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The next morning, Nos with a pale face, ran into dad’s office.

“Your Excellency.”

“What’s going on”

“A message from Cardinal Blasio.

All the cardinals of the Vatican joined forces and started protesting in front of the Imperial Palace.”

My dad and I looked at each other at the same time.

I frowned and asked Nos.


Nos took the parchment out of his arms.

[The gloomy energy that started from the Dubblede territory two months ago has flowed into all parts of the country and clouded the empire, so please allow us to purify it.]

It appears to be signed by the former cardinal and stamped with the pope’s seal.

The parchment was crumpled in my hand.

 Isaac, who was with me in the office, frowned.

“How dare they……!”

“It must be the second child of fate.”

It was Henry’s answer.

He looked out the window at the church with a cold gaze.

“The second child did that instead of revealing with her own mouth that she had lived using our mother’s body, she revealed it to the temple knowing that.”

“We are Dubblede.

An influential family of the empire! Grab a passerby and ask them, they’ll tell you that there can’t be any other influential family like Dubblede.

But does this make sense”

“It is the power of state religion to make such things possible.”

The influence of the Neliard Church has weakened unlike my previous life, but even so, the nobleman bows before the pope.

Even the emperor cannot replace the pope with envoys, and the Vatican has the right to judge an apostle trial that can even lead to execution.

That was the dignity of the state religion.

Johann, who was tapping the sofa armrest with his fingertips, looked at dad.

“The pope seems to be in a tight spot.

If they want to do something this big, they’ll be hit hard, too.”

The power of religion comes from the public sentiment.

In other words, religion that has lost its public sentiment loses its power.

Therefore, the Neliard Church could not harm Dubblede without justification.

We haven’t given any justification so far, and there are probably few people who believe in the cause they claim to be ‘gloomy energy’.

“They want to push out Dubblede with the determination to give up their spine…”

A laugh escaped Johann’s mouth, and then Henry spoke.

“But if successful, it will be a world of Neliardism.”

Johann nodded and looked at father.

“They should not be allowed to purify.

We don’t know what they’d do if they came into the Dubblede territory.


“Yes, father.”

“You must summon the nobles of the central tower.

I will go to the Imperial Palace.”

“I want to go too!”

When I said it, my family was startled.

Isaac said, “No, no.” and waved his hand.

“It’s dangerous.

What if someone recognizes you”

“Mina must’ve told them.

So now yhey know I’m young.

I got caught anyway, so I can move comfortably now.”


Dad said the moment Isaac frowned.



“Whether you like it or not, Leblaine is at the center of all these events, so she also needs to know the progress.”

I ran toward the door with a bright face, and my brothers sighed.

“Kid, don’t leave the escort.

You can’t even summon devils right now.”

“But I can still use my divine power.”

“So you’re going to use it”

“No, no.

I’ll try not to.”

I left the room smiling and followed my dad.

Then, I pulled my dad’s sleeve at the sight of my brothers.

“Dad, I have a favor to ask of you.”


When I whispered something in his ear, my dad’s expression hardened.

“Blaine, that’s-”

“Trust me.

Have I ever suggested a way to harm Dubblede”

“I’m worried about you.

I’m worried about my daughter.”

“Then it’s perfect.”

Dad sighed when he looked into my eyes.

He bent his knees to look at me and said,

“Yes, you’re always right.”


“I trust my daughter.”

I hugged dad’s neck.

‘I will never give up. Everything won’t be taken away from me.’



In front of the imperial palace.

The cardinals put one hand on their chest and looked at the closed door of the imperial palace silently with another hand behind their backs.

There are a lot of people around them even though they don’t make a fuss.

“What Why are there so many cardinals camped in front of the palace”

“The energy from Dubblede is spreading.”

“But why are they doing this in front of the Imperial Palace without visiting the emperor”

“It seems like the emperor doesn’t want to meet them.

It is Dubblede after all.

He’s hiding because he’s afraid of the outcome if he gives permission.”

Rather, the onlookers were louder than the protesters.

‘Aiming for this, they must be camping in front of the Imperial Palace.’

It was not unexpected.

It was a temple protest custom that has been passed down since the first emperor.

Mina was in it.

She was rubbing her fingertips with an anxious look, and cardinal Reginald, who stood next to her, said in a benevolent voice.

“Please inform the Imperial Palace of the God-given information.”



“G-God descended in a dream and wept.

 When I asked the reason, he said, ‘Oh, evil has come in the world’ and then commanded the servant of God.

The servant must protect the creatures… protect…”

Mina’s voice gradually crawled in.

A pale face, trembling shoulders, and shaky eyes.

 It all proved that the temple had instigated her to lie.

A burst of laughter came out of Isaac’s mouth.


In an instant, people’s eyes gathered to Isaac and my family.

I watched the situation far away from my family.

Isaac broke through people and approached the group of cardinals.

“How are you going to prove you’ve heard God’s words”

“You are rude, lord-!!”

Reginald shouted instantly.

The cardinals also pushed Isaac away with sharp eyes.

“It is not at all strange that a child of fate, who has been chosen by God, hears the word of God.”

And this time Henry said.

“That’s when she’s truly a child of fate.”

“Please refrain from talking.

Mina is guaranteed by the temple…….”

“Is there only one child of fate that the temple guarantees”


“Leblaine is also a child of fate guaranteed by the temple.

The child, who manifested the symbol of God that the second child does not have, is guarding the Dubblede territory.

Does it make sense that the energy flows from there”

Reginald pulled up the corners of his lips.

“We were curious about that, too.

Why did the Dubblede territory, guarded by the child of fate, have such energy and God ordered another child to protect the people”


“If there is no obstacle, His Excellency will open the Dubblede door and let us investigate the estate, so it will be clear.”

“The temple raises questions, and the temple investigates… How can we trust the transparency of the results”

“Do you doubt the temple Lord, the temple has been protecting the empire ever since its founding…  …  !”

Henry and Reginald confronted him sharply, and I signaled my dad.

“I will allow investigation.”

At the words of my father, the faces of my brothers hardened.


“You are right, sir.”

Just as Reginald’s mouth was smiling, father added,

“If it turns out that the second child is worthy of divine revelation.”


“If you intend to investigate Dubblede territory and my daughter, the second child will also need to be verified by an external investigator.

If she is a real child of fate, and God has truly warned her of the dangers of Dubblede, we will not avoid investigation.”


‘An investigation is dangerous for Mina as well.’

That child’s body is a reconstruction of mother’s body.

The magic will somehow leaves a trace.

The spectators began to buzz.

“What the duke said is not wrong.”

“Yes, in order to investigate the first child and Dubblede, we should also investigate the second child that claimed such.”

“If what the temple says is true, there is no reason to avoid investigation.”

The cardinals’ expressions darkened.

It was around the time when Reginald fumbled with a pale expression.

“Your Excellency.”

Someone appeared in front of the Imperial Palace.


“I found you.”

“You’ve run away like a mouse.

Filthy bitch, she rolled her body in the mud, but even he will not save you.”

“Crazy… This crazy girl……!”

A deformed face due to severe burn, and…… red mark on the back of the hand.


“This is the newly appointed Cardinal Benedict, Your Excellency.”


The expressions of my family, who had pondered over his name, froze.

There was a deep anger on his father’s face.

“How dare you, how dare you, in front of me.”

“How dare you!”

Benedict, who shouted, continued,

“The temple will respond to the investigation of the second child.

However, if that happens, the first child should also be investigated at the same time and place.”


“If there is no obstruction, Leblaine will also respond to the investigation, right”

Did he think I would be afraid

I raised the corners of my mouth.

At that moment, the gate of the imperial palace opened and Cecilia, accompanied by Trigon, came out.

“His Majesty made a decision.

I’ll be in charge of that verification at the imperial palace.”

I have worked so hard to put spies on the imperial palace for this moment.

The empress and the head mage of the court was under my command.

My people are in charge of the investigation.


“Sir, Max has revealed the man who ordered the curse before the mock war!”

When Nos, who ran on a horse in time, shouted, Reginald’s expression froze.

In other words, it meant that the game was reversed.


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