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“Shes the one verified as the child of fate!”

The elder replied without losing their composure.

“How come the amount of divine power she possesses is so small”

“Which of you guys witnessed the child exerting divine power”

“Shes only a child! She cant control that!”

This must have been the second purpose.

To take away all the trust Ive built.

At this moment, the Duke, who laid his tilted head on a fist with his eyes closed, opened his mouth.

“What a joke.”

As he slowly lifted his head an intense gaze came from his blue eyes.

The elder and aristocrats gulped hard.

People who insisted on Cattleas adoption dropped down to their knees at once.

“Everything is for Dubbleds glory.”

“For Dubbleds glory!”

“For Glory!”

Most of the people gathered in the room shouted together.

‘Dont, you idiots!

They seemed to think that the Duke had no other choice.

Im sure the duke wants them dead, but if all of them died now, the church would take me away with the excuse that he is not the right father to raise me.

‘Theres nothing we can do about it.

I shouted, “Wow!” and ran to the big box.

“Is this Bwaines”

As I pretended to be naive, Viscount Dubos panicked and said, “Oh, little miss.”

The Elder replied as he squinted his eyes.

“If you can break the barrier, yes.”

“Then Bwaine will try!”

‘It looks like I can do it.

“It would be dangerous if there was no divine power present in the body to break the barrier.”

Nos and Dubos, even the brothers seemed to think I couldnt do it.

“Leblaine, thats dangerous, let it go.”

“Yes, Ill buy you a better toy!”

‘I know its dangerous.

No, it was clear that I would never be able to.

I felt it as soon as I lifted the artifact.

It was surrounded by a triple barrier, and inside it, I could feel a strange energy.

‘But I may be able to assess what the components are.

It doesnt need strong divine power.

You just have to push in a very small force through the crack.

And figure out what component it is by calculating the quality of the power it contains.

‘All I have to do is make sure this really brings out the Water Spirit inside.

If I can invoke it, I dont have to fight with Cattlea about breaking the barrier.

I carefully breathed divine power into the stone.

It was at that moment.

Gwang, gwang, gwang!!!

The castle shook violently as if an earthquake had erupted at the same time as red light emitted from the stone.

Cracks on walls and ceilings and broken pieces crashed.


All the people were confused.

The duke sprang up.



Henry and Isaac hastily released their magic power.

The mana of the two floated above my head.

But Isaacs mana that blocked the debris of the wall soon scattered with a sharp crack.

“Whats wrong with my power”

After Isaac muttered so,

Suddenly, a voice flowed into my ears.

However, the surrounding area soon turned into a mess.

Black circles were created in the air, and Dubbleds mage with gold-decorated hoods appeared.

A man in the gold-decorated hood hurriedly took off his hat and shouted.

“This enormous divine power….

It must be the attack from the church!”

Then others raised their sticks and said,

“No matter how many thousands of battle priests come, its no use.

Dubbleds mage will annihilate you all!”

“How many thousands are they Tens of thousands!”

‘Ah, someone please make me faint

The mage looked at me with a confused face.

And said, “Why is there… only a child”

I do not know either.

I was just trying to appraise the minerals, but suddenly a voice flowed into my head and my divine power was exerted out strongly.

“Is that the little miss”

The mage who wore the robe reached out to me.

[Where are you-!]

The voice in my head shouted.

And there was an even stronger wave of divine power.


I thought in my head that I need to stop it somehow.

But at that moment.


Cattlea sat down and placed her hands on her mouth.

Blood was dripping through her fingers.

‘What …

The surrounding area became more chaotic.


When the situation came to this point, the mage shouted,


Then, the mages surrounded me and deployed their defense formation

The voice in my head became angrier, and I was awfully scared.

I didnt want to attack people, but I couldnt pull back.

No, rather, whenever my tension and fear grew, my divine power got stronger and stronger.

It seemed to be because of that voice, which looked like it lost its sense of reason.

The attacks continued.

The mages tried to approach me but got pushed back, and eventually, I could see what the mages were doing.

It was a signal to launch an attack.

Just then.


It was the voice of the Duke.

“But to stop it, you have to take that stone away from the baby!”

The bewildered elders said, but the Duke came towards me without a word.

Every step closer, a wave of divinity blocked his way.

It repeated several times.

Waves blocked him, got destroyed and regenerated.

Soon, the stone broke with a sharp rupture, and cracks appeared all over it like it was a piece of glass.

Even though dark red blood flowed down his arm, he kept trying to reach me.

“Its all right.”


“Its all right, Leblaine.”

He put his hand on the back of mine

As soon as I felt his warm touch, the stone, which seemed to have reached its limit, fell to the floor.

And I collapsed into the dukes arms.


After that, I was moved to another room where a doctor came to treat me but found nothing wrong with my body.

‘I myself felt that nothing was wrong with me physically.

I was all right.

When I left the space, the eyes of the vassals looking at me were fearful.


should I do about it

This was not the only problem.

[Little miss, are you alright Huh]

Some voices kept talking in my head.

This voice was the biggest problem.

Whenever I heard that voice, I felt weak all over.

Plus, I got hungry and sleepy.

‘Lets get things straight for now.

Ive never heard this voice in my last three lives.

I also didnt know that my divine power was this strong.

It seems that the voice had strengthened my divine power.

The first time I heard that voice was when I touched the Newt.

‘Thats right.

It was written in the records.

Newts a key to the divine power.

If so, it is understandable that my divine power had suddenly become stronger.

‘Then am I really the child of fate!…..or not.

The condition to be a child of fate was three.

Must be born on February 29.

Must have divine power.

Can read the ancient language.

This is because these three were all required to seal evil spirits.

Mina was a fit for all three and succeeded in sealing the evil spirits.

I knew it best that it was a seal offering.

‘Ill never dream of anything extravagant in this life.

In my first life, I was so young that I didnt know many things, but this time…

‘Huh Come to think of it, how do I keep thinking like an adult for this long What did the voice do

[Little miss, are you all right Huh]

I thought I heard that voice again.

‘Who the hell are you No, who is it

[That cant be said until youre qualified.]

‘How do I qualify then

[I cant tell you.

Only after you are qualified can I answer your questions.

But little miss already knows where it is.

So… Ugh!]

A voice murmured with a small scream.

[Even this is not allowed.

I cant say anything more you.]

The voice said so, but I got a hint with the wordwhere it is.

It must be an object.

There is only one thing that is so special that would be required as qualification.

‘Second Etwal.


[But is your body okay Sweetheart, Is it too hard to answer Alas, if I was there at that time… You will have to qualify for it so that I can…]

‘You know what

Cowardly, the voice answered quickly, [Yes!]

‘Would you please be quiet I think Im gonna have to rest.

Every time the voice spoke I couldnt think like an adult because I was too tired.

I got goosebumps when I imagined myself peeing on the bed again.

‘I need to go find the Etwal quickly before I completely become a kid.

I jumped out of bed.


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