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Chapter 30

Translator – Zimming

Editor – Sasha

As I stared at the wound, she laughed awkwardly.

“Its bad, isnt it”


Even though I didnt cry, Lea left restlessly, saying she would bring medicine.

“Shall we continue with the class This tower was built three hundred years ago by the Duke at the time to honor his ancestors.

It was a strange-looking spire.

It wasnt built for accommodation or any other purpose.

It was just like a symbol.

There were only stairs inside, no rooms.

There was only a beam of sunshine without even a lamp, maintained by mana.


“Would you like to go up”


Seria chuckled as she glanced up the stairs.


“You remind me of my younger brother.”

“Sewia must have been a good sistew.” (Seria must have been a good sister.)

“Im not.”


You awe” (No.You are)

I went up the stairs and looked at Seria.

“You kiwwed a nobleman fow him.” (You killed a nobleman for him.)


Her face hardened.



‘I just hoped it wasnt you.

The evidence was the wound on her foot that had been caused by a fire.

I had seen it at the slave auction house.

All the slaves had the same mark on their feet.

‘It was there on the foot of the man who tried to attack me.

Seria also got an accent.

The Noxstone accent.

“The dead nobleman was actually a slave trafficker.

Seria, your areas slaves were sold by that nobleman.”

It was not common that a nobleman earned for the elderly and the weak.

She was a slave raised by the nobility, so Seria was able to break into the mansion by herself.


how can I do that….”

Seria, who was looking at me with trembling eyes, soon burst out laughing.

“I guess you heard about it from the duke.

I didnt think I could hide it for a long time either.

I got caught sooner than I expected.”

I rolled my eyes.

Ive already prepared an excuse.

“Thats right.

He deserved to die.”


“No one knew he was such a bastard, to even sell children as slaves.”

Seria clenched her fist.

“The kids who didnt know anything would have been waiting for him to save them even after they were sold.

..just like me.”


“But I was lucky.

I worked at his mansion.

So I was sold out after my adolescence, and I realized more than other kids.

That **ing mans true nature.”

Seria said she escaped with all her might.

She went to the facility to save the other children, but many of them had already been sold.

“The children who are not suitable for sale are miserable.”

I know you killed a nobleman.

‘But why did you have to come into Dubbled

Seria knelt before me.

“Little miss, a mere administrator like me cant see the duke.

Please help me see him!”

I said in a fit of surprise.

“If the dyuke finds out, youll die!”

Do you think a man without blood or tears will save her life because she had a miserable past

“I have to find my brothers who have been sold.”


“I heard from another one of his subordinates.

I dont know why, but he definitely said hed go into the Dubbled territory.”

At that moment, many things came to my mind.

The particular eyes that were looking at me, unusual fondness for children.

A wound the length of ones hand.


It was when I muttered.

“How did you know”

A voice came from beneath the stairs.

It was when Seria suddenly raised her head.

He jumped up in an instant and grabbed her by the neck.


Then, he dropped her down the stairs.

Dark red blood gathered around the Seria, which rolled down the high stairs.

Jacob looked at me.

“Huh How did you find out”

I bit my lips tight.

This tower I was in now was far from the main castle.

It was just a symbol, so it was an area where the knights didnt patrol.

There were no other people.

I needed room to talk to Seria, and I was sure she would never attack me.

Jacob approached slowly.

“Youre not gonna tell me”

I stumbled to the back as Jacob groaned.

“My customer told me not to break you, but to bring you there.”

I glared at him as he muttered in a very sad tone.

”If you go back this time, theyll kill you first.”

But what was the best way to avoid a painful death

Falling off the tower Biting your tongue

‘Sir, you have to die before you get caught.

It was clear that Jacobs customer was a crazy pervert, so it was very dangerous for him to get caught.

‘Itll be better for him to fall and die.

I rushed to the window but Jacob was faster.

He grabbed me by the collar and said,

“Itd be fun to play with you.”

It was then.

A familiar voice came in.


There was also Yuni behind her.

I shouted hurriedly

“Run away!”

These two women cant beat an adult man.

Most of all, Jacob was experienced, judging by the way he handled Seria.

Its worse if those two died together to protect me.

But they didnt move.

As soon as I was about to yell again, Lea narrowed the distance between her and Jacob.

Lea jumped and grabbed his shoulders.

She grabbed his neck swiftly and tightened her hold.


Jacobs face was all red as if he could not breathe.

As he slowly lost his strength, Lea threw him to the wall and he fell on the floor.

I was so shocked that I bumped my head to the wall and fell down.

“Little miss!”

Lea came running towards me.

“Are you okay Sorry, its been so long since I made a mistake.”

I stared at her in amazement

“Oh no, your forehead is red.”

Yuni ran to where Jacob had fallen and asked him.

“Which organization are you from Are you from Malta Orca of Brown Wolf If not, Karutano”

The usually cheerful and lovely Yuni was very different today.

The names of drug gangs, human trafficking organizations, and assassins came out in a row, along with a quirky dialect.

Then she grabbed him by the hair and smacked him down on the floor, and it seemed as if I had heard his head crack.

“Oh, yes, lets take your intestines out.”

Watching Jacob get beaten like a dog, I suddenly came to my senses.

“…… Lea, youwe not a maid”

Lea quickly shook her hand.

“Im a maid! I was just caught up in some stuff back then.”


“Dubbleds elite knight, for a while······.

Dubbleds elite knights use Aura in battles.

Rumor has it that more than 100,000 people have been mobilized to complete the battle in 15 days.

She meant that Dubbleds finest knight

I swallowed as my mouth went dry and asked.

“Yuni too”


Yuni has a brief history of being in an organization before she entered the castle…….”

Then Yuni made an excuse out of embarrassment.

“I just did a small business in finance!”

If it was a financial business, was it a money lending business

Yuni explained to me as both her hands shook while she was making excuses, and threw the confused Jacob aside.

“But I still have the least bounty among the maids who serve you!”

··· So Dahlia and Linda were also criminals

I realized I was overlooking one thing.

The Dubbleds were overlooking their employees identity and origin.

In other words, criminals may already be mixed up.

‘Oh, this must be why the Dubbleds territory was called the villainous lair.

I nodded blankly.

“I just preached Gods teaching.

There are people in the world who need Gods guidance.”

-said serial killer Dahlia, who had killed about a hundred rapists.

“My family had been poor since I was young, and we had never eaten good food.”

These were the words of Linda, who had embezzled the annual budget of many landlords.

“Dont be disappointed, little miss!”

“Now, were living a life of remorse!”


I nodded with dim eyes.

“Its ok.”

But the maids cried because they thought it was empty words.

‘Its really okay

Technically speaking, I was also a murderer before my return.

Even though it was a false charge.

‘Thats not important now.

Lea came into the room with a stiff face.

“The master is looking for you.”


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