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Chapter 50


“Is there many of them”

“My owlder sister who lwived near the nursery showed me that there are a lot of these things.”

“Really Are you sure its Spinel!”

“It looks like it…”

The vassals glanced at each other at my words.

Viscount Dubos came close to me and asked.

“Who is the owner Where is it”

“Sister Sese!” I shouted and gave them a description of the place vaguely.


Viscount Dubos sent an administrator to the place that Leblaine had told him.

And three days later, the administrator really brought a box full of spinel.

“Is there really a spinel landfill owner we didnt know…”

Viscount Dubos was shocked, and the vassals asked the administrators.

“How did that happen”

“The woman named Sesera is smart.

It seems that the commoner knew that if it was known that she owns a spinel landfill, it would be taken away.”

“Thats why she didnt release the Spinel on the market”

“It took her time to get ready to set up the store.”

The peoples face brightened.

“This eliminates the need to lean on the church.

Ill call in the messenger who is negotiating.”

The Duke, who was tapping the handle of the chair, opened his mouth.


Dont let the church know that we had spinel.”

“Why is that…”

“Nos, buy the whole of Spinel as soon as the owner sells it.”

“Is it necessary to stock up that much”

“Its not to stock up.

It will be distributed at a bargain price on the market.”

The people were smiling but Henry was deep in thoughts.

“Youre trying to lower the value of Spinel.”

If the spinel is supplied too much on the market, the price will inevitably fall.

If the value of Spinel, a source of funding for the church, was reduced, the church would naturally face a direct hit.

The vassals, who understand the Dukes intentions, asked in a worried voice.

“Its going to have an effect on us, too.” Henry replied,

“The church wont last long.

Theyll be forced to sell the worthless Spinel mine.”

Then Spinel will eventually become monopolized.

Raising the price was enough.

“But it would cost us a fortune to buy all those spinels and sell them back at a bargain price.

Will we be able to hold on,…”

Isaac, who sat loosely beside Henry with his eyes closed said.

“Are you an idiot”


“Do you forget who we are”

In addition to being the villains lair, there were other nicknames for Dubbled.

It is Westerns gold.

They have unrelenting financial strength.

In money games, Dubbled always had a winning percentage of 100 percent.

The vassals bowed their heads at once.

The meeting finished and the vassals who came out said.

“Isnt the little miss full of luck”

“Yes, without her, we would have been fooled around by the church.”

“She has saved the Dubbleds more than once.

Like a goddess of luck.”

Each of the vassals fell into their own thoughts.

‘Is she also an angel

‘Dubbleds little fairy….


At that time, Leblaine was unaware of her increased in followers.


I woke up after taking a nap for quite a long time.

A few days ago, I used the divine power alone for the first time without Boone because of Roman.

I had wasted much more divine power than planned.

‘Since then, I nearly became a complete child because of it, so Im not feeling well.

I stretched out and came down from the bed.

“Im hungwy, I want to eat byead.” (Im hungry.

I want to eat bread…)

I was surprised because I unconsciously suck my finger.

‘I think this time is serious, I used up too much power.

Compared to when I try to maintain Boone.

Her mind was returning to a child due to her using too much divine power.

Suddenly, I felt like I wanted to cry.

There was no one in the room, so it was scary.


When I was crying, the maids came into the room.

“Oh my, little miss.

Whats the matter”

Surprised at the sight of my tears, the maids quickly came to me.

“Alone scawed….” (Alone scared…)

The maids were restless and soothed me.

“Come on, little miss, dont cry.

We have good news.”

“Good news”

When asked, the maids exchanged glances with each other and grinned.

“Your room is complete!”

Its finally finished.

I was staying in the guest room the Duke had given me when I first came to Dubbleds Castle.

Immediately after I was adopted, I had to have my room in the west building, but it was delayed to install safety devices.

‘My room….

For some reason, my heart was pounding and I cried.

Only having my own room, decorated for me, is the first time since my first life.

‘Even in my first life, it wasnt my own room.

They give me an empty room and only give me a new desk and a bed.

The maids showed me into the room.

‘Were in the west building.

I walked with the maids, looking around the West Wing.

“Here you go.”

I opened the door and took a deep breath.

A large window and a beautiful wall.

All the furniture in the room is white, and the corners were decorated with beautiful gold frames.

The sofa is a lovely peach coloured.

On the tables and on the bookshelf lay a sweet-scented candle.

It is so enormous that it cannot be compared to the guest room that I have been staying so far.

“This is the parlor.

Thats the door to your personal library where little miss can read or study.”

“Theres a bedroom on the right side.

Theres a bathroom and a dress room.”

“In the dress room, weve got a new dress, new accesories, and more.”

“There is also a big, wide bathtub in the bathroom, and….”

I had stiffened up while the maids explained the structure of the room.

“Little miss”

The maids looked at me in wonder.

“Dont you like it”

I couldnt say a word, I was restless.

The Duke of Amity let me stay in the pretty Minas room before handing me over as a ritual offering.

The Duke of Vallua also let me rest in such a pretty room before the abuse.

“Its time to fulfill your mission, LeBlaine.”

“You have to pay the price for enjoying the things I give.”

The voices of Duke Amity and Duke Vallua came to mind.

I curled up in the corner of the room and begged

“Its my fault.

Im wrong.

Please kill me, Im sorry.” I desperately begged for it.

Then, familiar people came in from outside the door.

The employees flooded to both sides like the Red Sea, and the brothers, who had walked through it, looked at me.

“Whats with the noise.”

Isaac looked around my room and continued to talk.

“Its near my room.

Hey, kid.

You cant just come by at night and say youre scared.”

Then he said, “Come only three times a week.

Do you understand” and coughed vainly.


“What, why arent you answering Oh, I got it.

You can come four times a week.

Is it enough”


“What is it Whats wrong with you”

Isaac looked back at the maids as if he was wondering what was going on.

But the maids shook their heads as if they didnt know anything.

Henry asked,

“Whats wrong”

“Thwis is not Blaines room.”

“This is your room, Leblaine.”

“Well, but this is princesss room!”

Henry asked back, “Pardon”

Isaac said “What are you saying”

“The room is too big and too pwetty…”

“What are you saying Hey, kid.

The bigger and prettier, the better! And your room so far has always been spacious and nice.”

“Thats a gwuest room.

The guest room is nwice! But Blaines room is narrow and dark.

So its not my room.

Its big and its not my room!”

Stop talking about the former Leblaine! But my thoughts are not cooperating, I kept getting scared.

If you give me a nice room like the Duke of Amity and the Duke of Vallua at first, It might be taken away again later.

What if it hurts like that again

What if I repeat that again

Its really, really painful when I think about it.

It was a pain that felt like my whole body was splitting up and then sticking together again.

I looked at brothers with a frightened face.

Their eyes were trembling.


Henry stared blankly at LeBlaine.

Then when tears began to gather in her eyes, she came to her senses.

“You dont have to stay in a narrow dark room now.”


“This is your room, and this castle is your home.”

Henry wiped LeBlaines wet eyes with his sleeves.

“So please dont cry.

It breaks my heart.”

He patted my head very carefully.

When LeBlaine calmed down, Henry said to the servants,

“For now, keep her in the guest room.”

“Yes, Master.”

Just in time, Lea came and to see the child and saying, “Oh my God, little miss!”

Henry turned around as he watched Lea took Leblaine away.

But Isaac is standing with the same posture as when Leblaine began to cry.

“What, dont get in the way, get lost.”

said Henry, narrowing his brows.

Isaac looked at his brother, discouraged like a dog with its ears and tail hanging down.

“Brother, what room did LeBlaine used to live in”

Born as the youngest of the Dubbleds brother, he couldnt easily think of a narrow, dirty room.

It was the same with Henry.

“Theres a record of Leblaine being sent by the Empress to the Administrators Office.

Its going to say where she grew up.”

“Lets go.”



The brothers immediately headed to the administration office where Nos was located.

When the brothers, who had come in out of nowhere, asked for the record of Leblaine, they were all perplexed.

“Do you have the data from the nursery Same thing about the room.”

“Yes, I checked the other day, and here it is.”

Isaac looked into the picture given by the administrator and narrowed his eyes.

“No, the room where the kid used to stay.

Not the barn.”

“Thats her room.”



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