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Isaac strode into the study room with chocolate cake topped with whip cream in his hand.

‘Im so excited!

Ive had a lot of accidents with adults these days, so Ive been hungry all the time.

“Hmph, I didnt leave it for you.

Just….Its just that I dont really like sweets.”

“Isyac, I enjoyed the sugaw byead you gawe me the othew day.” (Isaac, I enjoyed the sugar bread you gave me the other day.)

“I, I wont like you even if you compliment me!”

His ear reddened as he rushed into the study room.

Henry only glanced at me before heading for the door without saying much.

I went in tow to the study room where they were sitting.

I sat down and scrutinised Henry from head to toe.

‘I dont think theres any aftereffects.

I took a bite of the cake, and my mouth let out an unintentional gasp.

What is this flavour

‘Its so delicious!

It was different from all the cake I had eaten so far.

The refreshing whip cream that didnt feel too overpowering or buttery when put in ones mouth.

The cake was very moist and fluffy with velvet-like chocolate inside it.

The perfect cake melted gently in my mouth as soon as it touched the tongue.

‘They say the patissier from the west wing owns the hands of God.

Its not just a rumor after all.

I was really impressed by the taste of the cake.

This was the first time Ive ever tasted the cake from the west wing.

I usually frequent the east hall, where the VIPs usually stayed.

With both of my hands encasing my cheeks, I said, “Wow, wow!”

Isaac smiled when he saw me.

“Is it that delicious”

‘When I was a beggar, Ive starved for more than five days.

To soothe the hunger, I would imagine myself eating a delicious chocolate cake.

The taste was full of warmth that it reminded me of my previous life where I suffered through countless hard times.

“Thwank you so much….” (Thank you so much….)

“No, you dont have to thank me that much.”

Isaac was rather embarrassed and rolled his eyes as a reply.

“Would you like to eat the chocolate cake tomorrow morning as well”

“Youwe the best!” (Youre the best!)

“Ill give it to you in the evening, too.”

“Youwe so cool!” (Youre so cool!)

“Oh, I cant help it.

Ill give it to you the day after tomorrow too.”

“Youwe the gweatest!” (Youre the greatest!)

Isaac grinned from my empty praises.

From the sidelines, Henry stared at us as if were a pair of clowns.


Henry and Isaac continued with their homework, as I painted quietly beside them.

At dusk the maids came to the study room to look for me, but when they saw me with the siblings, they simply smiled and went back.

I was just trying to spend some time with my siblings.

Without us realizing, the bright day was replaced by the night sky.


Isaac is dozing off too….

I pinched my cheek to wake myself from the drowsiness.

“Go to sleep if youre sleepy.”

Henry said with his eyes fixed on the book.

I wish I could go, but I couldnt leave Henry alone in the castle with Teramore.

“Its owkay.

Not sleepy.” (Its okay.

Not sleepy.)

“Youre lying.”

“….Ill go wash my face.”

I jumped off the chair, then whispered to Isaac, who was dozing off.

I left the study only after I saw Isaac nodding his head with lethargy.

‘Im so sleepy

My body seemed to be protesting for a quick rest.

I dragged my body to the washroom with a grumble, but before I could go in a rough hand dragged me away from the entrance.



Before I could react, Teramore had dragged me into a dim room near the washroom.

He closed the door, then turned slowly towards me.

Teramores mouth curled up into a wicked sneer as his eyes set on me.

“Why You thought Id only go after Henry”

“Im not like Henly, if you touch me, itll be weveald.” (Im not like Henry, if you touch me, itll be revealed.)

“You dont need your hands to make people suffer.”

Teramore took something out of his pocket.

Blue Spinel!

Thats a special instrument used as a sacred tool to extract divine power.

The clearer the color, the more extraction can be done.

Of course, Blue Spinel is considered a precious treasure in the market, but none of the divine powers wielders have the same line of thought.

Extracting divine power would drive the wielder crazy, or in the worst case, they might die.

A normal child like me would lose my mind even with any Spinel.

‘I rather die and reborn once more, than getting tortured with that Spinel.

Teramore approached me, muttering in a low voice.

“Its 30 years.

Things that Ive been working on for 30 years have collapsed.

Just because of a four year old kid!”

Madness began to cloud his eyes.

In the evening, the vassals moved out of the study unexpectedly, and they seemed to have been kicked out of their teachers seat.

“Dont come or Ill scweam.” (Dont come or Ill scream.)

“Try it.

Lets see if a person will come faster or you will lose your divine power first.”

Out of sudden, the door opened.

We turned our heads and saw Henrys figure run in.

“Let her go.”

Teramore looked at Henry with a sly smile.

“You know it is rude to interrupt people, right I guess you are lacking in education lately.”

Henry clenched his eyes shut and rushed blindly towards Teramores direction.

Teramore, however, was unbothered as if Henrys arrival was an insignificant change to his plan.

There was nothing to be afraid of because the genius couldnt even fight off his trauma.

But he made a blunder, Henrys purpose wasnt to attack him.

The child instead reached out for the Blue Spinel and threw it into one of the furnitures narrow openings.

“You son of a bitch….!”

Out of anger, Teramore tried to hit Henry, but I hung tightly onto Teramores arms with all my weight.

“Dont twouch Henly!” (Dont touch Henry!)

He roughly threw me to the floor and raised his hand at Henry once more.



The door burst open and a tremendous wave of mana rushed toward Teramore.

The mana knocked Teramore out to the floor, “Aggghhh!—“

His scream echoed through the room.

When I saw him, his arms were twisted to a horrifying angle.

I quickly turned my head away towards the door.

Dubbled was standing in front of the entrance.

Coldness and anger was radiating off him.


The dukes cold eyes swept over me and Henry, who was lying on the floor.

Teramore tried to get up and looked at the duke.

He looked flustered, the duke coming to the room and putting an end to his plan, wasnt part of his calculation.

‘Fool, do you think I would walk around alone after the event

I had expected that Teramore would plan some underhand tricks.

So to counter whatever Teremores had in his hand, I had asked Isaac to call the Duke before I left the study!

I stayed in the study room until late at night, but it wasnt just to protect Henry.

Turned out I was right, tonight Teramore really did act.

The Duke came in with Isyac, Nos, and the maids, including Leah, in tow.

Before I left, I had asked Isyac to call the Duke, nevertheless considering the possibility he wouldnt come, I requested for the maids to come as well.

“What…….what is happening here….!”

Leahs face darkened as she saw the situation in the room.

‘Im glad you guys have a good timing.

With this, no one would dare to lay their hands on Henry anymore.

“Si-sir, this…..so this….! Li-li-listen to me first please.”

Teramore begged, but the duke didnt heed his plea.

Nos rubbed his brow off, a deep frown was spread across his forehead.

The senates member mistreated a dukes child.

It was a major incident, if the news went out there would be a huge uproar.

‘In the worst case scenario, there would be civil war

Theres no way he could just let it pass.

Lea, my maids and Nos, glared at Teramores sprawling figure.

The duke walked with heavy steps toward Teramore.

Teramore tried to scoot back, while cradling his deformed, twisted arm.

However, with no support he couldnt get there and feel down instead, “Thud….!”

The dark red blood was constantly flowing, bursting out from his open wounds.

“Your, your excellency…, I, I, Im not….

Its all part of the education!”

The Duke trampled on his already mangled hand as Teramore looked up with an imploring face.



“Tell me what happened.”

He seemed to have noticed that Teramores assault wasnt only once or twice.

Teramores hand that was going to hit Henry, was raised fixedly, out of habits.

Henry, who was clenching his trousers tightly, gulped.

Heavy silence followed for some time, but he kept his silence.

Only after the Duke once again called out his name, “Henry!”, did he open his mouth.

“Its no big deal.”

“Thats for me to judge.”

The dukes eyes were dark.

His cold stare made everyone in the room shivered in fear.

Even I, the innocent bystander was afraid, the guilty Teramore was naturally terrified out of his wits.

“Yo-Your Excellency, you are mistaken.

Its a misunderstanding.

Let me explain.

So, this one,….!”

The duke twisted Teramores hand.

Teramore painful screams could be heard throughout the residence.


I stared unblinking with my jaw slacked open.

Its the first time for me to see divine powers judgement being used.

When I heard it, I thought it was a little scary, but the reality was far from what I had imagined.

Its a lot of pressure, like a tight squeeze to the lungs.

If I hadnt suffered from the Popes divine power in my past life, I wouldve been knocked out cold.

Henry, who was getting paler, clenched his teeth.

Then he said casually.

“It was just a slap in the face.”

“Little Its violence.”

Henry bited his lips and continues.

“Its an opportunity to take on Teramores weaknesses.

When I become an adult, I am going to use this information to my advantage.”



“So its no big deal–“

The Duke strode and grabbed Henrys wrist.


His wide sleeve slid down his slender arm, revealing a purple bruise.


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