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Chapter 49


Roman look at the child lying on the circular platform and smoothed his grey beard.

“Good work.”

At Romans words, a person in a black robe behind him bow down.

Viscount Romans lieutenant looked at the child, his master, and the mage alternately with a terrified face.

“Is this okay To kidnap the child of fate…!”

“Its to send her back where she came from.

Its not kidnapping.”

“But if his excellency finds out….”

“Hes busy with the spinel problem.”


A rusty hinge was heard and someone came in.


Roman ran to him with face full of relief.

“Why did you call me here…”

The chairman looked at LeBlaine, who was lying on the podium, unable to finish his words.

His face has hardened.

“What is this!”

“This is proof of my loyalty to you.”

There is no proof like this.

He dared to kidnap a child of fate inside the Duke of Dubbleds home.

“Now Im done if I just hand her over to a slave trading.

Oh, dont worry.

I predicted that this would happen in the future and recruited the magicians of the castle…”

“Cwazy guy.”

Roman, who was speaking with a proud face, stopped.

Turning her head, Leblaine stood up and sat on the round table.

“Awe you stupid Do ywo underestwimate the dyuke”


Romans face went pale.

“How dare you say such a thing…!”

He went up to Leblaine and raised his hand.

But he couldnt hit her cheeks and his wrist was held.

It was the chairman.

“What are you doing to my lord”


What do you mean my lord

As soon as Roman asked back, outside the door, there are sounds of something exploding.

Frustrated, Romans assistand shouted to the mage, the mage tried to make a fast decision, but when they tried to make the barrier, they failed.

It was the aftereffect of casting a spell on Leblaine.

The Duke himself made several layers of magic barrier after Leblaine was nearly attacked.

Protective magic, tracking magic, and many more.

Those who cast magic on Leblaine will be destroyed.

Roman realized that things were going downwards.

“Wha, what….how…”

Leblaine, who came down from the podium, looked at Roman and said to the chairman,

“Cwose the door.” (Close the door.)


“The dyuke will kill you when he came.”

Under Leblaines order, the chairman closes the door.


I looked at Viscount Roman, lieutenant, and the mage, who was lying on the floor.

The chairman looked around blankly at them.

“Are you really the child of fate”


When I answered casually and unfolded the crumpled skirt with my hands, the chairman gulped.

“I cant believe it.

I cant believe it…to have this power on a four-year-old body….”

“Its not lwike that.”

I often saw how powerful the Pope and Mina were before my return.

How powerful is the power of the two brothers in this life

‘And the duke had tremendous power.

The goose bumps came up when I remembered the duke approaching after breaking Boones barriers when my divine power ran wild.

Boone owns a really a tremendous force.

Then, the door flew away

It was the duke.

Then came Henry, Isaac, mages, with the soldiers.

“Who is the jerk that took-”

The shouting Isaac opened his eyes wide.


People looked puzzled as if they hadnt predicted the situation.

Henry frowned and looked towards them.

“Whats going on”

His gaze reached the chairman.

The chairman glanced at me, and soon the eyes of the Dubbleds people are on me.

“So, twis….”

I pointed at the chairman.

“The gwanpa saves me!”

“He saved you”

Henrys eyes were filled with doubts.

The same was true of Isaac, the Duke and the soldiers.

Viscount Roman who fell down is an elder.

Thats why the chairman of the Senate, defeated him and saved me.

The chairman and the Duke must have been awfully curious about me, even had a terrible relationship.

“Bad uncwels have bullied bwaine! He punishwed the uncwels.

Twank you gwanpa!”

I purposely spoke childishly and stepped on the chairmans shoes.

The chairman glanced at me and nodded

With the support of the chairman, I ran to the duke, hung on his leg and had a tearful look on my face.

“Im afwaid.”

Henry and Isaac ran to me quickly.


Im sorry.

I shouldve come earlier.”

“Ill kill all those bastards!”

They were already dying, but I nodded loudly, “Yes.”

But the Duke didnt react like the brothers did.

He hugged me.

‘If this already happens, I must do this.

I clung to his neck.

“Dad…I want to go hwome.”

Only then did the Duke turn to me.

I had the most pitiful look on my face.


Lets go back.”

The Duke held me in his arms and laid my back on him.

I buried my face in his neck.

‘I feel so relieved for some reason.

He seems to be a little surprised.

The Duke turned away without a word.

I secretly said to the chairman, “Dwont.


Yow mouth.”

The chairman nodded.

That night, they displayed their abilities

The brothers, who had gone unknowingly to slit the neck of Roman, trudged back home too.

The three who witnessed my strength left the world side by side.


A few days later, I met the chairman in the greenhouse.

‘A scary person.

I squinted at the chairman.

“I dwidnt ask you to kwill them (I didnt ask you to kill them.)”

“Viscount Roman does all kinds of bad deeds.

The mages also kidnap an eldery and experimented on human beings.”

“·······well they desweved to die.”

I drink an orange juice with a straw and asked.

“What about the Spinel”

When asked, the chairman placed a small box on the table.

“As you said, I was able to mine spinel in three days.”

“How many days will you be able to meet the required quantity for the Krueger War”

“Half a month is enough.”

I asked the chairman for a few more things.

To give a status to Seria and some clever workers.

“And twen, immediately mwove the spinel mined this time to the place I told you.”

“What would you do with it”

“Sir, 20 percent of Spinel is from the metamorphosis.”

“I am the chairman of the Dubbleds Senate, the empire number one.

Im not short of wealth.”


“You must know better what I want.”


I pouted my lips.

“Do you know how many aristocrats want me The ancestor was impatient to take my oath of loyalty.”


“Who knew Id run errands to be accepted by such a small child in my later years…”

Thats why the chairman looked dejected.

I gave him a pat on the shoulder.


Now the chaiwman is mine.

Is that enough”

That made the chairman look even more sullen.

“Im even touched by such words.”

Others are very scared of him, and I was a little scared of him too at first, but now I see him as a cute grandfather.

“Lets gwo.”


I laughed and said,

“To screw the chwuch.”

Then I headed to the Dukes office.

A group of vassals, including Dubos, were discussing the issue of Spinel.

“Little miss, are you here”

I used to go in and out of the room easily even when the Duke was in a meeting.

When I was greeted and approached the desk, he sat me on his lap.

“If this happens, we have no choice but to give up fighting.”


“The imperial family will have no choice but to understand.”

Then I saw the spinel rolling in the hand of the duke and shouted, “Its a stwone!”

Even though it was a serious atmosphere, Nos smiled and told me.

“Its name is Spinel not a stone.

Its a precious mineral.”

“Its a stwone.”


“Thewe awe so many.”

Then the vassals took notice of me at once.


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