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Chapter 62

At the same time, on top of the Hope.

With the help of a magician, Seria, who became an old lady, was checking the ledger at the top of Hope.


The man approached her.

“Luminous medicine is running out of stock.”

It was Curtis, her acquaintance who brought Serias bounty to Dubbleds in the past.

“I told the mages to hurry up and bring them.

Ill refine immediately upon arrival.”


Oh, and there was a message saying to keep the doctors under control.”

He also delivered a letter from LeBlaine to Seria.

The letter said [The doctors should be careful not to put priority on making money, and from now on, sell a little less medicine than usual].

Curtis, who checked the letter together, said,

“Why is she suddenly asking us to cut back on sales Its getting popular, well be able to make a lot of money if we increase the circulation.”

“Well, all I know is that the owner will never give a stupid order.”

Curtis sank for a moment and nodded.

He knew nothing about the top of the hope, but only knew that shes amazing.

As if she knew in advance what would happen to disasters such as famine and floods, her words were able to avoid danger and gain enormous wealth.

‘Amazing sense.

Given that the top of hope had Spinels landfill even before it was launched, she is a huge owner of capital.

Then she must be noble, but she knew how to understand the workers at the top of hope.

She never treated the workers poorly.

It wasnt that difficult to take workers, who were always considered a nuisance by other tops, thanks to the generous rewards.

The loyalty of the workers increased day by day due to higher wages and welfare compared to the other place, and those who wanted to get a job there were overflowing.

Someone even made the owner a fanclub and there are even many members.

“Oh, did you find the person the owner wanted to find out about”

“There are a few people who might be it, but its hard to confirm.”

“Find them at all costs.

You can never let the owner down.”

Seria, the representative of the owners follower club, threatened the man.


After finishing up, I came down the stairs.

And as soon as I saw my dad and brothers waiting under the stairs, I shouted, “Wow!”

The three men who were dressed, are very stunning

High and straight nose, beautiful and sharp eyes.

Not only their appearance but also their tall, slim bodies are great, so they fit in with whatever clothes they use.

However, they are equipped with custom-made luxurious and special robes, which makes them more stunning.

“How wonderful!”

As I spoke, they gently patted my cheeks and laughed.

“Youre very pretty, too.”

Perhaps this isnt just a flattery.

In the last three lives, no one thought I was pretty.

My body is so skinny that bones are sticking out.

My hairstyle was taken care of carelessly to cut off some cost.

I wouldnt have looked pretty even if I tried to look nice.

In this life, however, it has definitely changed because I received intensive care from Dubbled employees.

My body had no ugly protruding parts, my face is smooth without blemishes, and my curly hair, which was my complex, is without any damage.

In addition, Melvin made the dress with great care, a cute lace ribbon, and even shoes.

In the mirror, I look like a pretty little girl who grew up in a rich house.

‘This is the miracle of money.

I laughed thinking that way.

“Shall we go”

Henry asked and I nodded.

We moved to the banquet hall in a carriage.

It was the Imperial Palaces hall where the three major festivals of the Empire were held.

At the door of the hall, the voice of the servant rang out to announce their entrance.

The eyes of the people turned to us at once.

In my last life, I had attended the festival with the duke, but this was always nerve-wracking.


I clasped my hands with a cold sweat.

Duke Amity and Duke Vallua did not attend the banquet this year.

The Duke of Amity is the only one who doesnt go to such parties as the Duke of Dubbled, and the Duke of Vallua left in a hurry because of a flood in the land.

I know that, but I was afraid Id suddenly meet them.

The trauma was stimulated and it was an unprecedented state of tension.

‘Calm down.

Todays purpose is the empress.

Im going back after meeting the Empress.

Dad and brothers were already surrounded by people.

Dad looked as bored as ever, Henry was talking to people with a smile, and Isaac looked so irritated.

Im supposed to be like them too.

At times like this, people usually hang out with young children their age through the introduction of their mother, but I wasnt aware of it because I didnt have a mother.

At that time, the loud voice of the servant came in.

“Your Majesty the Empress!”

People stepped back at once.

Henry pulled my arm slightly so I wouldnt be swept away.

“I greet the mother of the Empire.”

“Thank you for coming to my party.”

Those who saw the smiling empress looked at each other with troubled faces.

‘Oh, today,….

Technically, it was the Empress who hosted the festival, but it was the imperial event.

NotThe Empress Party.

She was so kind and gentle at first, but the Empress had a bad temperament.

In addition, she was very greedy, so she boasted of her authority with subtle words.

‘The Emperor would have hit his forehead again if he heard it.

“Oh, its the child of fate.”

As the eyes of the empress turned to me, the audience also paid attention to me.

“Come here.”

Henry nodded a little toward me.

I cautiously walked among people who were divided like the red sea and went to her.

“I greet the mother of the empire.”

Spreading her skirt, she spoke and looked at the Empress.


The empress held my hand with a kind face.

“Youve grown a lot.

Oh my God, youve grown so much.”

I have often seen the empress in my past life, but in this life, she has not seen her on my own because of Dubbleds strong refusal and close escort.

“The girl who would be the saviour of the empire could not be seen until she grew up, How can I raise my head to God when I die”

The people looked at each other with a troubled face again.

It wasnt right for the imperial family to talk about God in public.

The empire is not a state ruled by the Pope.

In other words, even though Nelliard is the state religion, there is no need to believe it.

However, if the royal family came out and gave power to the church, it was no different from forcing the people to believe in it.

In addition, the empresss word could have been seen as a sign to the duke of dubbled.

I hid my laugh.

“I wanted to see the empress since I didnt remember you very well.

I was looking forward to seeing you, and you look better than I imagined!”

I said it in a childish way on purpose.

I didnt say it to flatter her.

The empress smiled even more brightly.

“Youre very lovely.

I was worried because youre growing up in Dubbled, but it was a useless thought.”

“Yo-Your highness.”

The maid called her in embarrassment.

But the empress didnt even listen.

“Come sit next to me.

Let me know how youve been.”

A short legged chair had been placed next to the empresss chair.

I sat next to her and told many stories.

“So, I heard Duke Constance is having an affair.”

“Truly, kids these days are amazing.”

The empress who slightly raised her chin, shook her head.

But my words would be very exciting even that way.

As evidence, her cheeks were red and she was short of breath.

No one would have told her about the rumours going around the palace.

So how interesting would my stories be to her who lived in such a boring place

‘I purposely asked Laura about the rumours.

Mina said something in my first life.

Theres something called amorning drama in her world that consists of unthinkable stories.

No adult dislikes those morning dramas.

“At the time of worship, a woman said that she wanted to go to the bathroom, but she couldnt leave her seat.

So she farted while saying a chant! Someone saidthe trumpet player played very loudly today.”


The empress laughed.

I dont really know why its so funny to her but it might be that funny for her who have never heard about such stories.

“Its always difficult because the worship is long.

Older people like me sometimes suffer.”

Well, it was a sympathetic laugh.

“I love talking to you, its been a long time since I had such a pleasant time.”

The empress looks so happy that the people were surprised.

The empress is a stubborn person and rarely shows such niceness to anyone.

“Next time, please come to the palace.”

‘She got the bait.

I deliberately said this to her.

“But when I come to your place, there will be a priest, so my dad will be troubled.”

Everyone in the country knows that the relationship between Dubbled and the church is bad.

The empress knows this well too.

Understanding what I meant, she nodded.

“When you come, I wont call the priest.”

“Really Wow! I want to go to your palace.”

In a secret space where I can see the empresss skin condition to be exact.

Only when I know how much her skin disease has been cured, I can control the empress to abandon the church.

I hid my true motive and smiled brightly.

Then the empress said, “Oh my.”

“Wait a minute.

Its time for me to take my medicine.”

When she reached out to the maid, the maid took out a small bottle of medicine.

Even in the first life, and in the second life, the empress is always healthy.

There was nothing wrong but a skin disease.

But shes taking meds

“Your Majesty, are you sick I didnt know that youve been taking medicine.”

When I forced my eyebrows down and asked, the empress laughed.

“Dont worry.

Its a medicine for youth.

Its a rather embarrassing name.”

What are you talking about

I never sell that much medicine at once.

“I know.

I heard what the grandfathers who went there said.

I heard they sell it at the top of hope.”

As I said so, the empress took the bait.


“Its not the top of the Hope.

Its a new medicine developed by the church.”

“Can I see what it is”

The empress gave me a bottle of medicine.

I smelled the scent and checked the color.

‘Its not a new medicine from the church.

This is my medicine.

In other words, they had a recipe for my medicine at the church.

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