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Cattlea Walston was the prettiest child in the Dubbleds branch families.

She had brilliant blonde hair that resembled her mothers and enchanting blue eyes, which was a symbol of the Dubbled family.

A few days ago, Baron Walston returned to his mansion with a great deal of excitement.

“Opportunity, an opportunity has come!”

The Baroness asked her delighted husband.

“What do you mean by an opportunity”

“The chance for our daughter to be a child of Dubbled!”

“What do you mean Youve already been rejected once, havent you”

It was not uncommon for a branch family to send a child for pedigree education.

Especially if it was a child like Cattlea.

The barons daughter owned exceptional divine power.

Because of that, she received education from the church at an early age.

As long as she continued to grow up like this, the Baron could take the position of a high priest, moreover, if he had the help of Duke Dubbled, he could possibly become a cardinal.

The couple asked the Duke to accept their daughter in order to gain a foothold, but they were refused.

The reason was that their hands were already full taking care of three children.

“The elders said they would give me support.”

“Why all of sudden”

“What do you mean Its because of that child of fate.”

The Baroness frowned.

The mere mention of the child of fate made her upset.

They said that their hands were already full, but they still adopted that child.

Even though it was at the request of the Empress, they were so angry when they thought that a child who had not even reached Cattleas level had secured their daughters place.

“Will the Duke change his mind this time”

“At that time, he had never seen Cattlea properly, so he refused her.

If they leave the position to a child of fate, they will realize how foolish their judgment is.”

The Baroness curled her lips hearing her husbands boast.

Rumors had already spread that the child of fate was given a middle name.

The name of the dukes former duchess.

It was terrible to think that they were being swayed by a commoner child.

But if Cattlea was at the Dubbleds and took her place,

The Baroness could intervene in the Dubbleds affairs under the pretext of helping her daughter.

She is the powerless baroness, so she can reign over the nobles who ignored her before.

The Baroness while stroking Cattleas hair, said

“Can you please his Excellency and those pair of brothers”

At the question, Cattlea smiled brightly.

“When have I ever let you down”

“Thats true.”

The baroness kissed her daughters head.


Cattlea grasped her skirt tightly.

The Duke carried the meat she had put in his plate into Leblaines.

“Eat slowly.”

Leblaine opened her eyes wide as she stared at Cattlea and the duke several times.

When she saw me staring sharply, she picked up the meat again and slipped it to the dukes plate.

“No, Dyuke you eat it.”

But the Duke lifted the meat that LeBlaine had put down with a clean fork.

“This is the first bite of meat that my daughter gave me.”

Cattleas face became distorted.

I gave it to you first….!


Cattlea, who left the castle with the vassals after the dinner, gritted her teeth.

She couldnt stand her anger.

‘What had just happened!

She was a little girl who couldnt even speak properly.

‘I am cuter and smarter, shes just a small girl!

Tears unconsciously pricked her eyes.

“Dont cry.”

Cattlea was startled by the voice she heard next to her.

As she turned her head, an elder, she recognized as her fathers friend, smiled.

“How can a child of Dubbled, cry because of such a small thing”

“Can I really be Dubbleds little miss”

“Of course.”

“But the duke didnt even look at me.”

Cattlea stared at the wide hallway, her father and mother both looked anxious.

“Well, thats because the child of fate happened to help the family several times..”

Only a few knew about it.

Letting him know where the Oriharcon was buried, let him find the second Etwal.

The elder continued,

“Dont worry, we will change his mind.”

Then he bent down to look at Cattlea.

“As long as you trust us, all of us.

And please repay us for this in the future.”

He spoke to her politely, as if she was really the Dubbleds little miss.

Only then did a smile appear on Cattleas face.


Two days later.

I looked at Isaac and Henry, who stood in front of me with my back against the wall.

I just stared at them.



“Im telling you because I dont think you know.”


“I love to eat meat too.”


Henry was only smiling, but I think he wanted to say something too.

Its unfair.

Ive only returned the meat that Cattlea gave to the Duke.

I gave it back because I didnt want to hurt her feelings because of a piece of meat.

Isaac continued,

“If you discriminate against us like this, Ill discriminate against you too.”

I breathed a sigh and searched my pockets.

‘Is there anything I can give to him

I searched through the pouch and found some of the wildflowers I had searched for in the garden yesterday for Lea.

I had bumped into Cattlea after that so I didnt have time to make a bouquet and just kept it in my pocket.

The wildflowers in my pocket were in tatters, but this was all I had.

I took out a bunch of wildflowers for Henry and Isaac.

The brothers opened their eyes wide.

“Are you giving this to us”


As she replied, the two accepted the flowers with trembling hands.

“The kid, for me….”

“Flowers for me….”

“Excuse me, Sir,” said Henrys footman, who suddenly opened the door.

“Everyone has been invited to see Cattlea releasing the barrier of the Dubbleds ancient artifact*.”

*TL note : the real translation of this issleeping mineral which sounds really weird, hence I decided on ancient artifact instead.

‘Do you mean that ancient artifact

Dubbleds heirloom.

It was something sacred and only the chosen one could release it.

The ancestors left the heirloom and said that it would be possible to use it only when the daughter of the main family was born with divine power.

Isaac shouted.

“What do you mean! The Dukes daughter is this little girl, so why would she…..!”

Henrys expression also grew colder.

He asked,

“Where are the vassals“

“Theyre in the reception room.”

Henry and Isaac left the hall immediately.

Cattlea, who was standing between them, smiled at me and the brothers who had just entered the room.

In front of the dukes chair and the vassals was a luxurious box.

At first glance, it was just like a big stone.

‘Is that the ancient artifact

The vassals opened their mouths to the duke, saying,

“The weathermen predicted that a severe drought will come next year.”

Thats true.

Even the imperial family, the nobles, and the church predicted it and prepared, but the drought continued for a long time.

“Isnt this the time we need the power of an ancient artifact”

“It would be of great help if this stone, as the record suggests, can evoke a spirit of water.”

“And Baron Walstons daughter has powerful divine power.

Im sure she can release the barrier.”

Henry, who heard the story, looked back at the duke.

“We cannot let an incident take place because of an artifact owned by our family.”

I nodded inwardly.

“Of course, we are aware of the dangers of them doing this.

It could cause them internal strife.”

Isaac opened his lips.

“Why are you still talking about this nonsense then”

The corners of the elders mouth went up.

“If Cattlea Walston is adopted by the Dubbled family, you will be able to save the people of the land without causing any incident.”

‘This was the whole purpose.

I looked at Cattlea, whose cheeks were flustered.

“Of course.

If the child of fate can release the barrier, would we make this request”


“The child of fate, which owns a minuscule amount of divine power, will not be able to break the barrier.”

The vassals shouted,

“How dare you judge the child of fate!”

“Then, can she do it”


“By the way.”

The gazes of the elders turned towards me, who was standing next to Viscount Dubos.

“Is she really the child of fate”


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