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If Dubbled and Adrian meet, they will naturally be an enemy.

I made a mistake and use Isaacs name, a thunderbolt will fall on Dubbled.

Isaac, uh, read the letter.

“Waiting for the chance to meet again, huh”

I jumped up and said,

“I, I, Im wrong! More than that, eat the cookie.

Its twasty.”

And then I snuck a cookie Isaac and tried to take the letter away.

Henry suddenly said with his eyes narrowing,

“In this castle, Leblaine is the only girl who can wear those shoes.”

Then Isaac expression drastically change.

Dad said,

“Which bastard”

“Please cast a tracing magic, Father.”

“Father, Ill take the lead.”

…Since when did they get along so well

I pretended to be sick desperately.


When I put my hand on my stomach and groaned, the people came running quickly to me.

“Are you okay”

“Whats going on!”


Pretending to be sick is embarrassing, but it is the best way.

I pretend to be ill.

“My stomach hurts,…”

I muttered as my dad carry me.


And he took me to the medical center himself.

The forgotten letter was placed in the garden, and I signaled Lea with a gesture of my hand.

‘That one! Mine!

The faithful Lea looked around and slipped a letter into her apron.


The letter situation was soon forgotten.

Only Lea, who brought me a letter, looked at me and interrogated me.

“When I was in the church, I got a fwiend! I want to write to him.”

When I made the excuse, the nice Lea gave me a paper without further inquiring.

I sighed and touched the paper after Lea went out.

I can imagine that my dad and brothers would directly kill him even if they knew he is a prince.

‘but anyway, Im glad the Dubbled and Adrian didnt meet.

The two were future enemies.

People said,

If one of them dies, the other one will too.

In fact, Dubbled faced a major crisis when Adrian almost died by Dubbleds ruse.

I opened the letter.

The content was only one line that Isaac had read.

It didnt even say who it was from.

That alone I could see how much Adrian had thought and wrote the letter.

Adrian knows me as a wizard.

And if hes smart, he knows how dangerous it is to contact me.

It was obvious how much the Imperial family would hate to have contact with the Wizard.

‘Shoes… he have seen my shoes.

Shoes for noble children are very good in quality.

I didnt go out as much so my shoes is much more simpler than other shoes for noble, and there is no decoration, but it is made for a noble child anyway, so it wont be worn out even if I use it a few times.

On that day, I took a walk to the mountain, so my shoes condition was not very good.

I smiled and hid the letter in a blind spot.

I wrote back.

‘Its a shame we cant meet right now.

Due to Adrians situation, I couldnt readily find him.

If he gets involved with me, the young miss of Dubbled and the child of fate, the empress will keep tabs on him more severely.

If he gets involved in the battle for the throne, I cannot guarantee the future of Dubbled.

But I am worried about him.

The sight of him sitting in a big room all alone, holding the things which had lost its power, lingered in my memory.

I wrote a reply by ripping in the paper.

[Thanks for the gift.

The shoes are pretty and the flowers too.

Ill think of you while looking at the things you sent me.

Lets exchange letters often!]

After I finished writing, I sealed the letter and asked the chairman to deliver it to the church where Adrian is.

In the evening, my father came to see me.

“Hows your stomach”

“Its okay.”

Dad gently rubbed my stomach with his hand, pulled a chair by the bed and sat down.

“Blaine, I have officially conveyed my desire to educate you in the church.

What do you think”

He must have been in a hurry to get rid of the Empress Dowager.

“Dubbled has a lot of enemies.

Youll be in danger as long as youre here.

If youre in the church, you wont have to be criticized for being in the villains lair.”


“In return Dubbled can also get support from the empress.

We can develop your divine power in earnest.

Thats good for your future, too.”

“…Do you want me to go to the chwuch”

Dad smiled faintly.

“Youll be surprised to know what me and your brothers did to keep you out of the churchs grasp.”

“Then why go to chwuch”

“Because you deserved to be in the light.”

Dubbled does not judge their applicant status and origin in the exam for administrators or employees.

Of course, a criminal can be mixed in.

And to make the family prosper, the Duke of Dubbled did everything.

The people of the country called the Dubbled a villains lair.

But dad protected me from the church.

The original Theodore Dubbled would not do such a thing, so I was a little shocked.

I leaned my head against my dads big hand.

“I like being hewe.”


“I lwike dad, bwothers, dubbled people.

I dont want to go.”

Dad stroked my hair and smiled faintly.

“You remind me of when I thought I would be a good father.”

Looking at my dads friendly eyes, I was very surprised.

‘Im gonna live here with my family.

To achieve my goal and be safe.

So I have to get ready to go out into the world.


Time flew so fast.

Five years had already passed, now Im nine years old.

One sunny morning.

Sitting in a chair, I look at the mirror with my hair in Leas hand.

My fingers that used to be short gets longer, and my hair that used to only reach the shoulders now touches the back.

“Do you want to tie your hair”

“Well, I want a ribbon.”

Even my bad pronounciation is gone!

With the power of a desperate pronunciation practice, I can now speak without bad pronounciation.

I covered my mouth with both hands as I held back my laughter and straightened my back.

The maids laughed and brought ribbons.

“Youre very pretty today.”

“Blaine, youre nine years old now, youre all grown up.”

The maids smile as they spoke so.

Im nine years old now.

A grown lady.

How hard have I experienced in the last 5 years Living as a beggar, I almost forgot the nobility ethics, so I had to endure a hellish training.

‘The most difficult thing was to practice my divine power…

It was the first time I actually practiced magic.

Because I couldnt get the help of the priest, the wizards of Dubbled help me practice every day, read books on the divine power and teach me.

However, the mages couldnt understand the divine power completely and sometimes my divine magic failed and my knees were scraped.

Every time that happens, my dad and my brothers were full of anger.

Every day I had to comfort my dad and brother, who were trying to hit the neck of the mage, by saying, “Blaine will be sad everyday if the mages are gone.”

Recalling the past, I dropped my shoulders with an impoverished expression.

It was then.


The bright voice came from the butler.

I quickly got off the chair and left.

The maids followed after me.

As I headed to the gate, I saw the Dubbleds Knights who had returned from the victory procession.

At the forefront, I saw a man riding a black horse.

The armor that supports his solid body and a luxurious fur robe descending from his shoulder.

His beautiful appearance stands out more than the beautiful outfit.


Starting with the battle against the Kruger Kingdom, he is my father who conquered eleven kingdoms.

Last year, the empire requested support from my father, who subjugated the Kruger Kingdom in just eight months.

And after one year.

The enemy surrendered with a white flag and bowed down under Dubbleds feet.



The brothers who fought with my father jumped out of the horse and ran to me.

I ran fast towards them too.

Not to my brothers with their arms open, but to the loot box.

I ran without hesitation, putting my hand in and search through the boxes.

After hearing their victory, I waited for this day to come.

Did they bring it


I finally found it after desperately searching for it.

A cotton pouch with what I want.


It was when I hugged my pockets.

Somehow the surrounding temperature seemed to have gone down.

“Its been a year since we saw you,…”

I could see my brothers looking at me with a grim expression.

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