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After the bread incident, peaceful days went on.

The only thing that happened was when Lea found out that she had forgotten to give seven candies that the Duke had given her.

But today is different.

I had to wear a dress at the hands of the maids since morning.It was a childs dress that spread widely from the chest.

On top of that, I wore lace socks that came up to my calf, shoes with a smooth base, and even tied the top of my head with a ribbon.

“Come on, lets see how comfortable it is.Try walking, little miss.”

As I waded hard, the maids clasped their chests and shouted, “Whoa!”

Dubbledes employee was not as bad as Val Luas, but they put me on edge.

However, in order for me to live comfortably as a child, the employees hospitality is essential.

As soon as I got here, I attacked the maids first.

“Lwindas hwere! (Lindas here!)”

“Oho, you saw me last night.

are you that happy to see me”

“Its a secwet…..lingda is my fawvorite.

(Its a secret…… Linda is my favorite.)”

First of all, Ill conquer the strong-lipped maid.

“Hwere, Ill gwive you a cwandy.(Here.

Ill give you a candy.)”

“Why do you only give me this candy”

“Its a swcwet…..becwase i like Dawlia the most.

(Its a secret…… because I like Dalia the most.)”

Ive got the person in charge of the snacks heart.

“If Ywuni is swick, Im sad….(If Yuni is sick, Im sad……)”

“Oh my…”

“Its a swecret…..Yuni is my fawvorite.

(Its a secret…… Yuni is my favorite.)”

Ive captured the person in charge of my daily records.

‘Now, even if Im hated by my family like Val Luas time, the maids would secretly feed me.

When I saw the maids who think i was so cute, I was proud to think of all the hardships.

‘But why did I dress up like this today

So I asked Lea, who was smiling affectionately.

“Me gwoing where (Where am i going)”

“You will attend todays meeting.

Master said he would introduce you to the vassals.”


I saw some of them , but they were not formally introduced.

Because I didnt have to introduce myself if they were going to send me back soon.


‘You must be trying to keep me here for quite a while!

I followed the maid with a shout of joy in my heart.

But there were people in the hallway who wore clothes i had never seen before.

Lea answered me when I looked curious.

“Theyre children to be sponsored.”

Aha, there must be a sponsored child selection on the agenda for todays meeting.

There was a support system in the aristocracy.

It is to cultivate gifted children from an early age and then develop them into the talent that the family wants.

‘Whos going to be sponsored this time

If youre sponsored by a noble family like Dubblede, you must be a famous child prodigy.

When I entered the conference room, I could see the vassals surrounding someone.

Hes pretty big to be called a child.

At first glance, he looked like an adolescent boy.

The boy was buried among the adults and could not be seen in detail, but his voice was clear.

“Hello, Mr.

Dubos, Mr.

Martin, Baron Lux, and…..”

The vassals grinned as if they were pleased with the polite little boy who had memorized so many peoples names one after another.

“Little Jude is becoming more intelligent day by day.”

“My father told me that I have to study hard to become an adult, just like Mr.


Dubos laughed and tapped him on the shoulder.

Then, One of the vassals notices me.

When I told them about the story of the Imperial Palace and the Order, there were some vassals here with their faces raised.

‘Im going to show it to you.


As I greeted the maids by holding on to the hem of the dress, they laughed with a grin.

“Oh my, you learned how to say hello.”

When some vassals approached me, I began to see the face of the child who had been hidden.

I stiffened when I checked the childs face.

‘Marco Jude.

I know that kid, very, very well.

Because he was one of the worst people Ive ever met!

When I lived as the child of Duke Val Lua, I attended an academy for a while.

Back then, Marco was my dedicated professor.

He was a young man motivated by his superiors and a good professor who spoke with his students.

But to me….

‘There was a lot of flirting.

He was aiming for the position as the son-in-law of Duke Val Lua.

He patted my shoulders grossly.

He also hugged me without my consent, I couldnt stand it when he tried to kiss me, so I filed a complaint with the school.

But they drove me away as an assailant.

“If this guy seduced you and offended you all the time, why didnt you file a complaint from the beginning”

“If you didnt like it so much, why didnt you scream.”

‘Because I was scared, so I couldnt even scream.

“Then why now…I guess you didnt like it when you thought about it.

Are you that kind of woman who counts a mans identity and property”

My protest didnt work.

He was commuted for only six months for touching a student, and I left the academy under criticism for being promiscuous.

After that, they said, I was a disgrace to my family.

Just thinking about that time, I wanted to squeeze Marcos head.

Hes still a kid.

But hes the scumbag of the future! Im still doing revenge.

‘Lets calm down.

If you have an accident like that for no reason, adoptions out of the question.

Then, the Duke of Dubblede came into the room.

Marco and the vassals bowed deeply, and the Duke sat down.

The first order of the meeting was to review the sponsor candidantes

Sitting at the back of the table, Marco went up to the podium.

“Ho, youre already solving that level of math problems”

“Yes! You have to be familiar with numbers to enter Board of audit and inspection.

But math itself is fun.

I made some formulas with my teacher…….”


It was ridiculous for me to know his future.

Far from joining the Board of Audit and Inspection, Marco Jude joined the faculty of the marginal academy.

So he was a fool who boasted to me that he had such a great network.

His father Baron Jude laughed proudly.

Judging from the friendly atmosphere, the selection of the sponsored child seemed to be carried out according to the wishes of Baron Jude and his wife.

After the Q&A session, Marco returned to the seat next to me.

He looked down at me and whispered.

“You see, kid Youll never beat me.”


I looked at him because I was dumbfounded.

Hes keeping a four-year-old in check….

Marco Jude seemed to think that I came to the meeting because of the sponsorship screening.

His face is full of excitement because he wants to crush his rival.

He looked reminiscent of when he was a professor at an academic institute.

‘Well, maybe you think the Duke of Dubblede has left me alone so far, so Im going to end up with what he wants after not adopting.

He continued with a grin.

“You, they said you were a poor kid”


“I heard the Empress dumped you in the the trash can called Dubblede.

Its the same as being a trash.”

Marco, who said so, went laughing, and I clenched my fist.

I was dumb in my previous life.

I didnt know anything, and being thrown away alone was scary.

There have been many times when I bowed down without being able to say a word like this.

But Im not the one whos dying three times, now im living my fourth life.

And I really bit Marcos arm.


While he was lying on his stomach with his arms clenched, I quickly clenched my fist and punched him! Puck!

“Aah! Aah!”

As the scream rang out, more people or employees guarding the hall rushed in amazement.

People immediately tried to tear me away from Marco, but I pulled out a bunch of his hair before I fell off.

“What are you doing!”

the vassals frowned at me and Marco.

“That little thing that made me…… me, all of a sudden…!”

On the other hand, I calmly straightened my index finger at Marco.

“Cwome on, Bwad boy! (Come on, bad boy!)”


“He swaid duke dubbwelde is a twash!.

(He said duke dubblede is a trash!.)”

When I was a beggar, i learned something.

The one who throws the first punch wins.

The calm one wins the argument.

Of course, it was gruesome to make a fuss before the dukes eyes, but it was better than looking like a fool who was just being beaten.

But it was strange.

Why its so quiet around here


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