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“The nursery school where the little miss stayed is inferior to other nursery.

It is said that 6 or 7 children slept together in that room.”

Isaac was very shocked.

Six or seven kids slept in less than a half of his dressing room

‘Is that hell

Leblaine was selected as the fated child in the middle of this year and was finally moved to the imperial court in fall.

Until this year, she lived in such a place.

Looking at it, Leblaine had an unpleasant story from the beginning.

There was a little greed for toys and things children likes.

She grew up in a place like that, so she didnt know how to wish.

Isaacs face was somber as he left the administrators office, and Henrys eyes were moist.

“At first, I asked the kid how could she eat carrots…”


“She grew up in a place where she had to starve if she didnt eat carrots.”

By Isaacs melancholy murmur, Henry was also regretting.

“Are you mistaken that you can be a family to us Dont laugh.

Wheres the person who really considers an orphan without a drop of blood as a family”

Why would he say that

His heart ached when he remembered LeBlaine, who blinked blankly when she heard that.

“Im going to let the kid know that its okay to have toys and stay in a nice room.”


The two clenched their fists.


After having a hearty meal, I slept for another 20 hours and came to my senses.

And as soon as I came to my senses, I grab my head.

‘Im crazy!

“Thats a gwuest room.

The guest room is nwice! But Bwaines room is narrow and dark.

So its not my room.

Its big and its not my room!”

I was so embarrassed to think of that day when I was talking in tears.

“Come on, little miss, have some more.

I brought it.”

I rolled her eyes at Yuni, who spoke with a determined expression while sticking out a donut.

“I dwont want to eat now.”

“This is for you! You can ask for a big, pretty room, and a delicious snack anytime.”

Then Yuni burst to tears.

‘No, its not like that, I ate too much…

No matter how much I eat, I cant eat five pancakes and more donuts.

Because of yesterday, the people who saw me looked very sad.

The maids piled up snacks and said, “If you need anything else, please tell us.”

The family also sent toys and food.

After yesterday, how Ive been living before seemed to spread publicly.

Wherever I go, I feel uncomfortable with the blatant sad gaze.

‘Lets run away.

Ill kill time in the greenhouse until they are gone from my sight.

I slipped out with the elephant bag and walked out of the room.

I put my bag down in the greenhouse where theres no one else and sighs.

‘I have to think about other things.

Seria and the Duke made a deal.

Even if we have enough spinels, the Duke will buy all the spinels that are being mined.

It seemed like he was going to have a power struggle with the church regarding spinel…

‘Then Im the only one who gets this benefit from this fight.

If the Duke buys me a bunch of spinels, my storage will be full.

The church will have no choice but to sell the spinel mine.

Ill monopoly the spinel if I buy the mine!

I giggled.

I have run out of money right now to buy the spinel, but Ill soon be rich.

“Hmm, hmm, hmm.”

I hummed and wrote on the letter paper that I had prepared beforehand.

[Dear Seria

Im glad youre doing well.

The name of the top was set to .Please use this name when youre dealing with people in the future.

There will be temporary guards at the top of hope.

The chairmans soldiers are owned by Dubbleds, so they have to record their entry and exit whenever they come and go here.

I agree with that idea.

And I heard you first met with the chairman a few days ago.

Why the hell did you two fight Well be working together from now on, so I hope we get along well.


You called the chairman an unlucky old goat, but I thought he looked more like a leopard than a goat—]

—I wrote, and quickly put the letter into my bag.

“Oh, there you are.”

It was Isaac.

The kid who saw me waved his hand wildly and shouted out, “Brother is here!”

Then he ran to me.

“Hewwo, Isyac.”


“Whats twhat, by the way”

I snorted at the sight of the artifact he was holding.

“You said you couldnt have this in the nursery”

How did he know that

There is a toy with jewelry in the nursery, and it was very popular because it was sophisticated.

I never played with it because the owner monopolized and only let the toys be played by the kids he like.


“Now play with a bunch of them.”

Then he gave me a bunch of them.

‘Is that a real toy

On the outside, it looks just like the toy back then.

I looked at the necklace on the toy closely.

‘Isnt this a scarab in the center

Amber is a gemstone that is made by hardening with the resin, but there were cases where insects were inside.

It is considered to be more precious when something like a bug is put in it.

Did someone ever put a real beetle in toys

I flinched as I looked closely.

“I, I, Ish, Isyac.”


“Th, this is real…real jewelry!”

“Its real, why”

He cant ask a kid to play with real jewelry.

I quickly returned the jewels to Isaac and held on to my pounding chest.

‘Calm down.

Im going to be rich.

If Seria finishes the deal safely, I can buy ten of those.

I tried to think that way, but I was a beggar in my last life, so I couldnt calm down easily.

I couldnt even see such jewelry in my first and second life.

“You dont want it Then play with diamonds.”

He gave her a diamond that was big enough to hold with both hands.

It was so large that it could be found in the emperors jewelry box.

‘I cant get this even if I have money.

“Isyac, youll get in twouble if you bring something lwike this.”

“Its not the dukes.

Its mine.”


“I got it from my second jewelry storehouse.”

“…How many jewelry wawehwouses do you have”

Isaac blinked as if he was saying something normal.

Henry, who came into the greenhouse, saw the diamonds, and said to Isaac,

“What did you do to scare Leblaine”

“She doesnt seem to like my jewels.”

“Thats why I told you to get it from my third warehouse.”

“Then lets throw this one, and get something better from your brothers warehouse.”


…I felt sorry for myself who thought I had become rich.


“What do you want to do, kid Do you want me to buy you some clothes”

“Should I bring the craftsman from the Imperial Palace”

“Ill build you an amusement park.”

I glanced at the two.

“No need.”

If I enjoy too many things in the empire and defect later, I will be too sad.

I have enough spinel.

‘So I have to get the guards quickly and make a deal.

Isaac expression fell.

“Should I kill the director of the nursery”

“Mistew Director!”

When I asked in amazement, Isaac frowned.

“He made you sleep in such a small and dirty room.”

“Thats because the nuwsery school is not operated by the countwy.”

There are three types of nursery schools in this country.

A state-run nursery school supported by the imperial family.

An nursery built by the state.

So the facilities and support are good.

When they get older, they also give money for the kids to settle down.

A public nursery supported by a church or nobility.

A nursery that has been rated suitable for the church and the aristocratic family.

It depends on where you apply, but its still generally a good place.

A private nursery run by the commoner.

It is of course the worst place because commoners cannot operate it like the other nursery.

Unlike other places, this kind of nursery is not managed at all, so only a few children are going for adoption.

Most of the kids are from parents who cannot raise their children, or parents who do not want to pay the childs share of taxes.

These parents were the cause of private nursery to be built.

And where I was is the third kind of nursery.

They raised me because they needed a real orphan like me to hide their true motives, but I didnt get much attention.

The director took care of the children whose parents paid a lot of money, and those whose parents were sure to pick them up.

‘Thats why I wanted to be loved by the Duke of Amity and the Duke of Vallua.

Still, it is thanks to the nursery that she lived every time until she went to the empress.

‘Wait a minute, nursery

When I was in the nursery school, there was something that flashed through my mind.

In the future, there are four knights who rise to the top of all knights.

The rumored knight that defeated the dragon, Duke Amity.

Isaac, the genius swordman of the century.


Sasuri, a paladin called a battlefields nightmare.

And Zachary, master of military operations.

Zachary is from a private nursery school.

They said he was a nice and considerate person.

‘Zachary could be the top of hope guard.

And it happened that the nursery where he is, was located nearby.

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