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I blinked my eyes several times to clear my hazy vision.

I pressed the soft bed, I managed to get up, and then I looked at the mirror on the wall, and I saw…

Thick chubby hands.

Sausage like plump arms

Fluffy cheeks.

a body that does not move at will.

No matter how i look at it, this short body belongs to a four-year-old child

I stared at myself in the mirror and thought

‘Again.Im back again.

I cant belive im going to live again in this crappy life.

My name is Leblaine

In the beginning my life wasnt a mess.

I was the only orphan born on 29th february, to have divine power and for that reason i am calledthe child of fate.

I am surely lucky

The child of fate would surely need an impressive backing, so the empress decided to have me adopted into a high standing noble family.

Just by sitting on the lap of the Empress Dowager and choosing one of her portraits, I became the child of my chosen family.

There were three options.


The Duke of Ami Thie, a warrior of justice that protects the order of the Empire.


The Duke of Val Lua, a well-known family that produced a thousand scholars


The Duke of Dubblede, who possessed great military power and goods, but was the villain among the villains.

The family chosen in my first life was Ami Thie.

He was quite a good father.As a prudent, just and rational person, I followed him with respect as a new father.

It was a peaceful life until she showed up, the real child of fate.

In fact, i was a child of false destiny.

Unlike me, who trained for three or four hours a day, but failed to develop my divine power properly, Mina was a perfect “child of fate.”

Mina was dazzling like the sun.

She was loved by everyone even the duke of Ami Thie.

Father and Mina were attracted to each other like fate, eventually with some help Mina become fathers second daughter.

During the drought, she called the spirit and prevented the war through her foresight

And I…

I was sacrificed for Mina in a ritual to seal the evil spirit.

I was happy when I first returned.

I thought it was a new life opportunity given by God.

For the second life, I chose “The Duke of Val Lua.” But i was badly beaten by duke Val Lua everyday.

He was the real bad guy.

He used to beat me with his hands, saying it was education every day.

He only washed and decorated me when I went to the palace.

So was the last day in my second life.

I got a beating and hit my head on the edge of the desk, but when I opened my eyes, i was back.

In the third life i ran away.But what can a child do

While going through hardship i died of starvation.

So after three reincarnation, I realized something

‘Yes, this is wrong.

Lets defect.

As soon as I thought so, the door burst open, and an old woman dressed in splendor came in.

She put me on her lap and gestured.

Soon the maid brought three potraits.

“Its time to choose your father”.

She smiled very kindly.But I know.

The moment I turned out to be a fake, how cold these eyes get.

The empress stroke my hair and give me the potraits

“Here, child of fate.


When I saw three portraits, I broke down and i closed my eyes with my chubby fist.

Lets calm down.

I need a place to stay anyway.

‘I cant just die being a beggar like i did in the past.

A family that can live quietly and then defect without worrying about starvation or death until exile.

Thats the kind of family i choose.Then this time–‘

“Oh my God.” The maid and Empress,who saw the portrait I chose, opened their eyes wide.

When I arrived at the family to be adopted along with the empresss letter, I saw a man who would be my father and swallowed a dry saliva.

‘Hes really handsome. A delicate chin line, a sharp cyan blue eyes.

A neat nose and defined lips.

a solid figure concealed by a shirt.Tall height.

broad shoulders.

What was strange was that such a beautiful mans eyes was that of a killer.

In conclusion, what I chose was the Duke of Dubblede, the villain of this world.

The mans lieutenant stood beside me and said in a very awkward tone.

“The Empress asked you to raise the child.”

The Duke of Dubblede, touched his sleek chin with his long fingers

“She become senile.”

Then he made a declaration without hesitation, and said, “Send her back.”

“But your excellency,its a chance to take care of your relationship with the Church.

Rejecting the empresss request at once will complicate matters afterwards.”

This is the only place to run away after growing up to a certain extent.Ami Thie, who puts the cause before the individual, and Val Lua, who values honor as life, will not even give me a chance to run away.

A man who was not interested in me was perfect for a stepfather.

‘Of course it is only one way I patted the lieutenants trousers with both hands.

“ Thewss an unnounaunced tyax awdit on decyember sebent“

(There is an unnanounced tax audit on December 7th)

“Eh” said the lieutenant,

He didnt seem to understand me.He looks surprised by the sudden babble.

‘it hasnt been long since my return, so my tongue isnt working properly.

I saw it clearly in my previous lives.

This winter, the tax evasion master Dubblede, paid a huge fine.

The Duke has three sons, so I think he can understand.

People who had dealt with children would understand it quite well.

I had hope but quickly gave up.

That cold-blooded bastard couldnt have grown his son with his own hands.I wish I could write, but Im not good at it, so I cant make a difference.The Duke hugged me in a blink of an eye.

His eyes were so sharp that I could almost feel the pain in my throat.

“Theres a tax audit on December 7th”

How did you get that I felt strange.

I pretended to be as innocent as possible, just in case he thought I was not a child.


Shh,Its a secret.”


The Duke looked at the lieutenant.

“To what extent are the account book organized”

“… A four-year-old child.

Do you really believe it”

“You cant believe a four-year-old baby knows the word unannounced tax audit”

“Ill check right away.”

After answering so, the lieutenant ran out of the room quickly.

The duke and i looked at each other.

‘Its really scary…

This appearance, wealth, power, living without a wife must have been because of this…

It must have been difficult for woman to approach him

It wasnt long before a maid enters.

“You smell really bad.”

“May I help you take a bath”


The woman bent over with me in her arms, and I left the room dangling from her neck>


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