous and terrifying families in the kingdom only inferior to the Dukes!

Even if Luthor is their youngest offspring, they were sure he possessed a strong foundation, thats why he dared to challenge Damon.

The Wright family is known for only one thing in particular! Their affinity towards dark magic! But not just any form of dark magic, we are talking about Necromancy here!

The stronger a mage from the family becomes, the stronger the spirit they can bring back to life and unlike Damon, Luthor has been famous even amongst the Wright family for his talent! It is said he is far stronger than his peers and only those a realm above can challenge him.

“Yawn!” Damon yawned out loud the moment he got to the arena and stood before Luthor.

“Lets get this over with... I have better things to do” Damon said calmly. He really needed to get this over with and learn more about the death magic!



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