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“Madam, how do you feel Are you feeling better The doctor said that you fainted because you were in a hurry.

This time, he found a piece of good news.

You are pregnant again! You cant be so careless with your body!”


When the midwife saw that Yun Lian had woken up, she kept chattering in her ear.

Yun Lian scanned her surroundings.

Other than the midwife, she did not see any familiar figures.

“Where are the others Did everyone come to the hospital together Where is the child now”

Yun Lian was most worried about whether the Zhou family had taken the child to do a paternity test.

“Your father-in-law and mother-in-law are taking the child to have an intelligence test.


Zhou must have taken the childs blood sample to do a paternity test!”

The midwife answered the question in full detail.

Whether it was a blessing or a curse, a curse could not be avoided.

When Yun Lian heard this result, she could only accept her fate.

However, her brain immediately reacted to the most important sentence that the midwife had just said.

She was pregnant again!

After Xingxing was born, she had only had sex with Zhou Mo.

Therefore, the child in her stomach was definitely a child of the Zhou family!

Even if Xingxing was not a child of the Zhou family, there was still a child of the Zhou family in her stomach.

At worst, she could just throw Xingxing to the Yuan family or send him to a welfare institute.

As long as she relied on the child in her stomach, she still had a chance to stand firm in the Zhou family!

“When will the paternity test come out” Zhou Mo asked the doctor anxiously.

“The results of the paternity test will usually be released within two working days.

Please wait patiently!”

The one who answered Zhou Mo was a young nurse who had just started her internship.

She did not know that Zhou Mos family was the largest shareholder of this private hospital.

“Why is it so slow”

Zhou Mo looked unhappy.

He was anxious to know the results.

It was best if this child was not his.

Then he would have a chance to regret it!


Zhou, Im sorry.

Shes a new intern nurse in our hospital.

There are some things that she still doesnt understand.

Dont worry, well definitely get busy with your matters first.

If we rush it, the results will be out in four hours.”

The doctor who had just gone out to fetch hot water happened to walk back.

When he heard what the intern nurse and Zhou Mo said, he was so scared that his back broke out in cold sweat.

Now that public hospitals were developing better and better, no one was willing to come to their private hospitals for treatment.

The main business of their private hospitals still depended on the people from these big families.

These people only wanted efficiency and did not care about money.

However, if they did not even have efficiency, then what right did their private hospitals have to keep these big clients! Therefore, the doctor in the paternity testing department hurriedly explained.

He was afraid that if he explained too late, this Young Master Zhou would persuade his parents not to invest in this private hospital anymore!

“Okay, then youd better hurry up.

Come and inform me of the results in four hours.”

No matter how impatient Zhou Mo was, he had to wait for the results of these cold instruments.

Four hours was the limit of his patience.

On the other side, Qian Yun brought Xingxing to her familys hospital to check for his intelligence.

The doctor shook his head and looked like he wanted to say something, but he hesitated.


Zhou, this child has a congenital intelligence disorder.

80% of this congenital intelligence disorder is inherited from the parents, you…”

The departments of the private hospitals were separated.

The pediatrician did not know that Zhou Mo had already taken the childs blood sample to determine if it was a parent-child relationship.

In fact, the pediatrician did not say it out loud.

This childs congenital mental retardation was basically inherited from one of the parents.

The pediatrician also knew that the son of the Zhou family was not a fool.

The daughter-in-law he married was naturally not a fool.

Otherwise, he would not have been able to get past Mirs.


Therefore, the Zhou family was cheated on or the wrong person was taken after delivery.

However, the latter possibility was very slim.

After all, being able to enter a VIP family that gave birth to a child, how could the child be the wrong one

The pediatrician almost asked Qian Yun to take the child for a paternity test!

“Forget it.

Ill prescribe some medicine for the child first! Well observe more when we get back!”

The pediatrician still did not say it out loud.

After all, people from big families still cared about their reputation.


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