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There was silence in the bathroom, but I was no longer afraid of the Duke.

Is it because this great man is sitting with his knees bent in front of a child and washing her feet

Soon we left the bathroom.

When the door opened, Lea, who was anxiously waiting in front of the bathroom, ran quickly.The Duke handed me over to Lea and said,

“Go and apply some medicine.”



“Oh, yes, medicine!”

Lea and her maids, who were in a state of panic, walked down the hall.

It was almost as fast as running.

The maids who came into the room collapsed panting.

Lea whispered little by little, while drying my wet hair.

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“Its all right, child.”


“Nobodys mad at you”


“Its all right, its all right.”

Her voice was so sweet that I could only tear up.

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I spent a few days in suspense after that.

But the Duke really didnt scold me.He didnt tell the empress about the Newt, nor did he send me back to the capital.

There was not even an expression of anger.

In addition.

‘He didnt throw away the flower I picked. translation by zimmings dot blogspot dot com.

It was not a carefully grown flower, but a single wild flower bloomed accidentally, laying on the grass in the garden.

But the wild flowers were in the vase of Duke Dubbledes office.

When I saw a wild flower with a bunch of fluffy flowers in a super luxurious vase, I was touched.

‘What are you thinking

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If it were someone else, not the Duke,

you must have thought about not throwing away the flower that a child plucked in the middle of the night.

‘But youre the duke of Dubblede, arent you The Theodore Dubblede, who slaughtered innocent people.Hes been a little soft on me since that day.

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‘This is so delicious! The chicken dish cooked with sweet sauce after mixing the chicken with various spices was really delicious.

The meat is soft and the sauce is sweet and salty.


Whats wrong with himDo you want to eat it.

I slipped my arm over the plate for fear that i might lose my precious chicken leg.

Then the dukes eyebrows wriggled.

‘Thats so mean, so mean. Youre eating all those big lamb steaks by yourself, but youre even going after childrens food.

I was really grateful that he let the Newt case slide.

Newt was a precious treasure.

When it was in the hands of the emperor, the pope visited the Imperial Palace and asked for it to be kept in the church.

Not only precious for its historical values, but also its use was endless.

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For a long time I decided to alternate chicken legs and duke.

I bit my lips tightly and I broke the chicken leg I stretch out my hand

“Ill gwive it to you (ill give it to you.)”

He narrowed his eyebrows as he watched me waggling chicken legs with a sad face.


A short laugh came from his teeth.

“I want to open to see whats in your head.”

Are you really going to open my head I clenched my head with both hands in fright.

“Owpen it and ywo die! (Open it and you die!)”

Then came the sound of laughing by the door.

It was Nos that was carrying papers.

He coughed in vain as the dukes gaze turned to me.

“Its a list of the possible emperors present”

“What will replace Newt”

“Weve got a pretty good deal from the traders.“

“Ive been informed that itll be arriving here as early as this afternoon.”

Its a replacement for the Newt.

I dont know, but its probably too expensive to imagine.

‘Im glad you guys found the replacement though.

If Dubblede is insane enough to give Newt to the emperor, it must mean that there is something to be received from the emperor.

If the deal is broken because of me, adoption is no good.

The goods found by the trading partners must be really good.

‘But i havent heard at this time that traders brought in something that was worth the Newt. I casually muttered


And Nos grinned

“Are you curious what the trade is”


“A trader is someone who sell goods between countries.”

Come to think of it, I thought it was a difficult word for a child, so I said, “Wow!” and pretended to be surprised.

“You want to see the trade”


thats wight.

(Yes, thats right.)”

Im not really curious about the trade.

But what kind of goods did you bring from the trade

“You can take a look at the items.

Theres a lot of unique stuff, so itll be fun to look around.”

Of course Id love to, but..

I glanced at the duke.

I was wondering what to do if you asked me if I was going to ruin the stuffs,but I didnt say much.

‘Im glad I gave you chicken legs. Soon, The Duke and Nos left the restaurant to talk about the Emperors Birthday.

I decided to go to the library with Lea and other servants to kill time until the trading partner came.

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“You havent seen library in the Dubbledes castle, have you”


“Its full of books.

Of course, there are a lot of them.”

My eyes almost popped out when I entered the door that Lea opened.

‘Oh my god.What a great library!.

Even the ceiling of the room, which is the size of a horseback riding field, was far too high.

The staircase continued in the form of a vortex through the center, and countless bookshelves were placed on each floor.

You cant find an empty space on a long bookcase that seems to be easily over three meters.

I turned to the fairy tale section, looking around the library, which boasts of its immense prestige.

“Now, pick one!“

said the maids, with a glistening eyes.

It was the eyes of parents who looked at what kind of books their child would like.

I was pushed to the front of the bookshelf by the burdensome gaze.

I have to pretend I cant read yet, so Ill just pick a book with a pretty cover.

While looking around which book was the most colorful, I found something unusual and blinked.

‘Why isnt there a title for this Besides, it was only half the book left, and the other half was cut off.

I tilted my head and opened the book.

‘Its not a fairy tale. translation by zimmings dot blogspot dot com

The most holy achievement of the Founding Emperor Frid 1 was to defeat this class, the power of evil spirits.

According to Ivans records, there are two conditions for the manifestation of the evil spirit.

The first is contact with the new material, which is the key to awakening potential forces, and the acquisition of a medium that enables the exertion of power.

That was the end.

The rest were cut off, so I couldnt read more.

‘What is it, so short. Then Lea asked.

“Little miss, did you choose”

I quickly let go the book that I was holding, and pulled out any book next to it.

“Lets go back and read it in a fun way.”

I took Leas hand and left the library.

The maids had great storytelling talent and performed brilliant acts, yet my mind were occupied by something.

I kept thinking of the untitled book I read in the library.

‘Why is the content related to evil spirits.

The evil spirit was also related to me.

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The righteous god, the mother of the Empire, sealed the evil spirit, the source of evil for humans.

But the seal became loose over time, and needed the power of Mina, the child of fate, to re-seal the evil spirit.

‘And I was the sacrifice of the ceremony. The ceremony was so painful that I wanted to kill them as soon as possible.

When I recalled it, my face darkened, and Lea looked at me with a worried look.

“Why do you have such a sad face”

I couldnt say I remembered my past memories, so I rolled my eyes and said.

“Bewcause Im scawed of lions ( because Im scared of lions.)”

Then the maids shouted, “Kyaa!” and shook their fists.

“Is that so~~ our baby is scared of lions~~”

The maids, then rubbed my cheeks on both sides of my face.

I endured the maids with blurred eyes.There was a commotion outside.

Lea opened the door a little and looked through the hallway.


“It looks like the trader has arrived.”

Then she reached out to me

“Shall we go see”

I took Leas hand and left the room.

When I arrived the duke sat on an ivory chair.

Behind his chair, i saw the emperors tapestry.

That tapestry with ancient language was a symbol of the military power of Dubblede.In front of him was a man who seemed to be a trading partner.I recognized the man at once.

‘Why is that crook here!

The merchant Turva.

Later, he will be the scum wanted for selling forged paintings to the imperial family.


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