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Chapter 47


Romans gaze looking at the chairman was not nice.

‘What the hell is he thinking

Today he heard that the child of fate and him walked together in the castle with quite a friendly atmosphere.

The chairman, who walked with the child of fate, was rarely comfortable, but he does look so there.

‘It doesnt make sense.

That is Jean Marc Noanoke.

He was too cold even for his only son.

Some even argued that his son, Louis Noanoke, might actually committed suicide.

The child of fate could not have made him feel comfortable.

‘Is he thinking of doing something to the child of fate

Roman hopes went up.

Then it was a good thing.

He was eager for a rift between the chairman and the Duke of Dubbled.

In his early days, the Senate was a powerful force within Dubbled.

Before his sons death, the chairman came forward and sought the Senates interests.

However, after his son died and Theodore Dubbled took over the Dukedom, the chairman behaved like a toothless tiger.

It was not that he had no interest in the Senates gains, but he did not want to come forward and keep Theodore in check while regaining his former glory.


At Romans call, the chairman looked at him with a dry look.

“If youre willing to take this opportunity, Ill help you from the back.”

“Cut to the chase, say it.”

When asked what he was talking about, Roman smiled, thinking,

‘You didnt know.

“Will Spinel be used only in the fight against Kruger Defences with Spinel in certain battles are essential to the military.

The Dukes military might be weakened if the church doesnt hand out the Dubbled Spinel.”


“Didnt you have a connection in the church”


“If you bring Spinel without knowing it, our forces will laugh at the power of the Duke.”

“Do you mean to wage a civil war”

Roman shrugged his shoulders with a limp face.

“It means that the Senate needs to have the power to resist the Dukes madness.

When the chairman was silent, Roman came close to him.

“Until when should we be subjected to the Duke”

“Its true that I have connection in the church, but they cant help us easily.”

“You have the child of fate.”

Roman smiled and looked out of the window at the castle Dubbled.

“Shes also been reassessed, so the Vatican will somehow want to bring the child back.

Theres nothing they cant do if youre using her to trade.”

Roman spoke excitedly.

“This is what I think.

Kidnap the girl, put her in slavery, and talked to the church.

If the church regains the child, the duke who neglects the care of the child will be taken away, and the church will secure the child–“

It was then.

Knock, knock.

the butler came in.

“Master, I have a letter from the castle.”

“Is it the duke”

“The seal of the letter is not the Dukes seal.”

Its not the dukes seal, but a letter came from the castle.

The narrow-eyed chairman received the letter from the butler with much suspicion.

Yet, what he saw when he opened the envelope was a crooked childs handwriting.

[We invite Jean Marc Noanoke to Leblaines first tea party.

The cookie crumbs look like dirt, but they are not a dirt.

Please come yourself.]

The chairmans eyes trembled when he saw letter with no date or place written on it.

“Father, the crumbs of a cookie look like dirt.

But why arent they like dirt”

How did she.

How does a child of fate know what his dead son said in his childhood


But the chairman rose silently, putting letters into his jacket.

“Prepare the carriage!”

Roman himself looked puzzled at the chairman as he hurried out.


I kissed the maid Yuni ten times.

It was the price for delivering my invitation to the chairman in secret.

“Please do it here, too.”

“Just ten kisses.”

“Give me the interest!”

The interest is taken care of wonderfully because a certain someone is a former loan shark.

I kissed Yuni on the opposite cheek.



She hugged me with a happy face, and left the room.

‘Now then, all we have to do is wait.

I waited for him at the gazebo in the corner of the garden for easy conversation when the chairman came.

And when the sun was all set, the chairman came to me.

He was gasping for breath, he was looking for me perhaps for a long time.

“How, how did you know the story”

Without greeting, he said to the point.

His voice seemed to be in great impatience.

I jumped off the gazebo chair and looked up at the chairman.

“Im gwoing to ask you befowe that.”


“Gwanpa, how much do you miss youw son” (Grandpa, how much do you miss your son)

“If you cwould see Louis again, would you want to pay any price”

He looked at me with a stiff face and said,

“Ill sell my soul.”

‘All right, I waited for the words.

I grab the Etwal a little.

The chairman frowned at me.

“Now answer my question.

How the hell do you know that story–!”

“You cant yell at the child…”

A slightly timid voice was heard behind the pavilion.

The chairmans pupils dilated, and soon his eyes gazed at me.

As if he couldnt believe it.

He turned his head slowly.


Louis Noanoke smiled weakly at his pale father.

The chairman just stared at his son without saying a word to him.

“What did you do Was it the duke or someone else who told you to mock me”

His eyes were still shaking as he spoke with incredible coldness.

Louis bite his lips as if he was trying to hold back tears, he looked at his father again.

“I asked you to eat pancakes together first, and Im sorry I couldnt keep the promise.”

The chairmans face turned sour when a story only he and Louis knew came out of his mouth.

The chairmans shoulders, which had always been overwhelmingly broad, have shrunk, and wrinkles have grown all over his face.

It was not the image of a powerful man in charge of the Senate.

It was an old and lonely father who lost his son.


I pulled on Louis sleeve, which couldnt say a word.

“Say swomething.



“Its vewy hard to keep youw soul.

Its going to be gone soon!”

She had already lost all her strength after Boone went away, and she was forced to maintain his soul for the chairman who missed his son so much.

As Louis approached carefully, the chairman gritted his teeth.

“…you ugly.”

‘Oh No, this isnt it!

I opened my eyes wide with astonishment, and the chairman punched Louiss shoulders and chest.

“You ugly son! You ugly son…!”


“Youve been so mean all your life that youve let me down! You ugly bastard! Why did you leave me behind first!”

The chairmans face got wet.

Louis couldnt say a word and just stood there.

The chairman, who groaned as if he was dying of grief, soon collapsed on the floor.

“Did…you kill yourself”


“Is it true that, as people say, you have not found the landfill, so you have committed suicide in fear of me”

Louis bent his knees and stared at his father.

“Ive always been so mean, so I wanted to give you a spinel for fathers birthday.”


“It was an accident.

I was afraid you, but I had more respect, gratitude, and love for you more than fear.”

The chairman cried like a child.

Until Louis disappears.


I glanced at the chairman sitting on the gazebo without any strength.

‘What should I say in this situation

As she was in agony over it, the chairmans voice came.

“What are you little miss”


“Im sure youre not an average kid.”

His dry eyes looked at me.

I didnt avoid his eyes.

“What do I say to mwake the chaiwman believe in me.” (What do I sat to make the chairman believe in me)

“I meant it when I said Id give my soul.”

‘I know.

His eyes were sincere.

Thats why she took a risk and showed Louis to the chairman.

‘No one will believe him, even if he say it anyway.

Above all, Louis left and emphasized to him.

“If you do any harm to the little miss, my soul will not find rest.”

Even though he looked completely different from the chairman, it was his son.

His threatening tricks resembled the chairman.

Louis threatened with his own life, not with others, like the chairman.

He must have been very grateful to me for letting him see his father again.

He is a good man who can repay kindness.

I glanced at him thinking so.

‘More than anything, I need the chairmans help.

Theres no way I, a child, can carry the spinel.

In addition, the chairman is the right person to help me.

A man who is appropriately materialistic, puts personal interests before his family or country, above all else, who will not be harmed when I defect.

‘Still, just in case.


“Twake off your jacket.”


“Let out your pants pwocket.”


I confirmed that there were no magic and no divine tools.

Only then did I begin to talk.

“I go back three times.

And in this life I cwan call out the devil,” (I go back three times and in this life I can call out the devil.)

the chairmans expression was struck with astonishment.


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