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“No, I…”


I quickly grabbed Isaacs hand and said that.


asked Isaac while frowning.


Hes in the same nuwsery as me.

Its been a long time, right Uh,…”

So whats his name

When I looked at him with such eyes, the boy answered quickly.


“Yes, Andy.

He said Andy.”


Isaac throw away Andys wrist and wipes my cheeks with his sleeve.

“Did you eat all of the bread”

“No, just the milk.”

“Then, is there a ghost that eats all the bread”

He laughed playfully.

“Wheres Henly”

“Torturing, no, walk! He went for a walk.”


I nod at him.


Itll be easier to move without Henry.

Henry is so smart that its hard to move around, but Isaac was simple compared to him.

“Shall we see the puppy”

“Ill carry you!”

“No, follow us from afar.”

Isaac said to Andy, as if he hated seeing him.


When the Dubbleds family carriage entered Andys nursery, a middle-aged woman came into view.

“Why did your excellency come to such a shabby place My name is Mattel Kimbel.

Im the head of this nursery school.”

She was agitated at the sight of Isaac.

But Isaac looked at the nursery building with a totally dejected face, without even paying her any attention.

“Its even more worse than the picture…”

Isaac, who muttered like that, looked back at me.

“Was your place like this”


Isaacs face brightened up in my words.

“Right Not this bad, huh”

“Its great here.

Its vewy big.”

The childs face somehow became more sullen when I said so with a big smile.

But this place really is better.

The building is old and shabby, but it had up to the third floor and a well.

Mattel bent over a little with both hands together and told Isaac.

“Would you like to go inside”

Isaac nodded with a stiff face.

“Yes, the inside must be different.

The inside wouldnt look like this.”

Isaac and the rest followed the director.

I dont know whats going on, but Im glad Isaac is interested in the nursery.

‘I could meet Zachary.

The director proudly introduced the interior.

“The beds here are new, and there are three washrooms.

Theres an oven in the dining room, so they make their own snacks.”

The faces of Isaac and the maids grew dim.

For the people of Dubbled, this place would be like hell.

This was the exact opposite of the Dubbleds castle.

Their furniture are worn out, and the mold on the wallpaper is roughly covered.

The building is large, but there were only a few rooms that could be used due to careless management.

“Now Ill show you the childrens bedrooms and study rooms.”

Then, I patted my knees.

“My legs hurts.”

The director was pleased.

“You can rest in my office.”

Im a slow walker, I think Isaac and the maids are all following my pace, so the director thought she couldnt show them the nursery properly.

The director asked Andy to bring me some juice to drink and tried to get me to the office.

Lea was guarding outside the room and I flopped into the chair.

There was a list of children at the nursery on the desk.

“Zachary, Zachary…”

I narrowed down the middle of my forehead when I was scrutinizing the list.

What, why isnt there someone named Zachary

“Its a shame for the people of Dubbled.

They didnt know about talents like Zachary.

Thats why human network is important.”

The story I heard at the social party came to mind clearly.

‘What happened Was there a private nursery I didnt know nearby

Just in time, Andy came in with the juice.

While putting the juice down on the table, he said,

“Im giving this juice for you to drink, but I didnt recommend you to drink it.

Its past the expiration date.”

“How many kids are here, Andy”


“Then, how many of you are left”


No, three.

One guy was adopted last week.”

I opened my eyes wide with surprise.

With Zacharys age, he might be adopted.

Very young kids go to most homes.

There was only one case of adoption where I grew up.

Taking a grown boy to work in a farmhouse.

‘Then, Is he Zachary

No matter how much I think about it, its only a possiblility.

‘I guess I came too late.

I pressed down my temples.

But I didnt hear Zachary had adoptive parents.

Then he could be sent out, or he could have run away.

‘Lets keep an eye on the nursery for the time being.

Ill be back if I get a call.


Suddenly, I could hear the children crying.

I looked back in astonishment, Andys face hardened and quickly opened the window.

Outside the window, six huge men were kicking the door of the nursery.

Some have a few children on their sides.

“You bastards again…!”

Andy jumped over the window frame.


“Huaa, brother!!”

The children cried louder as they see Andy, while men who stormed into the nursery threatened them.

Andy frowned and shouted.

“Put them down, bastard!”

The shortest man in the team told Andy.

“If you want them back, bring the ledger.

If you even made a loan at someone elses gambling place, youll have to keep your pay-back date on time.”

“I paid interest!”

Thats what happened.

‘There are gambling enthusiasts here and there.

I crawled up the window frame and jumped off.

I was afraid that the children might have been hurt, and when I arrived in front of Andy, there was a strange sight.


“You bastards…!”

What kind of situation is this

The kids are wearing pots as a hat and is moving around with frying pans and wooden boards.


When Andy shouted, small hands popped out of the window and threw eggs at the men.

While the men were at loss, Andy ran quickly to rescue the children who had been caught.

“Anna, Morris, Rudy.”


Running out in front of the building, the children threw balloons at the men.

Whenever it hit the mens bodies or fell on the floor, the balloon burst and white powder scattered in the air.

Andy laughed as the flour and white powder covered the mens body.

Then he lit a match and threw it to them.

It caught fire in the air like a bomb exploded in an instant.



When molecules fly around in the air, and the fire goes crazy, the molecules quickly explode.

It was one of the ways Zachary defeated the mage in the imperial civil war.


But he didnt completely overpower the men.

The wind was blowing heavily because it was winter.

It was because the molecules flew in the air, the fire was not strong.

The men were burned, but they rose again.

Andy clucked his tongue and shouted, “Ck.”

“Run away, you bastards!”

The frightened children quickly began to run away, but a child was caught.

Andy clenched his teeth and bit the mans arm.

“You bastard!”

the short man took the dagger out of his arms.

When I saw the dagger, I wanted to make a barrier, but I couldnt exert my power.

‘The target is too far.

And I couldnt control my power.

If I do something wrong, both the child and Andy could get caught up and die.

‘Once he let Andy go, I will guide him to me.

“Ugly uncwel!”


The man looked back at me.

“You look uwgly! Dwarf! My eyes are getting dirty!”

The short man came to me in a fit of agitation.

It was then.

Something like a red thread stretched out from somewhere and moved the short man.


“Wha,what, what….!”

When the men screamed, a familiar voice was heard.

“Shh, dont make my daughter surprised.”

When I saw the man who ran out of the building, I shouted.



The duke, dressed in his usual comfortable clothes, looked at the men with cold eyes.

“Who is it, the ugly face that defiled my daughters vision”

“Ah, all of them are ugly.”

Henry, who walked from behind the Duke, looked at the men,

Isaac ran to me, grabbed my face with both hands, and said with a serious expression.

“Lets wash our eyes.”

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