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An Rao had not seen Xia Wanyuan in a long time and had been pestering her to chat.

Jun Shiling glanced at Bo Xiao and turned to walk to the study.

Bo Xiao followed him upstairs.

“Are you okay” Jun Shiling poured a glass of water for Bo Xiao.

“Mm, thank you.” Bo Xiao looked into Jun Shilings eyes with a grateful smile.

He knew that Jun Shiling had always mediated his matters.

Even though the officials had already given the final conclusion, there were still many people who questioned it.

If not for Jun Shiling suppressing it, he would not have been able to live so leisurely during this period of time.

“Why have you suddenly become so distant” Jun Shiling sat opposite Bo Xiao.

“I received your retirement application, but I suppressed it.”

Bo Xiao lowered his eyes.

“Why must you do this Ive indeed made up my mind.

An Rao and the child need me.

I wont enter the army again.”

The light of faith was indeed very dazzling, but the road to faith was filled with thorns.

He seemed to be unable to reach the end of the road.

Jun Shiling was silent for a moment.

“Ill put your application with me first.

If you really decide, Ill personally approve your application.”

Bo Xiao looked up.

“Okay, how is it Ive been busy taking care of An Rao recently.

Hows K”

Speaking of this, Jun Shilings expression turned serious.

He shook his head.

“Not good.

According to the news I received, he has begun to cooperate closely with pharmaceutical companies worldwide.”

“Pharmaceutical companies” Puzzlement flashed across Bo Xiaos eyes.

“Ive never heard of K stepping into the medical industry in the past.

Isnt he in the harmful industry”

Speaking of this, Jun Shilings expression became even more serious.

“Who said that the medical industry can only save people”

The medical industry was an industry that controlled the stages of life and death.

While it could save thousands of lives, it could also destroy everything in an instant.

As soon as Jun Shiling finished speaking, Bo Xiaos eyes trembled.

If K was not doing this for the profits of the medicine, then there must be a hidden motive behind his frequent contact with the medical industry.

“So, you still insist on retiring” Jun Shiling looked straight at Bo Xiao.

Bo Xiao hesitated for a few seconds before nodding hesitantly.

“Just treat me as a coward.”

“Okay, I understand.” Jun Shiling did not continue.

“Come, lets play chess.”


At this moment, in the laboratory in Continent F, Yu Qian was wearing gold-rimmed glasses and a long white coat.

He was focused on the petri dish not far away.

Looking at the viruses squirming under the high-power glasses, a cold glint flashed across Yu Qians eyes.

“Dont you think theyre beautiful”

Jayce had also walked out of a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood.

Broken limbs did not affect him at all.

However, at this moment, looking at the colorful viruses under the observation mirror, he felt a chill from the bottom of his heart.

These things could not be observed with the naked eye.

Only under a high-power mirror could one see them baring their fangs and brandishing their claws.

Jayce had never seen what the demons in hell looked like, but he thought that if the demons were alive, they would probably look similar to the pile of viruses in front of him.

“Boss, what are these things called”

Yu Qian took off his gloves and reached out to touch these colorful things.

“Theres no name, but its so beautiful.

I should use a beautiful name.

Why dont I call it X”

X, infinite possibilities.

“Then are you going to use these on Young Master Wei” Jayce asked carefully, his eyes flashing with hidden joy.

He really hated Wei Zimu.

Just because he was Yu Qians brother, he put on all sorts of expressions, as if someone owed him something.

If only Yu Qian could let Wei Zimu die this time.

They could only tolerate people who were loyal to Yu Qian and not people like Wei Zimu.

Yu Qian turned around and his cold gaze landed on Jayce.

He said, “Ill remind you one last time.

Wei Zimu is my brother.

Here, Im first and hes second.

Other than me, no one can touch him.”

Jayces heart skipped a beat.

Cold sweat broke out on his forehead.


“Where is he” Yu Qian turned around.

The light cast a gentle glow on his handsome facial features.

“Young Master Wei has just been injected with the antidote.

Hes resting now,” Jayce replied respectfully.

Yu Qian took off his white coat, revealing an exquisite high-end suit.

He turned around and went to the cultivation room.

He had a handsome face and a gentle temperament.

Anyone who saw him would praise him for being a gentleman.

However, he walked through the corridor filled with desperate cries for help step by step, ignoring the painful experimental subjects around him, as if everything had nothing to do with him.

Yu Qian stopped outside a glass room at the end.

Inside was Wei Zimu, who looked the same as him.

At that moment, Wei Zimus face was pale.

Other than that, he looked quite calm.

It was unimaginable that just ten minutes ago, he was still tortured by the pain in his body.

Only the traces of his struggle could be seen on the glass cover.

Seeing Yu Qian walk over, Wei Zimu sighed slightly.

“Whats the matter”

Jayce went forward to open the door.

Yu Qian walked in and squatted in front of Wei Zimu.

He looked at him seriously for a while.

“Brother, does it hurt”

Wei Zimu nodded slightly.

The corners of Yu Qians lips curled up.

“I feel the pain too.

This is the first experiment I accepted when I was five years old when I was first brought here.”

As soon as Yu Qian finished speaking, Wei Zimu was stunned.

He looked at Yu Qian in a daze, and his eyes instantly turned red.

Wei Zimu thought of Yu Qian when he was young.

At that time, he was used to being pampered.

He even needed the entire family to coax him when he caught a cold and had an injection.

They gave him candies and toys, and after the injection, he would still bawl.

Wei Zimu could not imagine how that small child had survived such an inhumane experiment.

“Brother.” The corners of Wei Zimus eyes were bloodshot.

This was the first time Wei Zimu had called him brother since they had met.

Yu Qian smiled.

The warmth in his eyes did not reach his eyes.

“Aiya, Brother, whats the use of a late apology How did I get through back then You should suffer too.

If you can pass all the tests.”

At this point, Yu Qian pointed outside.

“Do you see that I share everything with you.

Youre the second king of the underground world.

However, if you cant break through, thats a pity.

I can only prepare a good coffin for you.”

Wei Zimu lowered his head and bit his lip tightly.

His eyes were filled with painful tears that kept dripping to the ground.

Yu Qian lifted Wei Zimus chin and wiped his tears with his suit sleeve.

“Dont cry, Brother.

The show has just begun.”


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