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Chapter 2315: Chapter 2330 the dove takes the magpies nest

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As far as Uncle Qin was concerned, there was really nothing that could persuade him.

With his bad temper, as long as he started working, he could really suffocate himself to death and stubbornly kill others.

However, as long as he mentioned the Lu familys little four, the old mans temper immediately became better.

Actually, it was also a coincidence.

The four children of the Lu family were together with his daughter for one day.

Therefore, Uncle Qin liked Lu Xiaosi more and more in his heart.

When he heard what his wife said, he really missed Lu Xiaosi.

She was almost one year old.

Would she really not forget about him It had been almost half a year since they left.


Childrens memories were not good to begin with.

If they did not go, they might really forget about him.

Moreover, his wife was right.

Didnt they just plant a lot of vegetables in their sons yard It took them a lot of time and energy to plant those vegetables.

They had not managed to do so for half a year, they did not know if they were still growing well.

It was not that Qin Pingjun did not know how to farm.

It was just that he was really too busy.

Sometimes, if he needed to go on a business trip, he might not return home for ten days to half a month.

The vegetables might not be able to grow.

They might have long been abandoned there.

And this place was indeed too annoying.

Every day, as soon as Uncle Qin woke up, he would think that Second Qins family would come over in a while, and as soon as Second Qins family came, they would sit there and not leave, even if they ignored them.., but looking at their faces and their shameless personalities, Uncle Qin felt uncomfortable.

“Lets go to our sons place.”

Uncle Qin steeled his heart.

He wasnt bothered by what he didnt see.

He wanted to see Lu Xiaosi go and help his son farm.

This house belonged to him.

No matter how Shameless Second Brother Qin was, as long as they werent around.., how could they say that this house belonged to them.

Alright, werent they immortal Werent they going to leave Then they would have to guard the door every day.

After they left, they would no longer have to see the faces of Qin Lao Ers family.

It was disgusting to look at.

He didnt want to be angry anymore.

If he was really angered to death, wouldnt Qin Lao ERs family be the ones who would be proud in the end In the end, this house would still be spared by Qin Lao Ers family.

Wouldnt it become his

Hehe, they dared to become their own!

This house was theirs if they had it, but it would never become the second son of the Qin family.

When Aunt Qin heard that the old man had decided to go to her sons place, she also heaved a sigh of relief.

She was thinking that if the old man was still unwilling, then she might have to call her son and ask Qin Pingjun to come back, she couldnt possibly infuriate her husband to death, right Fortunately, this old man had finally thought things through and was willing to go to her sons place.

As for this place, they could make as much noise as they wanted.

Anyway, they had locked the door, and once they left, they wouldnt be able to hear or see.

It was really out of sight, but out of mind.

Aunt Qin hurriedly called her son.

Her son had given them cell phones, but they didnt use them much on weekdays.

They were always left there.

With this, it was much more convenient.

With this call.., their son immediately picked up the phone.

Aunt Qin didnt tell Qin Pingjun what had happened at home.

She also didnt tell him about the disgusting things that Qin Laoer wanted to borrow the house.

She only said that they missed their son and wanted a granddaughter, so they wanted to go over and take a look.

Of course, Qin Pingjun wanted his parents to come over.

They only needed people to come over.

They already had everything at home.

They didnt need to bring clothes or anything else.

If they didnt have any, they could go buy more.

It was useless to bring so much luggage.., the weather in hai city was different from that in the village.

It was winter here, but it was almost spring in Hai City.

The weather in the village was much colder than in Hai City.

Auntie Qin didnt think about bringing anything.

The things they brought last time, other than the food, were all lost.

When they came back, they even brought a bunch of new clothes.

They were still wearing them, this time, Aunt Qin also knew that they wouldnt bring clothes over.

Even if they did, they might not have the chance to wear them because Qin yushi would buy them new clothes.

Even the He family.., they would also buy new clothes.

As for the Lu family, they were all good people and were easy to get along with.

They never looked down on them.

As long as there were good things at home, they would never forget their share.

Therefore, when they went over, they only had to bring their own local specialties over.

It was as if the people in the city loved this.

Little fatty he liked to eat this, every time they came over, they would call them aunties and Aunties.

It was just to eat a few more mouthfuls of her pickled pickled vegetables.

Therefore, when Aunt Qin came back, she pickled a lot of them, she had originally planned to bring them over.

They brought the cell phones that their son had bought for them, as well as the local specialties.

They locked the door of the house, and there were no expensive items in the house.

The two of them went to sea city to look for their son without saying a word.

However, they didnt know that as soon as they left, Qin Lao ERs family swaggered over.

The lock was broken, and their luggage was brought in.

They even told everyone that Qin Lao er was going to the city, if he went to live with his son, he wouldnt return to the village in the future.

The village wasnt as good as the outside world, right and the house in the village couldnt be wasted.

In the future, it would be his familys house.

And no matter who heard what second Uncle Qin said, everyone would believe it.

After all, in this village, Uncle Qin only had second Uncle Qin as a brother.

They were even blood-related brothers.

When Qin Lao er left, he didnt tell anyone about what happened in the Qin family these few days.

Although people had seen the joke, no one knew the exact details.

They only knew that Qin Lao er and his family had been staying at Bosss place for the past few days, they had all stayed at Bosss place.

Therefore, everyone was wondering if they were discussing about this house.

Now that Qin Lao ER had moved in, it was likely that this was the case.

Otherwise, Qin Lao er wouldnt have forcefully stayed in the bosss house.

And even if they were real brothers, this house wouldnt have been given to Qin Lao ER.

Perhaps it was because Uncle Qin had really decided to leave and wouldnt be coming back in the future, so this house was given to Qin Lao ERs family.

Everyone was really envious and jealous.

Qin Lao er didnt have a good son, but he had a capable nephew and a good elder brother.

For others, even if they had to dig in the ground for a lifetime.., they couldnt afford to live in such a nice house.

Second Brother Qins family didnt do anything and directly had a small house.

They didnt know where their good luck came from.

For second brother Qin to live in such a nice house, it really benefited his family.

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