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“I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Who is Lisette”

Mina asked, as the strong collision made her back tingle.

“I don’t know what the misunderstanding is, but it’s not polite to do this out of the blue.

Were you surprised, duke ……duke.”

It was strange.

The Duke of Amity was staring at her firmly.

“Why do you look at me like that Like Leblaine said, do you think I did something wrong”


“No! I don’t know who Lisette is!”

Mina screamed as if she was greatly shocked, but the duke’s expression did not change.

Leblaine stared at them.

‘Am I right’

Verification is complete.


A few hours ago, Nos returned.

“As you said, I compared Cattlea Wilston with the divine power contained in spinel.”

“How is it…”

“The second child of fate and Dubblede are complete strangers.”

The expressions of the Dubblede family gathered in the room froze.

Similar enough to blend in with Leblaine’s divine power, but has nothing to do with her biological family, Dubblede


‘It’s maternal lineage.’

Isaac frowned and looked at Theodore.

“There’s no one on mother’s side to get involved with Mina.

I heard that after selling her to a temple, an epidemic affected the village and her family died.”


“Then what happened There’s no one to get involved with the second child of fate.”

“Mother’s dead body…”

At Leblaine’s words, everyone looked at her at once.

“Kid, what are you trying to say What’s wrong with mother’s body”


“You’re not trying to say that her body is made up of mother’s body, are you There’s no way! The second child of fate is a person not from this world.

How can such a person get into mother’s body”

Isaac screamed.

It’s a terrible imaginatiom.

Terrible… really ridiculous…….

Henry slowly opened his mouth.

“We know how to do that.”

“…… What”

“The soul of Mireille was transferred to the body of a child.”

“No way.

Don’t be silly.”

“Think rationally.”

“If that’s true, it means that my mother was used by the goddamn bastards until she died.”


“We were just stupid, not knowing what was going on with our mother’s body—!!”

Isaac’s voice echoed in the room.

Nos and Chairman, who were with the Dubblede family, were speechless, and the expression of the Dubblede family became grim.

Leblaine’s hand, grabbing the skirt, trembled.

Leblaine covered her mouth.

She thought Duke Vallua making Mireille and sending it to Dubblede was to threaten her.

When the real thing comes back, I will lose my family.

So think carefully about whose hand to hold.

That’s what I thought.

‘It wasn’t me who was threatened.

The Duke of Vallua threatened the temple!’

By demonstrating to Dubblede that souls can be moved, he was trying to shake the temple up.

‘At that time, Vallua was developing a mid-range teleportation device with the temple.

That was the reason why the temple entrusted the distribution to the Duke of Vallua, who only presented data.’

Because they were threatened.

They thought he’d let Dubblede know that the temple created Mina’s body with the body of Lisette.

Leblaine’s eyes become red.

‘The real child of fate and a fake one Funny.’

In the end, there was no real thing anywhere.

Everything was fake.

Isaac narrowed his forehead and said.

“If people find out that the second child of fate is a fake made by the temple, we can completely drive the Neliard religion out of this continent.”

Henry, with his arms folded, leaned deep into the sofa and said.

“There’s no way to prove it.”


“Yes, who would believe that we, who have the first child of fate, claim that the second is fake”

“If we reveal that she has divine power mixed with the kid-!”

“Then the temple would say, ‘both are children of fate, so they are similar.'”

“Is there really no way”

When Isaac gritted his teeth, Leblaine said.

“There’s a way.”

Gripping her skirt tightly, she said.

“If the fake confesses herself.”

“Then it would be simple.

But the second child won’t do it.”


Maybe…… Mina doesn’t know she’s fake.”


“Mireille is like that too.

When we torture her until just before death, she think that her appearance has changed due to magic.

So we don’t know until Seria confirms that Mireille’s soul has entered the body of another child.”

“It could have been a lie.

Because she’s afraid of the temple.”

“The reason why she’s afraid of the temple is because she thought they might kill her.

But she stayed loyal until death”

“…Are you saying that Mireille was brainwashed”

At that time, the chairman intervened in the conversation.

“A devil has such powers.

It is called ‘Ose’.

It can change our body, and we will live our whole life unaware that it is not our body.”


“Yes, if they put their soul into a body and change their appearance through the devil’s power, they may not know.”

Leblaine’s gaze became sharp.

‘It’s worth checking.’

If things go well, the temple can be completely driven out with Mina’s help.

Even if I don’t get help, I can shake the temple.


I stared at Mina and the Duke of Amity.

Her expression was distorted painfully, and I was sure.

‘Mina doesn’t know anything.’

Even though Mina and I have a bad relationship, I knew him better than anyone else.

Mina was not a person who would lie with that expression.

“Next time, let’s talk next time.

I have something to hear from Leblaine today.”

“What What are you going to hear Do you want to hear how I harmed someone name Lisette”


“How… How could my father doubt me I won’t do harm to others!”

I stared at the shouting Mina.

“Then ask the temple.”

“… What”

“You’ve never done harm, but there’s someone who has been harmed.

Isn’t there only one answer”


“Ask them! What did they do with Lisette’s body Go and ask the pope what he did to her body for your sake!”

“What are you talking about That person’s body..….”

“I’m curious now.

Is there magic in your world”


“Can you use magic in that world”


“How did your body, which could not use magic, come to this world and be able to use it”

Mina’s eyes shook.

Looking down at her hand, she looked up at the temple and rushed away.

I was looking at her back until Mina disappeared.

My communication device rang.

It was Henry.

I connected the call and said.

“Mina is going now.

Find out the movements of the temple.”

When I was about to turn around after saying that, the Duke of Amity caught me.

“Explain what’s going on with you guys!”

“Why is it important to you You’re curious about what happened to your first love”


“It was Lisette.

Your first love that looked like Mina.”


“For the first time, I feel sorry for Mina.

I always envied her, I felt like I was suffocated every day because I was jealous, but now I just feel sorry for her.

She was only a replacement for Lisette.”


“Did I look like Lisette in this life Did you think I could be a replacement Oh, it wasn’t that I looked alike, it was because I am my father’s daughter.

You thought I would be enough.”

“Stop it.

It’s not like that.

I’m just… Leblaine, I……!”



The Duke of Amity’s expression hardened.

I bit my lips hard.

“There was a time when I respected you as a father.”


I shook his hand away and said.

“I’m not going to do it anymore for the rest of my life.”

I walked behind him, who looked at me frantically.

It felt like debris was falling behind my back.

The days when I admired him and longed for his affection scattered like shards of glass.

‘Goodbye, father.’



On a deep night, Mina was sitting on the terrace chair and staring at the sky.

Benedict, the man with red marks on his hand, looked up at Mina, with his knees bent in front of her.



“Please allow me to speak up.”

“… Did you know that”

Benedict bowed his head, and Mina smiled.

Her expression was gradually distorted.

After hearing those words from Leblaine during the day, she immediately visited the pope.

As soon as she asked the pope’s aide, “Do you know a person named Lisette”, she was able to meet the pope, who was hard to see.

The pope had a gracious smile, but he realized at the moment he faced her.

“It’s true. What Leblaine said was true.”

“… Child, ‘it’ is the body that God has arranged.

She just returned it to the original owner.”

“Does that make sense You use the body.

You did something that you shouldn’t have done! Did you kill her because of me”

“Didn’t I tell you that She had to give the body back to the original owner.”

The pope’s smile was creepy.

Knowing nothing, she thought the world was beautiful, but the truth was terrible.

Tears welled up in Mina’s eyes.

She clenched her teeth and stared at Benedict.

“Why did you fool me How can you make me feel so terrible…… it’s the opposite of my ideal!”

“There’s no hope without despair.”


“Mina is the hope of this world.

Minor sacrifices were inevitable.”


“But if you want, I’ll announce it to the world.”

Mina’s expression hardened.


“The temple made a fake child of fate out of a dead body.

In fact, Jeong Mina is not a fated hero……I’ll announce it here if you want.”


“Have you calmed down”


“However, everyone will be disappointed in you.

No one will ever love you.

All of your ideals won’t matter anymore.”


“Can you give up on this world that you barely earned”

‘If my identity is revealed…’

Adrian, Johann and Henry, Isaac, and even my father will turn their backs on me.

My beloved friends would not trust me either and I would wander through the loneliness that was overwhelming again.

Benedict smiled brightly.

“Now, Mina.

What should I do Do you really want me to announce who you are

“I, I…”

“If we close our mouths like this, the minor flaws will be forgotten, and Mina can fulfill her mission given by God.”


“Okay, Mina.

Please tell me.

Who dares to say that to you”

Mina, who grabbed her skirt, opened her mouth.

“What I told you was… That’s…”


Mina’s gaze changed.


Without that child, she could have continued to be the true child of fate.


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