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1750 Incident Back Then

Chu Liuyue suddenly realized something and secretly felt emotional and astonished.

I actually didnt notice when Rong Xiu did this.

Perhaps Miao Yang and the rest dont know about it either.

If not, they wouldnt have easily let us go.

The beautiful sky and ocean beneath the other partys eyes.

Only Rong Xiu can do such a thing!

Rong Xius fingertips moved slightly, and the ball of light flew to the dark-red bloodstains before merging with them and disappearing!

The surroundings were quiet.

After this, Chu Liuyue shockingly saw that the bloodstains were turning bright red! Then, the bloodstains started to condense rapidly, finally turning into a blood pearl that floated in midair.


A golden fire rose up from Rong Xius palm.

The fire rapidly strengthened and wrapped around the bloody pearl, forming a red-gold pearl.

Rong Xiu walked to the side.

That pearl followed him everywhere he went before quickly going to the other side with dark bloodstains.

As if being influenced by the blood pearls guidance, the bloodstains would quickly turn bright red.

Finally, they would form a blood pearl and merge with the other.

Chu Liuyue said, “You want to gather all the bloodstains together”

“No.” Rong Xiu shook his head.

“Only that persons.”

Chu Liuyue instantly understood something.

“Youre saying that other than its bloodstains, theres also blood from other great phoenix dragons”

“Miao Yang.” Zi Chens voice sounded with a boom.

Chu Liuyue was dazed.

“There are only two great phoenix dragons blood here.

Some must be that persons, and the remaining… is Miao Yangs.” Zi Chen also had a portion of the great phoenix dragon bloodline in him, so he was much sharper in this aspect.

Since he said it was Miao Yang, that would be definite.

But the key was… How could they merge with only Miao Yangs bloodstains

Didnt they say that the person went maniacal back then and was dealt with after being locked here for a year Miao Yang is also related to this incident

Chu Liuyue faintly felt that this seemed to hide a shocking secret! They were only one step away from it.

Tuan Zi originally wanted to bring them away in a hurry.

But after hearing them say this, she also found it logical and waited at the side obediently.

There was nothing but silence in the cave.

As time passed, the blood pearl in Rong Xius hand became increasingly richer.

All in all, there was still a faint suppression!

Chu Liuyue couldnt help but be relieved.

It is just some bloodstains, and they arent very scary.

How strong was the person back then!

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