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I looked at the Duke of Amity firmly.

After confirming that he really had a memory of his first life, my heart felt like it was pounding.

When the incident happened in the shopping district, the Duke of Amity was holding my wrist.

Did he see something at that time

Is the memory of his first life starting to come to mind little by little Since when did he know Did he come here to question me

Questions and anxiety were randomly tangled in my head.

‘Calm down!’

I tried to drive away my anxiety.

“I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

If he caught me, I’m done.

Duke Amity is known as someone that won’t ever lie.

There was even a rumour that he would die if he ever lied.

But no one will believe it when he says that Lady Dubblede is his daughter.

‘If the Duke of Amity was in his right mind, he would never say that.’

Isn’t it like advertising himself as a maniac

“I see the illusion of you calling me father.”

… I guess he’s okay being seen as a maniac

I looked at the duke in amazement.

I was genuinely amazed, so the expression was on my face naturally.

He shouldn’t have said it since it makes the situation awkward, but he’s very thick skinned.

“You were a good kid.

I can’t even imagine how you become like today.”


“You were a child who knew how to regard the pain of the people as your pain, share a piece of bread in your arms, and think about the desperation of your surroundings before your personal desires.”


“That’s why you called me father.

With a truly happy look.”

He looked at me frantically.

As he saw me in his first life overlapping with my image right now.

“Leblaine, so what I want to say is…”



“I don’t know what you’re saying.

Even so.”


“Do I look really happy in your fantasy”

The Duke of Amity’s eyes shook, and I muttered helplessly.

“I don’t think it’s me.”


I was a really good child then.

I really like my first parents.

I acted nicely as I was desperate to be loved.

I’m probably a bad child in this life.

I’ve prioritized myself more than others, my family’s smile is more important than others’ desperation, and I’m allergic to words such as justice and sacrifice.

But I am happier now.

It was better to be a bad child than to be a good child.

“Justice and good things are difficult, so they are praised.

So dyuke is a really nice person, nevertheless,”


“You, unlike my dad, wouldn’t take care of me and be next to me for ten days when I was sick.

Because you value other things.”


“Although my dad is a bad person in this world.

He’s a person who can become a fool for me.

Because nothing is more precious than his child.”


“So I don’t want to be your daughter.”

The Duke of Amity was silent.

He looked at me with a strange expression.

He looked very confused and embarrassed.


I raised my head when I heard my name.

It was my dad.


My expression brightened in an instant, and I ran to him.

He immediately hugged me.

Dad and the Duke of Amity’s gaze collided in the air.

His eyes trembled as he saw me in my father’s arms.

He said to me, after he had been licking his lips several times.

“See you later.”

My dad replied on behalf of me.


“……I guess your family needed something.”


How did he know that

I opened my eyes wide, and the Duke of Amity fixed his eyes on me and told my dad.

“I don’t know what you’re trying to get from me, but I’ll give it to you.”

Really If I ask you to cry, will you cry

When I opened my eyes wide, the Duke of Amity nodded as if answering my question.

“However, there are conditions.”

When I heard the following words, a cold wind blew between us.


That night, I looked at my brothers who returned home.

‘No matter how much I think about it, it must be Isaac.’

The one who was caught by the Duke of Amity.

Johann and Henry are overly thorough people.

Even if the Duke of Amity had noticed, they would have made it impossible for him to know that it was Dubblede.

Isaac looked at me, puzzled.


“What did you do with Dyuke Amity”

“Huh You said you needed tears.

So I did something that would make him cry.”

“So what exactly did you do”

“I bribed children that the Duke of Amity won’t act against and I told them to poke his eyes.”


“If I make a fire or sprinkle pepper, he’ll cry a little, but it won’t be enough to bring it in a bottle.

But when we poke his eyes, something will flow down, whether it’s blood or tears.”

He was very elated.

I was speechless and pouted.

“Stupid! The duke noticed that you’re suspicious!”

As I groaned, Isaac shook his hand as if he was wrongly accused.

“I didn’t get caught.

I taught many lessons to the children.”

However, my family, including myself, looked at him with an expression of distrust.

I sighed and told my brothers what happened today.

What the Duke of Amity said when he came to me, that he saw me in his first life.

And the fact that he knew Dubblede needed something, and he would give it to us if he wanted to, also the conditions.

“…… He wanted to stay with the kid for a day”

Isaac frowned, and my other family members’ expressions were not good.

I sighed.

“It’s not all day long, it’s only during the sunrise, so exactly half a day.”

“Tell him not to say nonsense, whether it’s half a day or anything.”

“If I’m outside a 2km radius, I can attach any number of escorts.

If I’m in a dire situation, I can run away anytime.”

Henry, who narrowed his forehead, asked.

“Will you go there”


If the duke is suspicious, I can always run away.”

I grinned and giggled.

“Suspicion is subjective.

If you were together for about an hour and ran away with a strange reason, it would incite suspicion.”

If I invest only an hour to get tears, I can go back to my old body.

Isaac said grimly.

“What if the duke changes his words and says he won’t do it”

“He’s someone who keeps his words.”

He is a person who can never lie even if he had to give up his life.

Because his ideals are so precious.

Henry looked at dad.

“Do you believe what Amity said”

“I don’t trust Amity, however.”

He looked at me

“I believe in my child.”

I smiled and hugged my dad’s neck.

‘See, I’m much happier now.’

All I wanted was not the heroic father who was praised by everyone.

I wanted a father who believed in their children even though he was anxious and afraid.


The Duke of Amity looked at the child walking towards him with a sullen look like a child being dragged out to the dentist.

The child sighed deeply when she saw him waiting at the entrance of the forest.

The duke, who was leaning against the tree, asked after correcting his posture.

“You must have lost sleep.”


Because you want me to come out.”


The child was overly honest.

She frowned, saying she really didn’t want to come out, and walked far away.

He knew she wouldn’t like today’s meeting.

Nevertheless, confirmation was needed.

Whether the affection he feels every time he sees the child is an illusion or real.

After the shopping district incident, he kept seeing the child in his dreams.

When he passes by the temple, he thinks about a 15-year-old child walking while hugging a package of books.

In the empty room of his mansion, a smiling child came to mind.

In the shopping district, in the imperial palace, and in the altar…….

“Oh, you’re here, father.”

“It’s raining all of a sudden… sorry.

 I came to you without telling you…”

“Oh, father! …no. It wasn’t a big deal.

I’m sorry.”

When that happened, his heart was hurting.

He needed time with the child because he didn’t know the reason.

This forest was the most heartbreaking place among the places he saw in his dreams.

Wenton forest.

It was a place where those who didn’t have enough money to enter the shopping district but needed a way to make a living did business in small huts or stands.

“Shall we eat first”

“I already had a meal with my dad.”

“How about juice”

“Already did so with my dad.”

“There’s a bookstore nearby, would you like to go to the bookstore”

“My dad is going to buy me a lot of books.”

There was no conversation topic.

The Duke of Amity, who had been walking silently for a long time, glanced at the child.

“Do you hate me that much”




“…… No.”

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