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Chapter 18: Chapter 18: Unruly Landlord

After a long day at work, the only thing that kept Rong Yue who had spent half the time moving between several virtual black communities where people took several tasks and sold several things was the food that she expected that Qin Yichen would have made.

Yet, the moment she entered her street, every bit of exhaustion disappeared from her body as she saw that the front of her house was crowded.

Her feet covered the distance from where she was to her house speedily as she tried to remember if anything had happened to her mother at this time.

“Open the door immediately now.” She heard a gruff voice yell as he kicked at their door.

“Who are you” The moment the man turned, she was reminded of him immediately, since it had been so long someone, like the landlord of the house had long since left her mind.

“You are here! Good. You and your mother have refused to pay my money and have also refused to pay with your body. I will have the two of you sent out this very minute.” As he spoke, his eyes moved around her body in a very lecherous manner that had Rong Yue irritated.

She already had the thought of moving, but she had also felt that taking things slow and moving when the young man was gone was also a smart decision.


Now, she felt like she had made the wrong choice.

“Ill pay you your money now.” She replied hurriedly as the men around him threw another kick at the door ignoring her totally while the landlord sent another victorious smirk her way

Just as she was about to speak up, the door opened and instead of the weak Rong Xia that they had all expected, Qin Yichen stood in the door way.

Even in simple house clothes, he looked absolutely stunning and gave off a certain pressure.

“You are shouting over this type of house” He asked coldly shooting a glare at him. The landlord and his men suddenly felt like they were being looked over by some overlord and one of them even felt his bladder suddenly become full.

“So handsome! Who is he” One of the women who had come to watch the show exclaimed as she saw Qin Yichen and her eyes even shone brightly in admiration.

Her words however, was like a wake up call for everyone.

“Just some pretty face and you think you can make me listen to you Pffftt.” The landlord sneered as he moved forward to where Qin Yichen was.

“You would move out of this house at this very moment or watch me throw every single item in the room out on the stre...”

Before he could complete his words, Qin Yichen kicked his leg out, hitting the approaching landlord on his knee accurately. Since his gaze had been fixed on Qin Yichen, neither him nor anyone around them had seen him raise his leg and so he fell to the floor terribly.

Like as if he had been trained for this, he moved at a frightening speed and had all the other men that had been causing a ruckus with the landlord all fall down with groaning.

Rong Yue who had stood by one side and watched was amazed by his prowess. To any normal person, they would see that he was skilled and strong. However, for someone like her, she was impressed with how much of the bodys anatomy he knew.

With every kick he had delievered, he had picked up spots that when checked, one couldnt say he had done any much damage but the pain the individual that was hit would feel would be a lot worse.

“What are you still waiting for Come on inside.” He said as he shot her an incredulous look.

Rong Yue nodded and then looked at the gossipy neighbors before pulling a wad of cash out of her purse.

“This is for the last month and this months payment.” She said, throwing the money at the landlord that was currently sounding like a pig about to be slaughtered.

As soon as she entered, Qin Yichen pulled her in and then locked the door.

“Next time just stay away from scenes like that and men with bad intentions.” He scolded slightly while Rong Yue glared at him slightly.

She looked around the room and saw that her mother was sitting in one corner while the materials she used for her knitting laid beside her.

“I already paid him, you dont have to worry anymore.”

Knowing that her mother was already frightened by the matter, she moved closer to her and wrapped her in a tight hug until she felt her muscles relax.

“What if he comes back with more men He wont always be here.” She shot a glance at Qin Yichen to make herself clear on who she was talking about in the last part of the sentence.

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“Ill start searching for a new place from tomorrow after school. We can move as soon as I find somewhere thats okay.”

“A new place Where do you want to find somwhere that can be cheaper than this” Rong Xia asked in confusion. The both of them had moved from some factory site because she didnt want her daughter too embarrassed in school.

This had been the cheapest they could find and they still couldnt cover it on time with feeding and other things.

“I made some money from one of my paintings today, I would use the money to get one apartment first, we can slowly furnish the place.”

Rong Xia looked at her daughter, her gaze filled with worry and concern and tears pooled in her eyes at how useless she was. She had constantly tried to get work.

And had even been unjustly molested in one, yet she knew that telling her daughter would have broken her. She had no choice than to sit at home and do the petty things she could after realizing her incompetence to work like normal people or even protect herself.

Although she felt like a burden to her daughter, she also felt like if she wasnt here anymore, her Yueer would feel very lonely in this world.

“Mother, dont worry, Im going to make a lot more money and provide you with a comfortable life.” Rong Yue promised her eyes tearing up also as she hugged her mother again, this time, a lot tighter as if she was scared to let her go.

Qin Yichen watched the two of them from a corner in the room while managing to make his presence also unnoticed.

He had thought that they were hiding here all this time but from the look of things, it allowed him to understand that they really needed money. Perhaps, the little girl had only just thought of selling her paintings for money.

But how does she know about tech and trackers

As he watched them, a part of him was also lost in thought and it was only when he saw that the haze of the moment had gone already that he spoke up.

“I have an apartment here in this city, although its nothing special but it can house the both of you comfortably until you find a place. If you also like it, I can sell it to you later on at a slashed price for what you have done for me.”

“You want to use that to replace your debt” For someone that loved money, the first thing that came to her head was him being unwilling to pay.

Qin Yichen chuckled as he looked at her money grubbing appearance.

“The money is my repayment to you, this is for your mother.” He clarified.

“Didnt you say it wasnt safe to be in any of your spaces”

“Just before you came, they managed to figure out who the mole is. I also plan to return tomorrow afternoon since i still have some urgent matters to sort in the capital.” He explained.

“Okay, when we see the apartment. We can talk better on this matter.” She said with a sigh and then a yawn that exposed how tired she was.

“I kept some water boiling for you to take a bath, you can take a bath and come out to have some soup before going to bed.” Her mother advised her and Rong Yue nodded and then stood up.



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