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I left the castle in a carriage.

The Baron and Cattlea had told the church about my divine power, so we headed to a nearby church to test my divine power again.

The Duke didnt want me to go, but Dubos himself had earnestly persuaded him.

“The child has exerted the power that even the elite masters of Dubbled cannot withstand.

There could be an abnormality that the doctor doesnt know about.

She needs to get an accurate diagnosis in the church.”

Of course, it was a persuasion that included not only my worries but also the Dubbled familys worries

If he doesnt let me go, his relationship with the church would become irreparable.

Anyway, when Dubos raised concern about my health, the Duke was forced to let me go.

I was looking out the window with a sullen face.

[Child, you must be in a bad mood.]



‘As Cattlea had said, my divine power has grown this much, so I might be dragged to the central church.

[Do you want me to get rid of the church]

‘Can you even do that!

[If I use all of your divine power, perhaps.]

Its better to die than to go crazy.

If I die, I might at least reincarnate again, but if I lose my mind, I will not be able to die and will be transferred as a tool for the church.

‘No, lets be positive.

The Goddesss Tears are in the church where we are currently headed.

I can secretly steal it for Boone.

Then I wont have to worry about losing all of my divinity and going crazy.

‘I should find the goddesss tears as soon as possible.

By the time I was thinking about that the carriage had come to a stop.

I looked out to see if I had arrived, but it was still mountains.

“Sorry, little miss.

Weve got a problem with the wheels.”

Then the faces of the guards inside the carriage became horribly distorted.

“Did you start off without properly repairing the carriage”

“It-, it rained yesterday and the road was muddy, so mud got stuck to the wheels.”

The horsemans face became pitifully pale.

“Its owkay.”

It would take a long time to climb the mountain anyway, so I calmed them down under the excuse that I wanted to rest a little.

As I went outside, countless knights stood up at the same time.

A great number of people took the same step for every step I took, and when I stopped, they stopped together.

I looked at them.

“I will be somwhewe neaw hewe.

Everybody rest.” (I will be somewhere near here.

Everybody rest.)

In case I am caught stealing away the goddesss tears, I should find an escape route.

“I dont think thats possible, little miss.”

I turned around and shouted.

“Its possible!”

“Ah, yes, little miss.”

“But little miss, youre worth a lot.”


Before I could say anything, the escorts were already standing next to me.

“How can a woman protect you completely”

I tilted my head.

“Awe they stwonger than you, Lea” (Are they stronger than you, Lea)

“Of course…..”

“You awe from Irie* too.”

*TL note: Dubbleds elite knight.


Their eyes widened from shock as if they didnt know that she was also from Irie.


When we finally arrived, the churchs mountains were as green as the garden of Dubbled, even though it was winter.

‘It looks like theyre keeping the temperature with spinel.

This place must be getting a lot of donations.

I looked around as I walked.

It was a little dim because the sun was covered by clouds, but it wasnt particularly difficult to look around.

Lea walked on the right side so that she wouldnt disturb me in the way.

That was when I found a tree with exceptionally pretty leaves.

My eyes went wide.

‘Awesome! Its an Elsa tree!

That was a really precious tree.

Since it was a tree that grew by consuming divine power, its leaves had mysterious effects.

‘If I dry the leaves and sell them, I can sell it for 50 francs per gram!

I screamed silently and ran towards the brilliant Elsa tree.

When I grabbed the tree trunk and raised my hands to pluck leaves, I heard the grass rustling.

Suddenly, the clouds cleared and the sun came out.

As the surrounding area brightened, a blond boy with a beautiful appearance appeared.

“You are….”

Brilliantly shining blonde hair, and vivid ruby ​​red eyes.

He looked really familiar.

I knew this beautiful-looking boy who could rival the Dubbleds.

He was able to stand shoulder to shoulder with Dubbleds three sons.

His beautiful appearance, great physical abilities, mana, and even family pedigree were first in the country—

‘Adrian Louerg.

‘Is it possible to meet the prince while walking……

I silently gulped.

My heart was pounding so hard that it was about to burst out of my body.

I wouldnt have been so surprised if it had been another prince.

But it was Adrian.

And he shouldnt be here right now.

‘He was going to be deposed of this winter and kicked out of the palace!

It certainly happened at this time of year.

The Marquis Chatele, the maternal grandfather of Adrian and the father of the late empress, revolted against his grandson to bring him to the throne.

But it fails and the Marquis dies, so Adrian is deposed.

And only at 15, he was reinstated as the youngest cardinal.

‘The future has changed…

But why

There is only one thing that could change the future…

‘When I did something different…

But what could I have done to Adrian that changed the future

Why didnt the Marquis Chatele start his revolt

Why was he here

While I was standing there confused, something hit my nose.

When I looked up, I saw two small fish made of water floating in the air.

[That boys power is amazing.

He gives consciousness to things that are created by divine force.]

I heard Boones words and thanked him.

He really was powerful.

Therefore, at 15, he was appointed as a cardinal even though he was a deposed prince.

“Amy, Amand.

Come back here.”

At Adrians words, the little fish went right back, but the big fish kept looking back at me and went back with its tail drooping.

It seemed as if it didnt want to go back.

‘Its like a puppy… and not a fish.

As I was thinking so, our gazes met.

“Who is it How did you get into my barrier”


“How are you able to see the Elsa tree”

Did he make it invisible by using a barrier

‘But why was I able to see it

[I made it visible!]

But even so, wouldnt it have been impossible to get into the barrier

[I thought you wanted to go to the tree, so I broke through it!]

Said Boone cheerfully.

‘You cant do whatever you want!

Unless an opponent attacked someone, it was very, very rude to break through a barrier.

This is because a barrier was not for offensive use.

I mean, its like hitting someone while standing still.

Adrian was generally nice to people, but he was not an easy man.

Some aspects of him were eerily cold.

Especially for those who attack him.

He was a thorough type of man who would never even let a speck of dust go.

“I asked you, who are you”

Heres the problem.

My actions seemed to be slapping a child who would become a cardinal soon.

So what should I do

“My name is Isyac!” (My name is Isaac!)

I smiled brightly.



“Only authorized personnel can enter this mountain, how did you get in”

“Uh, um, ···· I, Im a sewvant of the Dubbleds.”

He stared at me.

I must have looked so young that he couldnt believe it.

[That guy…..Hes checking your mana.


He was checking it because I said something unbelievable.

And it wasnt particularly rude to check only the amount of Mana.

Boone became quiet.

Anyway, Adrian seemed to have confirmed the amount of my mana and believed me.

It was because incidents often occur where a child with mana stole it from another person and used it as a tool for entering the church.

Besides, it would have been more convincing because my clothes were really plain like servants.

“Did they put servants in to serve the child of fate”

Adrian looked at me and murmured,

“Yes, this trip must be hard for you…Go back.”

“…Can I just gwo” (Can I just go)

Even though I broke the barrier

Even an adult would have their brows squeezed in a fiery rage.

“Because it was an accident.”

Adrian was young enough to say that.

Hes four years older than me, so hes probably eight-years-old right now.

Of course, its New Years Day in about 15 days, so one could count it as nine.

‘Lets get out of here.


I tried to go back, but the barrier hit me!


‘Boone! If you let me in, you should let me out too!

[Child…I cant always act as I want to.]

Boone who didnt notice said softly.



A thin beam of light floated up in Adrians hand with a small vibration.

And soon there was a small door on the barrier.

I glanced back and said, “This too, thwank you.”


I waved my hands as if nothing was wrong and left the barrier.

In the distance, I heard Lea voice,

“Where are you, little miss”

She was looking for me.

I wasnt aware of the change that happened at the time because I was distracted running towards her.


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