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Chapter 305 – Special Lifeform

While letting the dense Eternal Energy in the room wrap around him, Shi Feng began carefully recreating the natural magic array composed entirely of the various elements operating principles.

Although Shi Feng had previously created a magic array based on the operating principles of dark mana in the Stratified Abyssal Realm, the magic array was limited to only one type of mana. The natural magic arrays complexity was at least ten times greater in comparison. Even after referencing the Hundred Refinement Buildings simulation 99 times and correcting his mistakes hundreds of times, Shi Feng still couldnt get it right.

Although I understand how I should arrange the various elements, getting them to where I want is a completely different story. If it werent for this environment, I wouldnt even be able to finish arranging one-tenth of the various elements.

Sweat rolled down Shi Fengs forehead one drop after another as he arranged the various mana elements and watched the magic array in his Mana Body gradually forming. His current task felt a hundred times more difficult than walking a tightrope on a 10,000-meter cliff.

Every type of mana had its own characteristics and operating principles. So, every one of them had to be manipulated using a different method. In order to draw the complete magic array, he had to constantly switch between different manipulation methods. He couldnt just manipulate the various elements simultaneously using the same method.

This meant he had to switch manipulation methods over twenty times every second. Even Grandmaster Magicians would despair at such a challenge.

Meanwhile, he had to keep up this constant switching throughout the entire process of drawing the magic array. If he made even the slightest mistake during this process, the magic array would crumble, and he would have to start all over again…

71%… 83%… 95%…

When Shi Feng was only 5% away from completing the magic array, he became even more careful with his control.

The best result he achieved previously was 94%. Never did he manage to breach the 95% threshold. Because of this, he was left with no choice but to use his 100th and final simulation opportunity to further deepen his impression over the magic array.

96%… 97%… 98%…

Shi Feng forgot to even breathe when he sensed the magic array nearing completion.

If he left the Hundred Refinement Buildings environment, the difficulty of drawing the natural magic array would double. So, should he fail this attempt, he could, at most, push his Legendary Mana Bodys Completion Rate to 118%.

Although 118% Completion Rate was already an incredible result and should be superior to even a 120% Epic Mana Body, if he wanted a better future after reaching Tier 6, it was best if he perfected his Legendary Mana Body. This meant having to remain at Tier 4 for a considerable amount of time.

When Shi Feng started working on the magic arrays core, a change suddenly occurred to the various elements of manas operating principles. As a result, he had to increase the number of manipulation methods he used each second from 24 to 30 to keep up with these changes. Although he had long since known about these changes, their arrival still put him in a bind.

I must…succeed!

Sensing that the magic array was already 99% complete, Shi Feng ramped up his focus even further to keep up with the changes.


Shi Fengs complexion had turned deathly white, and his exhausted expression made him look several years older.

System: Congratulations! Your Legendary Mana Body has reached the 120% Completion Rate. You have become a Special Lifeform.

System: You have become a Special Lifeform. Your maximum reaction speed is increased by 50%, Physique is increased by 100%, Concentration standard is increased by one level, Stamina and Concentration recovery rates are increased by 200%, and all Basic Attributes are increased by 50%.

Special Lifeform!

Shi Feng was stunned when he saw the system notification.

Previously, his Life Rating was only equivalent to the Archaic Species standard of monsters, also known as a Higher Lifeform. This was also the limit for most players.

As for Special Lifeforms, that was already the level of Heroes and six-winged Valkyries.

After a brief surprise, Shi Feng sensed the mana around him gradually condensing into a solid state. His mental state also improved significantly.

In my current state, I can probably hold my ground even against bona fide Tier 5 Legendary monsters.

Shi Feng smiled as he clenched his fists and executed a few simple punches, his fists leaving behind several overlapping afterimages and spatial cracks in their wake.

Out of the various bonuses he received from becoming a Special Lifeform, the increase to his Basic Attributes was probably the most lackluster. A 50% increase in Basic Attributes might seem like a lot, but it was basically the equivalent of putting on an extra piece of Fragmented Legendary Equipment that offered nothing but Basic Attributes. By itself, this bonus wasnt enough to let him achieve a qualitative improvement. His Basic Attributes would still be at the standard of Superior Mythic monsters of the same level.

However, it was a different story for the increase in his Concentration standard and his mana achieving a solid state. These two improvements had pushed him into the Tier 5 threshold. Now, even without upgrading Winter of Eternal Night to the Legendary rank using Ancient Dragons Power, he could still exhibit a portion of a Tier 5 players abilities.

In short, Shi Feng had already recovered 80% of the strength he had during his previous life. Although he still wasnt at his peak, he was already at a pseudo-peak state. This was far more important than a simple increase in Basic Attributes.

At this time, he could even execute the Third Sword, Holy Annihilation, without putting significant stress on his mind.

After resting for about an hour in the combat room, Shi Feng looked at the time and thought, Application for the Rookie Competitions preliminaries should have started already. Its about time to leave.

When Shi Feng stepped out of the combat room, the doors to Wu Xiaoxiaos and Midsummers combat rooms remained shut. Evidently, the two were still in the middle of developing their Mana Bodies.

After Shi Feng waited for around half an hour, the gathering time he had agreed upon with Wu Xiaoxiao and Midsummer arrived. Right on time, the two girls exited their respective combat rooms, their faces showing great reluctance to part with their combat rooms.

Shi Feng wasnt surprised by the twos behavior. Instead, he smiled and asked, “How did it go”

The Hundred Refinement Building in his previous life was a place countless experts sought to visit. Meanwhile, anyone who got the opportunity to enter the Hundred Refinement Building would choose to stay the full five days even if they had long used up all 100 of their simulation opportunities.

Unfortunately, as they were pressed for time, they had no choice but to limit their stay to just three days. Fortunately, three days was already enough for players to push their Mana Body development to its current limit.

Although players could use their excess time in the Hundred Refinement Building to train in their combat techniques, Skills, and Spells, the amount of improvement they could make in only two days was very limited. So, losing two days of training time wouldnt be a huge loss.

Meanwhile, it was also evident that Wu Xiaoxiao and Midsummer had achieved significant growth during their three days in the Hundred Refinement Building. Currently, the mana they radiated had already reached a fully liquid state, a vast improvement from their previous selves. The strength of their mana had also increased by a notable margin.

Based on his experience, Shi Feng was certain that Wu Xiaoxiao and Midsummer had already broken through the 115% threshold, reaching the standard of peerless geniuses in the Ancient River Kingdom.

However, after hearing Shi Fengs question, Wu Xiaoxiao and Midsummer smiled at each other before answering:


TL Notes:

[1]Uh, theres a reason why Shi Feng is described to have a Life Rating at the standard of Higher Lifeforms:

Recap from Chapter 161:

In terms of Life Rating, primal lifeforms did not exceed higher lifeforms such as Demidragons by much. Some primal lifeforms were even inferior to Demidragons when it came to Life Rating.

However, there was one aspect in which primal lifeforms had an insurmountable advantage over the higher lifeforms—World Affinity!


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