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Without a word, I pretended to be naive again to him, who is gritting his teeth.

“Uncwel, do you want to sightsee with weblaine (Uncle, do you want to go sightseeing with Leblaine)”

Viscount Myshank hurriedly went back as i waved my hand behind him.

‘Uncle, stay strong.

Go and have a big fight with Teramore instead of me!


The meeting was in full swing at the Tower of Wisdom, the base of the Senate.

“The creation of an advisory body!”

the Duke must be out of his mind!”

An elder shouted angrily.

“For generations, the advisor has been the role of the senate! If an advisory body is established, we will be doomed.”

“Are you going to leave it as it is, sir”

The elders glanced at the chairman sitting on the top.

The chairman picked up a glass of wine and said in a leisurely manner.

“Youre so stubborn.

We servants have no choice but to obey their masters.”

“What are you talking about…..!”

“So,” the chairman said, cutting off the elder.


The chairman turned his head to Teramore, who was standing by the wall, unable to sit in the chair.


“You lads are the future of this Dubbled.

I have to teach you with all my heart.

Of course.

The chairman smiled and lowered his voice.

“We need to be in sync with each other.”

“Dont worry.

Ive done a lot of preparation.”

After the meeting, Vassals from the Senate followed Teramore, who left the Tower of Wisdom.

“I think he is finally about to wear the elders robe.”

Teramore smiled modestly, but inside, his desire wriggled like a bug.

‘This is the right time.

How much have you looked forward to this moment, being loyal to the Senate for the past 30 years The family has repeatedly deprived young people of the opportunity to become elders, but this time it is different.

He was confident that he would educate Henry and Isaac in the direction the senate wanted.No matter how stupid a child may be, he can learn any difficult sentence if he teach them with a rod.

It was not difficult to instill the ideas of the Senate into the young child if he were to succumb to violence.

In addition, Henry had a deep trauma.

Last time I tested it, He didnt tell anyone what happened.

‘Henry is brainwashed with my fists, and Isaac is a simpleton.

Vassals rubbed his palm with flattery.

“If you wear a robe of elders, please remember me.”

“Sure, how could I forget you”

It was then.

Myshank, who was walking in the hallway, laughed when he heard their conversation

“Sir Myshank.”

“Youre telling a funny story.”


“You are telling something you havent even obtain.”

“Based on my observation, it is Teramores turn.”

“Have you forgot who gives you your career My father gave you the seat because i begged him!”

As Teramores eyes hardened, the vassals dawdled at him.

“What are you saying……! Thats rude.“

“I cant help it, the past will always remain.

Teramores face flamed with shame.

“You, who used to wait on me and barely make ends meet, are now teachers of the masters…You just wait and see.”

Myshank whispered in his ears

“Dont cross the line.

How much do you think I know about your weaknesses”

Then he tapped Teramore shoulders as he walked past him.

Teramore hardened as if he is rooted to the ground.

“Im going to tear that jerks mouth!”

He muttered fiercely, and swallowed his dry cough.

“Do.., dont , dont be too upset.”

“He despises me.

Its been like that ever since the first day!”


“Youll see.

Ill have him begging someday.”

Teramore clenched his teeth, glaring at the back of Myshank.


The relationship between Teramore and Myshank has worsen.

Myshank kept Teramore in check as i planned.

I have repeatedly interrupted Henry and Isaacs classes to prevent them from abuse.

“You cant leave their future to an unqualified teacher!”

“Please reconsider the selection!”

“A new teacher worthy of them…..”

Those who said that are aristocrats who were swept away by Myshanks opinion.

I grinned as I watched the demonstration.


As expected, a man nominated for seniority at a young age.

Theres no one who does dirty tricks the best like him.

‘Their attention is focused, so Teramore wont be able to touch Henry easily.

Keep fighting back and forth, replace the teachers of Henry and Isaac.

“Whats wrong with our baby today, you are smiling so happily.”

At that remark, one of the maids who took care of me, Yuni said with a triumphant look.

“I bought a new toy today!”

“Oh, the baby must have saw me bringing a new toy.”

“Shell prefer the one I bought.”

The maids growled at each other and looked at me.

“You prefer my toy, dont you”

“Puzzle is much more fun, isnt it”

Im suddenly under a lot of pressure.

‘Both of you…...

I tried to stop both of them but the fight is not over.

“Okay, show them yourself and get evaluated by the little miss!”

“Lets try.

Im confident.

If I lose, Ill at least take out my eyeballs!”

“Then, Im going to pull out my eyeballs and do juggling!”


The smiling maids sprang to their feet and opened the door, saying, “Come on, lets go, little miss.”

I followed them with a smile on my face

‘I have to pretend im having fun again today….

I went down the stairs with the maids to the first floor with the toys.

Then, I saw Isaac coming from the other side.


“Hi, kid.”

He had books in his hand, as if he had just finished class.

“Gwoing where”

“Training ground.

For training.”


“My brother didnt pass the test, so hes retaking the test.”

Isaac, who said so, added

“I do all of it perfectly.”

Isaac is also an outstanding talent, his physical ability is superior and his brain is not inferior compared to Henrys.

However, I am surprised that Henry failed the test that Isaac had passed.

Blinking my eyes, I hardened to the sudden thought that suddenly came to my mind.

‘Dont tell me…..

I hurried down the stairs.

I heard the flustered maids calling from behind,

“Little miss! Little miss!”

but I am out of my mind.

I hurried past and headed to the study room.


As I stormed into the door, a startled Teramore looked at me.I looked at Henry behind him.

When I met Henrys eyes, he turned his head to cover his red cheeks.

Under the collar of his shirt is full of ugly wounds.

Given that the bruises turned yellow, it is clear that it is an assault from a long time ago.

‘I underestimated him.

I thought that Teramore abused Henry to become an elder.

He was trying to brainwash Henry by assaulting him, raising him as a successor that suit the taste of the Senate.

But if the goal was to become an elder, he wont touch Henry.

‘He must have thought of Henry as a plaything.

He must be thrilled to release his inferiority complex from the noble family to the noble lords children.

Teramore coughed and said,

“You cant just come in during class.”

“Twis isnt a cwass, you hit Henwy.

(This isnt a class, you hit Henry.)”

How can hitting a child be a class Teramore was briefly surprised that he had been caught at the scene of the assault, but soon smiled.

“Youre making it up.

How dare I hit him.

His body wound was because of yesterdays sword training.”

“I never raised my hand, but even if it happened, its not an assault.”

He continued with his mouth raised.

“I raised him with love”

As soon as he said that, I quickly picked up the fountain pen that was on his desk.



With the sharp pen tip, the blood on the back of his hand wrung out.

Henry widened his eyes at what had happened in a flash.

Teramore collapsed on the floor, holding his blood dripping hands.


“What the hell is this!”

cried the old man whose eyes had turned furious.I came close to him and whispered to him.

“What is itYouwe touched with love, motherfwucker.

(What is it Youre touched with love, mother**er.)”


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