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Inside the box a seal of successors.

There was a small gem in the center, which is ruby for Henry, emerald for Isaac, and a diamond for me.

‘Didnt they say that what the eldest son Johann has is a sapphire

The seal is magical.

It looked like an adults size, but when I wore it, the circumference grew smaller.

Henry, wearing a ruby seal on his finger said,

“I didnt know youd give it to me already.”

Isaac smiled and grabbed the ring.

“Big brother also got it around this time.”

At the end, the Duke said as he looked at us.

“Now that youve received my seal, Im paying you every year, you also can have a full-time aide.

Do you want anyone”

Henry replied to his fathers words.

“Give me viscount Orlando, Iries Ruffner, and the mage Michael.”

Isaac then opened his mouth.

“I want Baron Marceau.”

Finally, it was my turn.

“Um, Lea, Dania, Linda, and… Vwiscount Noanoke!”

The Duke, Henry, Isaac, and Nos were all in aghast at my words.

“Didnt you say the wrong person Noanoke is the chairman of senate.”

Isaac denied the reality.

“What about Viscount Resul Hes a very wise person, so hell be very helpful to you.”

Henry was trying to persuade me.

“Li, Li, Little miss!”

Nos stammered in embarrassment.

‘Is it because I havent been keeping up with the senate Theres a lot of opposition.

But Dad was silent.

He often saw me with the chairman ever since words circulated that he saved me.

So it may have been expected…

“Not me”


“Why not me, but Noanoke himself”

“…Because dad is the dyuke.”

And Isaac said,

“What about me Dont you need me as an assistant”

Henry seems to want to say something similar because hes smiling.

I correct what I thought was an ordinary family.

My family is a bit unique.

When I said nothing, the Duke murmured.

“Noanoke, that bastard…”

His voice was a bit dreary.


The chairman of the Senate, Jean Marc Noanoke, is an outstanding man.

He is never lacking in his status and brain, and has lived for more than half a century.

From a young age, many noble followed him.

There are many number of people who wanted to establish a friendly relationship with him.

The same was true even now.

His mailbox is always full of letters.

There was a wide variety of types, from the old ladies love letter to the young officials letters of respect.

So I could say for sure.

The chairman, who was walking in the hallway of Dubbled Castle, glanced at

the people who were staring at his backWhat the hell is going on here

On the other side, Viscount Duboss group is staring at him.

They were always on the same page because they were the heads of the Senate,

But they have never looked at the chairman like this, with a scary expression

“Whats this.”

Dubos frowned at the words of his own boss.

“Cut to the chase and talk.

What have you done”

“I havent done anything special lately.”

It is the duke who did strange things.

Like hes trying to kill the chairman by overworking.

In fact, the chairman had a nosebleed early this morning.

“What! The little miss chose you as her assistant! Not me!”


“I was the one that the little miss like.

Do you know that”


“The little miss gave me candy, sayinggrandpa, eat it. I still kept the candy in a box!”


“So you, dont be too arrogant!”


When Viscount Dubos said so, the vassals next to him add their voices.

“I will not give up.”

“Dont assume she chose you out of affection.”

“We were the first ones to recognize her loveliness.”

The chairman looked at the vassals and said,

“…….Get out.”

He waved his hand to them.

Behind the chairmans back, the vassals said, “Wait and see! Im going to get her attention back!”

In front of the greenhouse, Viscount Myshank a member of the Senate, approached the chairman with envious eyes,

“Chairman! Youre definitely the chairman.”

“Then what else am I”

“You have been chosen by the little miss!”


“Many of the vassals were aiming for the place.”


He pushed out Myshank and went into the greenhouse.

the chairman said when he saw Leblaine sitting in the chair.

“What the hell is going on”

When asked, Leblaine sees him with a tired expression.

Then, the childs gaze reached the maids fighting, maids from west building and the maids who originally served the child, including Lea.

“Nonsense! Why did the little miss choose them!”

“Thats because the little miss likes us.”

This is wrong.

Its really wrong.

“I dont know how it bwecame like twhis.”

“…Im sure you did.”

The two faced each other and sighed.

In a week, the chairman completely became Leblaines aide.

The duke completely forgot this incident by the “Dad is the best in the world!” attack that risked Leblaines shame.


The room, which had been postponed due to one thing or another, has been finished.

I thought the guest room is a really nice room, but this room is different.

Its big, pretty, and safe, like a fairy tale princesss room.

Most of all, I like the bed and the soft blanket that didnt fall off even if I rolled 10 times to the right and left.

‘Soft and fluffy…….

With this bed and blanket, I could fall asleep again in 5 minutes, even if I got up.

As soon as I was smiling, Lea came to pick me up.

“Its refreshment time.”


I got out of bed, put on my coat and left the room.

Recently, my snack time has been changed to a simple tea party with my family.

I enjoyed having a small chat with my family in a garden or a greenhouse full of drinks and food.

But theres a small problem.

“Today Im going to feed you the blueberry cake I prepared.”

“Its a peanut butter cookie.

You said this is the best.”

“Its a chocolate scone.”

My dad and brothers often argue.

Its better than never having a conversation with each other like in the past, but its a bit of a bother because they often engage in psychological warfare with each other.

I thought my family would get close to each other, but they have a long way to go.

‘Well, what do we do

As I sat down, Henry asked.

“What do you want to eat, Leblaine”


As I finished thinking about it, I smiled broadly, saying, “All of it!” and put cakes, cookies, and scones on the table.

Just as I reached out to the peanut butter cookies Isaac had prepared, the butler came in.

Henry asked when he saw the dark blue envelope, stamped with the imperial seal, delivered to his father.

“Is it from the Empress Dowager”

“Yes, the empress said she will not interfere with Leblaines education.”

Empress dowager

I opened my eyes wide in surprise.

Shes a very faithful believer, she hoped I would carry out the prediction of sealing evil spirits as the child of fate, educated in the church.

So from the first life to the second life, I had too much interference by her in my daily life.

‘But why is she so quiet in this life

By the time I thought so, Isaac said

“The last time we went to see the kids puppy, you said that it was the Empresss people who spy on us”

Henry nodded at the remark.


The men she sent were caught and interrogated by us.

They are afraid of us telling on to the emperor.”

“Due to the fact that the empress inspected the duke”

“The church has already took many of the imperial property.

If people are told that the empress had even been spying on us, their reputation will plummet to the ground.”

I nodded.

The Empress was really undefeated.

Her devotion to the church has always been the emperors trouble.

The emperor wanted to reduce the power of the church equivalent to the imperial family, but the empress came forward to devote herself to the church and caused accidents repeatedly.

Thats why the face of the imperial family has been damaged every time, let alone reducing the power of the church.

It was the Empress who decided to give me to a duke at will.

‘This time, the Emperor wont let her go any further.

So she might even send a letter to the Duke asking him not to tell the emperor and in return she will not interfere with my education.

It would have been good for me if I could get out of the the Empress Dowagers eyes.

At that time, the butler looked at Isaac and said,

“A strange letter has come.”

“For me”

“Im not sure if it came for you… But your name is written on it.”

“What are you talking about”

“It says .”

Isaac narrowed the middle of his forehead.

“Is there any other person with the same name as me”

“I looked for it, but there wasnt.

Whats worse,…”


The butler put down the bouquet of Elsa leaves and a box of pink shoes for girls.

“It is said that the bouquet has preservation magic.”


I shut my mouth.

I knew as soon as I heard it.

The person who sent it


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