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Chapter 4: Tragedy of the Succubi


This renowned den of vice in the Haines Empire contained a huge secret.

In reality.

This brothel was controlled by a group of fiends from the Nether Realm.

They served the Dragon of Lust, Olivia and were commonly known as succubi.

According to the orders of that Monarch of the Nether Realm, they disguised themselves as humans and opened brothels in the capitals of various countries.

Thereafter, they lured the local dignitaries into depravity and eventually achieved their goal of controlling the country.

Using such methods, the glory of Olivia had already taken root in many countries of this continent.

However, their operation was a failure in the Haines Empire!

They managed to transform the brothel into an iconic structure of the capital and a famous attraction of the Haines Empire.


In reality, these pitiful succubi were far from as glorious as they looked.

At that moment, a group of succubi were in a meeting at the backstage of Dreamland.

As the leader, the Dragon Succubus slapped the blackboard in grief.

"You bunch of trash!" "Look at your performance yesterday!"

The Dragon Succubus pointed to a long string of numbers on the blackboard.

"The turnover is 86,000,000 gold pieces!"

This was a huge sum of money!

Simply put, that amount of gold was enough to buy a small country or even launch a coup to topple a medium-sized country!

However, the succubi were not happy at all about the generous turnover!

All of them lowered their heads dejectedly and listened to their leader's lecture.

"There are 36 people who have converted to the Dragon of Lust!"

"What about the important dignitaries of the Empire"






The Dragon Succubus leader was about to cry as she slammed the blackboard wildly.

"What sort of a lousy place is this!"

"We've worked hard here for 30 years!"

"Yet, we didn't even manage to corrupt a single official of the Empire!"


The succubi below the stage wiped their tears in grief.

They could empathize with the Dragon Succubus who led them.

Bloody hell!

What sort of a lousy place was this!

After coming here for so many years, all they gained was money!

There were only gold coins!

Damn it!

What was the use of that scrap metal!

The succubi were almost despondent and the meeting venue turned into a large-scale funeral venue.

All of them cried their hearts out.

This was not a day of sadness, but an entire 30 years of grievances!

Was the reason why the succubi opened up a den of vice among humans to earn money

Of course not!

They wanted to spread their teachings and topple the country!


Ever since the succubi arrived in the capital of Haines and spent a huge sum of money to build the initial Dreamland, in the past 30 years…

None of the dignitaries of the Empire had patronized their Dreamland!

The reason for all of this began with the twisted administrative style of the Haines Empire.

First of all, there was a reason why the dignitaries of the Empire did not patronize Dreamland.


had no money!

The integrity of the officials of the Haines Empire was renowned throughout the world.

When the ignorant citizens of foreign countries heard it, they thought that the Empire was an ideal country established by upright and honest people.

However, that was not the case.

Although the corruption of the Empire could not be considered as serious, there were definitely many of them!

In terms of rottenness, it was similar to the other major countries.

In that case, why did the dignitaries of the Empire not have any money in their pockets

That was because…

In the administrative structure of the Haines Empire, there was a group of behemoths that monopolized all bribery mechanisms and occupied the sidelines of the officials, enjoying the dividends of the administrative department alone!

They were none other than!




As the strongest war machines of the Empire, the group of demigod Imperial Guards had unprecedented authority.

Coupled with their greedy natures, that led to them thinking of ways to earn money for themselves.

Corruption and bribery were naturally nothing difficult.

Furthermore, they had never liked to share benefits with other officials.


On the first day that the succubi arrived at the Haines Empire, they discovered to their shock that the Imperial Guards had already accumulated enough dirty money for the next hundred years!

The officials were all practically beggars!

There was nothing to squeeze out!

This was the extremely cruel situation of the Haines Empire!

However, due to the incomparably important military status of the Imperial Guards, no one could punish these arrogant b*stards.

As such, this culture became a tradition in the politics of the Empire and was passed down from generation to generation.

As of now, those who were willing to become officials in the Haines Empire were basically idealists.

This group of hopeful officials only had the grand ambition to build a country and benefit the citizens.

Every day, after work, they would either return home to accompany their wives and children or work overtime at their units.

They did not want to have fun outside nor did they have the money to do so.

In the end, the only customers in Dreamland were the wealthy merchants of the Empire.

Due to the prosperous economy of the Haines Empire, the wealthy merchants in the capital were rather rich.

With their support, Dreamland grew day by day.

By now, Dreamland was even taller than the bloody imperial palace!

But, what use was that! They did not advance the goal set by Lady Olivia in the slightest bit!

It wasn't as though the succubi could control these rich people to take over the Empire!

What kind of a joke was that!

Although the group of wealthy merchants were indeed rich, as long as they had any thoughts of rebellion, the observant Imperial Guards would happily raid their homes and occupy their properties, devouring them until there were no bones left!

With tears of humiliation, the succubi endured the pain and operated in the capital of Haines for 30 years!

The backstage of the palace was almost filled to the brim with those useless yellow metal pieces!

Even their residential space was almost filled up!


They were still a long way off their mission!

The succubi hated the Imperial Guards to the core!


They even had to pay a huge protection fee to the Imperial Guards every month!

That was because their secret had long been exposed by the Imperial Guards.

However, in order to earn money, the Imperial Guards deliberately did not say anything and even covered for the succubi!

It was so that these pitiful succubi could earn money for them!

"Great Lady Olivia!"

"Those Imperial Guards are way too detestable!"

"Boohoohoo, I don't want to be bullied by them anymore…"

"If this continues, there's no way we can complete our mission!"

"I want to go home.

There's no way we can produce any results here!"

"I don't want to waste my youth here!"

"Boohoohoo! I don't want to have to suck the tiny toothpicks of those big fat upstarts anymore!"

The succubi grumbled.

Even the leader, the Dragon Succubus, wanted to give up at that moment.

"One last year!"

The Dragon Succubus wiped her tears and displayed her final bit of strength.

"Sisters, let's work for another year.

If we can't enter the officialdom of the Empire, we'll retreat!"


The succubi nodded with tears in their eyes and decided to persevere for another year meaninglessly.

Right then.

The door to the meeting room was suddenly pushed open.

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A succubus on duty barged into the meeting room excitedly and almost shrieked.


"Good news!"

"Guess who just visited Dreamland!"

"Who Those rich people again..."

The succubi were disheartened.

"What good news can there be in this lousy country..."

At the very most, it was those wealthy merchant followers and how much scrap metal pieces they donated, a few worthless pieces of title deeds or merely other rubbish that sounded pricey.

The succubi were long tired of listening to such boring things.

However, the situation seemed different today.


The succubus on duty said in surprise, "It's the prince of the Empire!"

"Rayne Haines!"

"He came to our place to spend money!"

The moment she said that…

The succubi widened their eyes and even their breathing stopped!

Their eyes shone brightly.

W-What was that

The prince of the Empire!!


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