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So in conclusion, there is a possibility that Mina and I may be related.

I looked at the Duke of Amity who was talking to Mina.

Mina took something out of her pocket.

“Make sure to take medicine.

And bring this with you always, I put my divine power in the spinel and it will help you recover.”

“Mina, you don’t have to do this.”

“Reginald said my divine power is very pure, so everything would heal easily if you had this.”

“I’m fine, but I’ll take the medicine gratefully.

I’ll use it and share what’s left with others.

So keep the spinel for yourself.”


“Go back.”

He patted Mina’s shoulder and looked at me.

“I’ll take you home”.

I nodded my head.

After he entered the carriage first, I followed behind.

Mina was eagerly looking at the carriage but was soon disappointed.

“Do you want me to deliver it to him”


“Because you already made it.”

“Will you do it”

Mina’s face brightened at once.

The kid who entrusted me with spinel held my hand and thanked me several times.

When I got on the carriage, the horse began to move.

I could see Mina looking at us through the window.


Arriving at the Dubblede mansion, I quickly ran inside after saying goodbye to Duke Amity.

Let’s hurry up!

When the servants saw me running, they opened their eyes wide.

My family were gathered in the study.

When I opened the door and went in, my brothers raised themselves.

“Did you have a good trip”

“Did the Duke of Amity do something wrong How was it Did he make you angry with useless words”

“I told you to prepare snacks.”

I stopped talking to my brothers and shouted at my dad.

“Dad, have you ever cheated on mother when she was alive!”

My brothers looked at my dad at once.



“What are you talking about””

Everyone immediately hardened.

Johann’s expression was as cold as the northern wind, Henry looked like he was looking at trash, and Isaac was ready to grab someone’s collar.

The pen fell off my dad’s hand.


“What Are you cheating on her”

“… That can’t be true.”

I crossed my arms.

‘Right, my dad wouldn’t do that.’

I trusted my dad, and my mom was too strong.

If he was really caught cheating…

‘Dad must have a  broken bone, whether it’s his spine or neck bone.’

Cecilia said mother was not an ordinary person.

Even my father, who had been to many battlefields, could not move when mother was angry.

‘Then how could Mina and my divine power be mixed’

Mom couldn’t have given birth to Mina.

Mina was born on February 28 of the same year as me.

Did Mina go to a different dimension after mother gave birth to her No, there was no time for that.

She couldn’t give birth secretly.

‘And my mom is not that kind of person.’

While I was thinking, my brothers pressured my dad.

“Be honest, father.

If you’re still honest, I’ll regard you as trash.”

Johann said that.

“That doesn’t mean that the dirty past will disappear.”

Henry looked at dad coldly.

“Yes! I’ll just live without seeing you for the rest of my life!”

Isaac shouted and dad touched his forehead.

“… It’s not like that.”

“Then why does our little sister say that”

“I’m curious about that myself.”

My dad and brothers’ eyes were on me.

I sank on the sofa with a sound.

“We have to be blood related to be able to mix divine power and mana, right


So when we check our biological child, we look at the quality of divine power and mana.”

That’s why Mireille was able to pretend to be the youngest child because her quality of mana was similar to that of Johann.

Isaac asked,

“Is there anyone who has the same quality of mana as father”

“No, with me.

The quality of my divine power is similar to that of Mina.”

“Have you ever given birth to a baby”

Johann and Henry kicked Isaac’s leg at the same time.

Isaac screamed, and even father looked at Isaac as if he had seen a worm on the side of the road.

“Did she have the blood of our ancestors”

When I muttered, my dad replied.

“If you want to check, there is a way.”

“But, are Dubblede born with divine power from generation to generation Can we compare mana and divine power to see if they are of the same quality…”

I am the only one born with divine power.

“Don’t we have one”


“Cattlea Wilston.”

I opened my eyes wide.

‘Yes, there was that kid!’

The child that the vassals tried to put into home.

Because of her, Boone was called out.

‘If Mina was a Dubblede relative, it would be a little similar to Cattlea’s divine power.’

Dad nodded and added.

“Of course, but how do you check it with the second child of fate”

“That’s fine.

I have this!”

I took out the blue spinel Mina had brought for the Duke of Amity.

‘Did you really think I’d give it to him’

I intercepted it in the middle just in case!

I smiled wickedly, my dad nodded and called Nos.

“Make sure the quality of divine power in spinel is similar to that of Cattlea Wilston.

You may seek cooperation from Veronica Dubos.”


Nos immediately moved.

Isaac clicked his tongue.

“All sorts of things happen.

By the way, kid, what happens if she’s not a Dubblede”

“Then only two cases remain.”

“What do you mean, two cases”

“I’m with my ancient body now.

It can be said that Mina’s divine power mixed with Neliard’s blood, which is similar to that of ancient me, and if not…….”

“If not”

“…… Nevermind.”

I didn’t want to bring out the worst assumption.

‘I’d rather her have a quality similar to Cattlea.’


The next day, in the temple.

Cardinal Reginald sighed as he saw Mina, who seemed to be out of her mind.




“Yes Oh, I’m sorry.

I thought of something else for a bit…….”

“Focus on the training.

Even though you have the same level of divine power as the Holy Father, it is useless if you do not learn how to use it properly.

Didn’t you understand it from the mock battle of 7 families”

Even with that amount of divine power, she was no match for Leblaine.

The mock battle, in which the Pope worked hard to publicize Mina’s name, eventually became a venue for Dubblede’s prestige.

Day by day, the influence of the Dubblede girl was growing.

In the midst of this, she doesn’t even focus on training.

‘What is she thinking about’

Reginald sighed and opened a book.

“The cardinals are taking their time to help with your training.

If you follow along, you will be able to match the first child of fate as she was trained by mages who don’t even understand divine power.”

“I know.

By the way, can’t I… work harder from tomorrow on”



Reginald closed the book with irritation.

The pope ordered him to watch her.

He should listen to whatever she wants.

He said that she would be a great puppet only when she took the temple as an ally.

“Are you going to the Duke of Amity again”


“I’ll attach some guards.

Please understand that this is for your safety.”


When Reginald lowered his head, Mina quickly left the training center.

Her expression was bright all the way to the carriage.

‘The duke…’

Did he recall precious memories too

She was his daughter, and he may remember how beautiful the world he and she lived in once.

She had a lot to say if he really remembered.

 She has so many things she wants to do.

They could go for a walk, sleep on their knees, or work together for a better tomorrow by thinking about what they can do for the world.


I have to be honest today.

In fact, I remembered it too.

I was a little disappointed yesterday because he found Leblaine first.

I wanted him to call me too.

And they’ll be a family again.

After that, I could talk to others who were like my beloved family, friends, and older brothers.

I’m sorry I couldn’t say it right away because it’s unbelievable.

 But I am the Mina you loved so much in the past.

We will be able to be as friendly as before again.

The carriage stopped in front of the Duke of Amity’s residence.

The duke came out to meet her without avoiding her as before.

Mina opened her mouth.

“I brought some marmalade jam.

You like those.

Did you sleep well last night”


“Yes, ah! Does David (Amity’s butler) still have back pain Should I ask the priests to look after him Everyone is so kind to me that if I ask them to do it…….”

It was when she was talking.

“Jeong Mina!”

A familiar voice was heard.


She turned her head.

“What are you doing here… Oh, let’s go in together.

I brought jam.

If you put it on the scone and drink it with tea…”


The wave of divine power pushed Mina to the wall.

The Duke of Amity narrowed his forehead, and Mina, who was surprised, hardened.

“Hey, what’s this Stop it right now, Lebla-”

“What have you done”

“What did I do-!”

“What did you do to Lisette’s body!”


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