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“Wha, wha, what….”

Disbelief spread across Teramores face.

I whispered to him, “What a fool.”


“Just wait, old man.

The dyuke will soon fwaind out abwout this.” (Just wait, old man.

The duke will soon find out about this.)

I walked past Teramore with a smile.

I reached for Henrys hand and left the room.

“Are you crazy Arent you scared”

I stared at Henry with a stiff face.

Perhaps he was surprised to see me interfering with Teramores endeavor, but it seemed to be a good thing.

The wall between me and him has disappeared a bit.

“Youre going to be in trouble.

Teramore is a mean guy.”

“Not scawed.” (Not scared)


“Bad people hitting Henly.

Im not scawed at all.”

(Bad people hitting Henry.

Im not scared at all.)

Henrys eyes went wide, as I spoke with a determination.

I really am not afraid of Teramore.

I have met countless terrible people before and Teramore is just another one of them.

He is just a sick pervert who feels pleasure from abusing children.

I am more worried about Henry.

The cheeks that Teramore hit are now swollen red and even his crisp collar is wrinkled.

“Lets go to the dyuke.

Henlys huwt.” (Lets go to the duke.

Henrys hurt.)

“…Thats enough.”

“Henly….” (Henry….)

“Thats enough!”

Henry shouts, stubbornness paints his eyes.

“Dont tell anybody about today.”

Henry then walks away.

‘Its not that I dont understand that childs mind.

Abused children usually spend their entire lives avoiding others or growing up aggressively.

As such, trauma was developed.

Even I, whove been reborned three times cant completely trust people because of my past lives.

I sigh as I watch Henrys back disappear.


Teramore walked back and forth throughout the hall while grinding his teeth in anger.

‘That crazy girl….!

“What is it Youwe touched with wove, motherfwucker.” (What is it Youre touched with love, mother**er.)

Whenever Teramore remembered the childs expression, he would feel his anger rising once more.

‘Shes not a child of fate, shes a demon! That little demon must have been sent down by the church to spy on Dubbled.

Did she think Im going to be scared by her little act!

Teramore hurried his steps towards the dukes office and knocked on the door.

“This is Teramore, sir.

Soon he heard the dukes reply, approving his entrance.

Teramore entered the room with a face full of excitement, he couldnt wait to report Leblaines action to Dubbled.

He spoke in hurry, “Your Grace, the child of fate–”

“Its the old man!”


Leblaine, who was sitting on the dukes lap, grinned.

Teramore was startled and ran over to the child.

‘That little girls already…..!

Leblaine wasnt the only one.

She was joined by Viscount Myshank, Nos, the lieutenant and some of the senators.

They were looking at Teramore with an odd expression on their faces.

‘Has she told the duke about how I treated Henry!

Viscount Myshank frowned and said, “How could you do such a thing to the dukes children”

Teramore came up with a quick excuse, “Your Excellency, please listen to me! Why would I do that Its all a lie.”

He then showed his injured hand hastily to the duke.

“The baby is not just a child.

She poked the back of my hand with a pen.

Isnt that suspicious! She is too smart in the first place.

She offered you the story of the church and the imperial fami—“

“What the hell are you talking about” Viscount Myshank cut off Teramores claims.

“I mean its dubious!”

Viscount Myshank looked at Teramore weirdly, “We were talking about how you intimidated and frightened the dukes daughter just because of a slight mistake that she made.”


“You were too harsh on the child! She even bursted into tears as soon as she saw me!”

“Its, uh…..”

“And you said that kind of thing What else did you do”

Teramore was taken aback.

He looked around the room with trembling eyes, when his eyes met with Leblaines.

Leblaines mouth rose into a small smirk.

Her look saying,Did you think the viscount was talking about Henry

That little girl also brought in Myshank, who was an enemy to him, and made it impossible for him to think of another excuse for abusing Henry.

As Teramores face turned pale, Myshank interrogated him, “Let me ask you again, what have you done”

“It, its a slip of the tongue.”

But there was no one in the room who believed in him.

Myshank said to the duke, “Its suspicious, duke.

Its questionable to act like that over a small deal.

Wont this kind of conduct influence the childrens characters poorly”

Even Nos and the senators voiced their concerns.

“We need confirmation.”

“Unless his innocence is proved, we cannot leave the childrens education to such a man.”

The dukes sharp gaze penetrated Teramore.

Teramore shouted, “Wait, sir!”, but Duke Dubleed didnt heed his plea.

He shortly ordered his people to investigate Teramore.


After the talk, Myshank and the vassals left the room.

I jump off the dukes lap and follow Myshank.

My face is full of excitement.

“Sir Myshwank.” (Sir Myshank)

He looks back at me

“Yes, child.

What is it”

I tug Myshanks shirt with an innocent look.

“Is the old man a bad guy”


He continues with a grin.

“Yes, he is.

A really, really bad guy.”

“If the tweacher is bad, what if Henly and Ishac grew up to be bad people” (If the teacher is bad, what if Henly and Ishac grew up to be bad people.)

“Dont worry.

Im going to help them out.”

“Tomorrow Im going to request the other nobles to come to the castle and plead to the chairman to withhold the childrens class until the case is cleared.”

I act innocently and say, “Wow!” as i jump up and down.

‘Unexpectedly, you took my side.

Its a good thing for me though, so I give him a big smile.

After Myshank himself leaves with a big smile, Teramore comes out of the dukes office.

‘You mustve had a hard time talking to him.

Teramore, who sees me, grits his teeth.


Looking around quickly, he pulls my arm and heads to the corner of the room.

“This little bitch! Do you think Im going to take this lying down”

“What are you gwoing to do” (What are you going to do)

“You must be a demon sent by the church…..!”

“Gwanpa, are you stupid” Grandpa, are you stupid


“Youwe the one who admitted the misdeed.” (Youre the one who admitted the misdeed.)

“You bitch….”

“How did you know My nwickname was bitch!” (How did you know My nickname was bitch.)

I look straight at Teramores eye straight and speak with a low tone.

“If ywo evew touch them agwain, Iwe bite you.” (If you ever touch them again, Ill bite you.)


I continue to talk with a big smile.

“So let go of me.


Ive been a beggar in my past life.

Teramores threats dont perturb me even a bit.

The strength on Teramores grip slowly loosen.

I wave his hand off me easily as I turn around and walk away.


Two days later, Myshank came to the castle with other nobles and appealed for the suspension of Teramore.

Teramore became the teacher of Henry and Isaac due to the vote from the senates, but right now half of the senate voices are on Myshanks side.

Given how things are progressing, now the senior position will very likely be given to Myshank, since Teramores standing has become unstable due to the recent event.

“Chai, chairman…..”

I hum down the hallways to the music of Teramores voice begging the chairman for leniency.

I am thinking of checking on Henrys condition.

The life of a noble is quite pitiful.

Instead of worrying about food they worried about studying.

Even with the suspended classes, the two sit side by side in the study and work on their homework.

I peep out my face in front of the study door to look for their shadows.

‘Huh No one….

“Hey, you!”

“Aahh!”, I jump up from shock, surprised by the voice that comes from behind my shoulder.

I hold my chest tight with both hands as I try to calm down my beating heart.

I turn around and find Isaac and Henry standing behind me.

“Why, why hewe” (Why, why here)

When I ask, Isaac lifts the book to his side and shrugs.

“Theres a book here thats not available in the library.

Why are you here”, he replies.

Isaac scrunches his nose, picking up on my nervous gesture, “Are you running away”


“No, no!”


“Just sightsweeing.” (Just sightseeing.)

I flap my hands around the room and make an excuse, Isaac wriggles his eyebrows.

I glance at Henrys figure.

‘Will you be pissed off if I said I came to check up on you

I was wondering what to do when Isaac says, “No way, you….you must have heard somewhere that todays snack is a cake.”



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