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As soon as Madam Qu saw Chen Menger, she was overjoyed.

She wanted nothing more than to hold Chen Menger in her hands and dote on her.

“Grandma, theres no need.

Just a few dishes will be enough.

Im not picky,” Chen Menger said coquettishly to Madam Qu.

“Still not picky Look at your face, its so thin,” Madam Qu looked at Chen Mengers face and said with heartache.

Madam Qu still felt that it was better for a girl to be chubby.

Of course, she had to admit that this precious granddaughter of hers was really very beautiful.

For this, Madam Qu was quite proud in her heart.

If she didnt know that Chen Mengers identity was relatively special and that Chen Menger didnt like to be in the limelight, she would probably think of bringing Chen Menger with her wherever she went.

“Grandma, what kind of judgment is this How many people want a face like Mengers now, and you actually think that Mengers face is small” Qu Haoxiang rushed back after receiving the news that his sister had returned, hearing his grandmothers words, he could not help but defend his sister.

“I just feel that this is just right for my sister.

Right, Sis” Qu Haoxiang smiled and said to Chen Menger.

“You brat, the moment you come back, you are going against your grandmother.” Madam Qu knocked Qu Haoxiang on the head.

Qu Haoxiang immediately revealed a grimacing expression.

“Alright, stop.

Its too much.

Your grandmother is already so old, I dont have such strength.” Madam Qu could not do anything to her mischievous little grandson.

“Alright, I wont play with you guys anymore.

Ill go to the kitchen to take a look.

Oh right, Menger, your grandfather is waiting for you in the study.”

“Alright, then Grandma, Ill go look for Grandpa.” Chen Menger was here to look for Elder Qu today.

“Do you want to come along” Chen Menger deliberately turned her head to ask Qu Haoxiang.

When Qu Haoxiang heard that she was going to see their grandfather, he hurriedly shook his head.

“Ill wait for you outside.” Asking him to see his grandfather was asking him to get scolded.

His grandfather, Elder Qu, would only be amiable when he saw his precious granddaughter, Chen Menger.

And every time he saw his grandchildren, he would either give them a lecture or give them political thought lessons.

This made the few of them avoid him.


* * *

“Grandpa.” Chen Menger knocked on the door, opened it, and walked in.

The moment she walked in, Chen Menger smelled a thick smoke.

Even if Elder Qu deliberately left the window open and let the wind in, Chen Menger could still smell the smoke.

“Grandpa, did you smoke”

“Girl, you smelled it.

I only smoked one cigarette, just one.” Elder Qu was only afraid of his wife and his granddaughter, Chen Menger.

“Grandpa, didnt I tell you before that you are not allowed to smoke Why are you so disobedient” Chen Menger said disapprovingly.

“I also have something on my mind.

Im so depressed that I only smoked one cigarette.

I usually dont smoke.

If you dont believe me, you can ask your grandmother,” Elder Qu quickly explained.

“Grandpa, Ill let it go this time.

It must not happen again.” Chen Menger didnt fall for Elder Qus trick.

“Definitely!” Elder Qu quickly replied.

“Grandpa, youre worried about the Lu familys matter, right” Chen Menger asked directly.


I just received news that someone is helping the Lu family to operate in the dark.

The Lu family might be fine this time,” Elder Qu frowned and said with a worried expression.

This time, if Elder Lu and the others were acquitted and if the Lu family could continue to live unscrupulously in the capital, then the Qu family would not have an easy time.

This time, the Qu family and the Lu family had completely shed all pretense of cordiality.

The Qu family and the Lu family were opposing each other.

At that time, it was really uncertain who would win and who would lose.

“Grandpa, then do you know who is the one who is playing tricks in the middle this time” Chen Menger asked.

“This, I dont know yet, but Ive already sent people to investigate.

There should be news soon.

Why Girl, what news did you get” Only then did Elder Qu react.

“Yes, I have some news.

The one who helped the Lu family get off the hook behind the scenes is the one on top.” Chen Menger looked at Elder Qu and said very seriously.

“You mean, the person at the top” Elder Qu was also surprised by this news.

“Girl, are you sure”

“Grandpa, do you think I would lie” Chen Menger asked back.

“No, but this news is too surprising.

How could it be him” Elder Qu thought about everyone in his circle, but he didnt think about the person at the top.

“How could it not be him Grandpa, think about it.

At this time, who has the ability to save the Lu family Moreover, the Lu familys matter this time is not small.

If its not done properly, they will be in trouble,” Chen Menger analyzed for Elder Qu.

“But, he doesnt have the reason to save the Lu family at this juncture” Elder Qu still could not wrap his head around it.

“Its at this critical moment that he would save the Lu family.

Grandpa, dont forget that before the Lu family was in trouble, the Lu family had always been his most capable assistant.

And this also meant that the Lu family had helped him many times over the years.

The Lu family had taken care of a lot of his dirty work.”

“It cant be him, right” Elder Qu couldnt quite accept Chen Mengers words.

“What do you know, Grandpa Dont think that everyone is as clean as you.

Power is like a drug.” Chen Menger had seen it with her own eyes.

Many people could even use their own children and abandon them for power.

“The one on top is not the one you knew before.

Grandpa, Ill tell you the truth.

I came here today to tell you something.”

“Speak.” Elder Qu was hit hard.

“I want to pull him out of this election.”



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