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In the meantime, the knights of Dubbled dragged the priests neck and threw him into a wagon.

After entering the castle, the employees of Dubbled couldnt hide their joy.

“Oho, Little miss.

Good job.”

The butler reached for me and I quickly embraced the dukes neck….

“Li, little miss….”

The old butlers eyes are troubled.

I was surprised by the rough touch of the priest, and I remembered the painful memories before returning.

Now, even a familiar adult feels scary.My refusal shocked the butler and he staggered away, Lea and other maids huddled around me.

The maids began to appease me gently.

“Little miss, lets go home and change your clothes.”


“Is it comfortable”


“Okay, little miss.

Come this way.”


Leave me alone! My heart is still pounding because of that fearful situation.

The employees proceed to take me away from the Duke, but I struggled and clung to his neck.

Lea looked at me with a worried look and looked at the Duke of Dubbled.

“Well, master.

The baby is still greatly surprised….

she wanted to see you all along.

Shes really obedient on a regular basis….Today, no, half a day, no, even a few hours before…..”

Leah, made a long speech.

The Duke then looked down at me.


Im bringing her in.“

As soon as he said that, Leas face brightened and she raised the corners of her mouth.

“Its really annoying.”


“She likes me so much.”

Said the duke while pointing at me.

“Isnt that right“

Lea answered with a dry look.


I looked at the duke with a dumb face.

While i was thinking about it, the employees are all gone.

I was then alone with the duke.

With a sigh, I clung to his arms like a flying squirrel.

My plump cheeks are all shriveled up, but Im relieved.

‘Thank you for today.

If it werent for the Duke of Dubbled, I would have been adopted to Vallua and repeated my misfortune.

At that moment, I remembered what I had just heard.

“Get your hands off my daughter.

My daughter.

He said i was his daughter.

‘If so…….

I glanced at him.

“Can i stway hewe (Can I stay here)”

But the Duke gave no answer.

Did he just say all of that justbecause of his antipathy toward the church I became nervous and began to mutter.

“I can wear syocks a wittle bit (i can wear socks a little bit)”


“Ill eat wesser meal (Ill eat lesser meal.)”


“Ill be nwice.

And, and….

(Ill be nice.

And, and…..)”

I blinked my eyes, as he fixes his wet hair.

“I will adopt you.”

Its strange.

Hes always expressionless with a dry voice, but why does he suddenly seems so soft The sound of firewood burning inside the fireplace rang low in my ear.

A big hand patting my back moved with a gentle motion.

The frost in the window gradually melted into the heat in the room.


I was so sleepy that I missed a news from the butler to the Duke.

He is saying that the brothers are heading here soon.


A few days later.

I lay down with my stomach on a rug and shake my legs.

“Wite it down.

Hewe, hewe! (Write it down.

Here, here!)”

“Yes~ Ill write it for you.”

Lea laughed and grabbed the crayons.

I took up my sketchbook and looked at my name with a happy look.

Leblaine Dubbled



I sang a joyous song in my heart.

When the priest arrived, I thought I was mistaken, but they wrote down my name on the Dubbled family register.

‘The duke is nice…

I cant believe I was adopted safely even though I bite the arms of the priest.

It was the emperor who calmed down the priests, they have been saying that they couldnt leave me to such a violent duke.

‘You must have taken the bribe.

Ah, the sweet taste of money.

I was worried about being taken to the other two dukes.

‘Im only growing here for 5 years.

Mina, the real child of fate will appear after that.

By the time i am about ten years old, ill be able to control my “adult thinking” and leave.

‘Lets stay calm so that we dont stand out.

And save a little money for the trip.As I tried to put the sketchbook down on the floor, a flash of light came into view.

The maids uniform button was hanging.

“Its gwoing to fall .

(Its going to fall.)”

“Oh, yeah.

I need to put it back on.

“Gwive it to me, pwease (Give it to me please)”

I gathered my hands politely.

‘Its worth a lot of money to collect and sell the buttons.

“The button that fell off Okay...”

Lea shook her head with a grim look as the other maid answered


What if she puts it in her mouth“

The maid laughed at Leas words.

“Ah… what to do, little miss.

Buttons wont do.”

If you collect thirty high-end buttons on a Dubbled uniform.

That was enough to buy two potatoes.

Urgently, I entered the lethal mode of attack.

I stretched out my hands with my eyes twinkling.



The grim-faced maids ripped their buttons off and pushed it out.

One, two, three, four, five.

Ive already collected five.

Lea is trying to take the buttons from me.

I quickly pressed my hands together.

“Im not gwoing to give it.

(Im not going to give it.)”

Thats what i said, but Lea still looked anxious.

Ill put it in an elephant bag when the maids arent looking.

Lea smiled helplessly.

At that time, several pairs of shoes were moving quickly through a slightly open door gap.

“Thats lord Teramore and his people.

Were going to be busy.”

“In a way, theyre more demanding than the duke.”

When the maids grumbled, as Leas gaze sank.

“Take a good care of the baby.

Theres nothing good about her being seen.”


After that the maids left doing their own work.

“Ill bring you lunch.

Can you be a good girl while you wait”


When Lea left, I got a moment to be alone.

‘One, two, three, …..

five buttons.

Im counting the buttons I collected today, and I turned my head towards the sudden glance.

‘Oh my god!

Outside the window was an old man with white hair and white beard staring at me with strange eyes.

‘I thought you were a ghost.

I stared at the window, gently pressing down my beating chest.


But its weird.

Ive seen him before.

‘Have i seen him before my return

The corners of the old mans mouth, who was staring at me, moved slowly.When his rotten canine was revealed, I unconciously tightened my fist.

Where did I see him

A voice came from outside the window while i was trying to recall the old man.

“Lord Teramore”

Lord teramore is who Lea and the maids are talking about earlier


“Your Excellency has told me its hard to make time because of heavy work.”

“When this old man visits, how can he be overloaded”

“You always come without a call, so its hard to make time.”

It was Nos who spoke to Lord Teramore.

Noss expression was more rigid than usual.

“I cant help it.

Then can I see the baby “

When Nos saw myself in the window, he covered the window with his body and said,

“Shes very shy, so lets set up a separate seat later.

He smiled and said, “Thats too bad.”Then he murmured and left.

Nos shook his head and sighed deeply.

When i showed my face, Nos eyes grew bigger.


“Little miss…..”

he grinned.

Good, good, good.

A child who is good at greeting is popular with adults.

‘Nos is a high ranking man here, so should I be a little more hospitable

I shouted with my arms stretched out.

“Hug mwe (Hug me)”

“Sh, shall i”

He opened the window and hugged me, as I clung to his arms.

“Isnt it a nice day for a walk”


“Did you have fun with the maids again today”


When I answered loudly, he said excitedly.

“Youre good at answering.

All right, good girl.

Ill do something fun for you.!”

Nos throw me up in the sky while holding me.

‘Oh, this is fun.


I was laughing with excitement.


“Are you having fun”

A harsh voice came from behind Nos.


Nos clenched as he holds me

“You look very happy.

With my daughter.”


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