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*im changing dubblede to dubbled

Turva talked about everything even before the vassals began.

There was a sacred thing that had to be taken in order to deal with the Pope, which required money somehow.

‘What nonsense is this

‘What kind of a creature would have allowed Turva to commit this reckless fraudI wondered what the hell it was, but Nos brought back the rims of the holy things that were kept at the top.

When I saw it, I opened my eyes in surprise.


It was the very holy thing that made Mina exert powerful power.

The six-pointed star, the colored gem embedded at the end of the star, and the circle surrounding the star and the gem.

It looks just like Etwal, the sacred object that Mina used to perform all kinds of miracles.

Minas was definitely platinum with strings and pendants, but this is gold.

Each end also had a different species of jewel.

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‘Its not Minas Etwal, which is being kept in the temple.

Was there a paired sacred thing

‘But why wasnt it made public in my previous life

Etwal was a symbol of the countrys religion.

‘If a second Etwal exists, there is no reason why the church should not reveal it.

‘It would have been advantageous for the public to secure.

The owner would have given it to the temple for public reasons.Then, the Duke mumbled, closing his eyes.

“Second Etwal”

“Then it makes sense for Turva to do crazy things.

Etwal is the decisive factor that made Neliad the religion of the empire.”

“So where is this Etwal”

“Its asleep in the sea.

The only way to get it is to salvage it.

The problem with that is…….”

Nos gave the map with a troubled face.

“Its not the territorial waters of the Empire.

Its just 10 meters away from the territorial waters of another continent.”

The duke snorted.

“So the church couldnt come forward.”

“Yes, because if they come forward, war will be inevitable.”

The reason why Turva need huge funds is probably because his counterpart is the king of other continent.

They wont just get by with small amount and invade the territorial waters.

“What should I do”

“If its really etwal, we have to secure it on our side.”

“Are you going to make a deal with the king”

“What are you talking about”


The Duke, tapping the papers back at Nos, said

“Well go to war.”

He looked as if he needed to have a headache pill.


I was struck with astonishment at his amazing answer.

“Thats good.

I dont have to look for another gift for emperors birthday.”

Nos looked at me with a smile.

“This is all thanks to you.

Would we have known the existence of the second Etwal had the Newt been broken Also, you were able to prevent fraudulent transactions in advance by reading the ancient language.”

Indeed, Dubbled‘s liteunant, deserves to be called a villain.

You look happy that things are going to be easy even though there will be a war.

I was a little shocked to see the hidden side of Nos, who usually seemed friendly.

But it wasnt a bad thing for me.

‘Etwal did a good job, Im safe.

Its the irony of fate, Newt broke down but it gave me a chance to get Etwal.

When I destroyed Newt, I even gave up on being adopted, but it was all good in the end.

Maybe ….i dont have to give up.

Translation by zimmings dot blogspot dot com

I glanced at the duke.

His facial expression doesnt look bad.

Shall we test it out

Then, Nos said, “Come on, shall we go”and tried to hug me.

I shouted, “No!” and ran to the Duke, hugging his legs.

“Ill be with thwe dyuke (ill be with the duke.)”

Then Nos look at me with a wounded face.

I didnt want to go with him, so Nos was forced to give up on me and leave the room.Being alone with the Duke, I raised my arms up.

“Gwive me a hug pwease! (Give me a hug please!)”

The Duke stared at me and soon reached out.

‘Okay, weve become close enough for him to say nothing about asking for a hug.

Then wouldnt it be okay to bring up the word now

Come to think of it, its been a month since I came to Dubbleds residence.

It is time for the empress dowager to ask about the adoption.

‘Now is the time to feel better.

I was afraid, but I pull out my courage and opened my mouth a little

“Weblaine will bwe a good gwil (Leblaine will be a good girl)”

I can grow up well by myself without bothering you.

So, Duke–

“Pwese be my fatwer (please be my father)”


A week later

I gathered all my concentration on my fingertips and clenched my teeth.

If you give up on such a thing, you wont be able to achieve anything.

Lets not be disappointed in ourselves anymore.

You shouldnt blame yourself.

Im sure theres a lot of will and experience in this spirit since Ive experienced death three times.

I quickly liftedit.

‘Success, socks on!

A thunderous round of applause came from around and Lea kissed me on the cheek several times as if she was proud.

translation by zimmings dot blogspot dot com

“Im proud of you.

Good work, little miss!”

“Ive only taught you a few times, but youre already wearing your own socks.”

“As expected, youre a genius!”

I bent down my sweaty forehead with the back of my hand, wiped it off and sighed.

It was a success after six times.


I grew up.

Then were ready now.

I grabbed the remaining pair of socks and pull Leas sleeve.

“I want to go to the dyuke”

“Yes, show it to him.”

Lea smiled gladly and took me to the Dukes office.

The duke, who was watching the documentary with the officers and the vassals, took off his glasses and looked at me.

I glanced at the tiny white lace socks.

“ Weblaine can wear syocks now!(Leblaine can wear socks now!)”

He held his chin and said, “Lets see..” and I swallowed my dry saliva.

On the day I asked to be adopted, the duke was silent.But it wasnt seen as negative.The fact that he didnt answer would mean that i could be adopted if I did well.

‘So this is sort of an interview room for me.

I flung down on the floor and grabbed the socks with both hands.

The vassals and the officers looked at me with a pleased look.

‘Expand the hole with your fingers.

Ive done a good job expanding.

‘Okay, the next thing you do is gather your toes together and put them in a wider hole.

Ill raise and gather my toes as sharply as possible.

‘Now you just have to push it in at once.


The socks are stuck on my heel and wont go up.



No, again!

Although i struggled to raise my socks by rolling them up, the socks on my heels kept moving up.

One of the vassals sitting around the table shook his shoulders.

I looked at the duke with an uneasy look.

The tip of his lips slowly went down.

It was an obvious sneer.

I felt like I wanted to go into a rat hole.

‘Its pathetic, me, me, ······

As I became sullen, Lea said in a laughing voice.

“She just succeeded.

Ive only taught her twice.”

“As expected, shes different.”

“Is that so”

As the duke mumbled, leaning deeply against the back.

Meanwhile I was staring bitterly at the long, dangling socks on my toes.


Then the interview failed too……

What I felt during my stay in this castle for more than a month was that the duke was as strong as an iron fortress.

I tried to get along somehow, but the development was very little.

I dont think its getting any better.


The only development was the nickname he gave me.


He looked at me as I picked up the fallen socks and trudged them.

“I cant overlook you being in my castle without any improvement.”

‘Yes, I know.


He was also extremely cold-hearted to his three sons.

As soon as they were born, they was taken away by his predecessor and could not raise him himself.

Even now, the whole authority of education belongs to the elders.

Theyre already being educated at the capital.

Even the eldest son, Johan, was at a boarding academy far from the empire.

“Practice before I return from my inspection of the territory.”


“Can you do it”

“ Yes, Bwaine will be dyukes dawther (Yes, Blaine will be dukes daughter)”

For some reason, the dukes lips seemed to be slightly raised.


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