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The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor Chapter 30: Compensation

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Chapter 30: Compensation

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Chu Liuyue had sold the hunting ground without consulting him. Rong Jin had initially planned to use this incident to sow discord between Emperor Jiawen and her. Thus, bringing about the dissolution of their marriage agreement.

He didnt expect things to turn out like this. Chu Liuyue had a valid reason to sell the deed, and it was the result of her being bullied by the Chu family and him. He had no way of pulling himself out of this mess. It was a waste of time to dwell on this. Besides, the situation had become worse. This evenings events had put the royal family at a disadvantage.

He knew this was something his father wouldnt want. He had to cut the Gordian knot and propose to dissolve their marriage agreement immediately to make a clean break. Even if it resulted in him being criticized, it was better than his father having dissatisfaction with him.

Emperor Jiawen was silent; his expression solemn.

It was so quiet in the palace that one could hear a pin drop.

A penny for a pound. Rong Jin stated bluntly, “Father, I have no feelings for Big Chu Missy. Even if we marry, we wouldnt be happy. It would be better for us all if we dissolve the marriage agreement.”

Chu Liuyues lowered her eyes to hide her contempt.

This man was not only irresponsible; he was also cunning and sinister. He gave such a grand presentation because he felt that she was a loser and unworthy of his status as Crown Prince. Throughout their years of having this marriage agreement, he had never said he wanted to dissolve the agreement. Instead, he chose this moment to bring it up.

Naturally, Chu Liuyue could guess his reason. He was a noble prince, whereas she was a born loser. If he had brought this matter up sooner, he would be ridiculed for being a snob.

He lived an indulgent life without any care while Chu Liuyue suffered in the Chu family. Perhaps, he knew that she wouldnt live past the age of 14. If she had died sooner, he would have resolved a major problem without breaking a sweat. Never did he expect her to retaliate against him!

With what happened today, he must propose the dissolution of their marriage agreement.

Emperor Jiawen narrowed his eyes. Nobody could read his thoughts.

“Have you considered this” Emperor Jiawen spoke in a deep voice a while later.

Rong Xiu suddenly advised warmly. “Crown Prince, Miss Chu is actually quite nice. Didnt she tame the Golden Python earlier Even though she doesnt have force in her body, it seems she may have the strength after what happened.”

Rong Jins face fell. In fact, he was quite shocked when Chu Liuyue killed that Golden Python just now. But after careful observation, he had not sensed any force fluctuating within her.

The main reason Chu Liuyue won was that she was ingenious enough to find the Golden Pythons weakness and attacked it with all her might.

This kind of strategy was fine when used once or twice. It would be ineffective when overused.

The bottom line was strength.

After more than ten years of having a crippled Yuan meridian, could Chu Liuyue have recovered At this thought, Rong Jin replied with certainty. “Yes, I have.”

He was going to inherit the throne in the future. Someone like Chu Liuyue would be a stain to his status. “Of course, in order to compensate for the harm caused, I am willing to make amends to Miss Chu.” As he said that, he looked at Chu Liuyue. “Feel free to state your terms. I will do my best to satisfy them.”

Is he attempting to put me down further, or is he trying to erect a benevolent plaque for himself How in the world could anything be so good Chu Liuyue lifted her chin, looked at Rong Jin, and pursed her lips. “Your Highness, you… Actually, I once admired you…”

Rong Xiu, who had just lifted his teacup, froze. He then set the teacup down as though nothing was amiss. His eyes scanned the girl before him.

Chu Liuyue felt a chill at the back of her head suddenly and inexplicably.

As Rong Jin listened, he frowned. Is Chu Liuyue unwilling to break off the engagement Maybe. Even if she is stupid, she knows how precious the position of Crown Princess is. A moment ago, she deliberately accused me of neglecting her and her father. Now, she says she admires me She is indeed a greedy girl!

The thoughts that Rong Jin had when he saw Chu Liuyues face earlier had completely vanished. He cut her off impatiently. “I told you. State your terms. Theres no need to say anything else.”

Chu Liuyues lips were pale. Her eyelashes quivered, followed by a bitter smile. “Your Highness, please dont worry. I know Im unworthy of you, so Ive never deluded myself. I know there is another person in your heart.” As she said that, her eyes drifted toward Chu Xianmin. “In the past, I never had the chance to attend any of your birthday banquets. Third Sister would always describe the parties to me vividly whenever she came back. I didnt get to see you much throughout all these years. Third Sister would tell me everything about you. Thats the only way I could get to know you.”

She paused and lowered her head. Her voice was calm and clear. It made her audiences hearts ache for her.

“She knows what tea you like to drink, what books you like to read, and what incense to burn to make you sleep more soundly… I, on the other hand, know nothing.”

Chu Xianmins heart skipped a beat. This is not right! Why does this sound so wrong

As the crowd in the palace listened, they began to work out what was going on. Eyes began to fall on Chu Xianmin.

It didnt sound like she had good intentions; she was clearly showing off on purpose! How dare she say all that when she knew for a fact that Chu Liuyue and the Crown Prince had a marriage agreement


To know his preferred tea and books was one thing, but she even knew the incense he burnt when he sleeps. This was…

“Tsk tsk. I thought Third Missy was extremely talented, gentle, and virtuous. I didnt expect her to be so bold.”

“There are countless noble ladies in the Imperial City. Why is the Crown Prince partial to her So thats what its all about.”

“Even if Chu Liuyue is useless, shes still her sister. But treating her like this, heh! What kind of woman gets together with a man who is engaged to their sister”

“She looks quiet and virtuous. Who knows what is underneath that facade”

Chu Xianmins face reddened as if a fire wildly burned in her chest!

Chu Liuyues words had directly ruined her reputation!

She stood up without a thought and snapped with a shriek. “B*tch! What nonsense are you talking about Ill rip your mouth off!”

Everyone heard the insult clearly.

Chu Xianmin panicked as soon as the words came out of her mouth. Her shrewish actions were bound to displease the Empress and the Crown Prince!

She looked toward Rong Jin and saw that his expression had indeed turned from shock to disgust.

Chu Xianmins heart sank all the way to the abyss, but Chu Liuyue sighed as if she was relieved of a great burden.

“Your Highness and Third Sister are a perfect match. Im willing to withdraw and break off my engagement with you. I dont need any compensation.”

Emperor Jiawen finally opened his mouth. “Liuyue, you are a good child. This is the Princes fault. How about this I will give you and your father 100,000 taels of gold. In addition, I can see that your martial arts are quite good. Why dont I find you a master from Tianlu Academy to teach you properly”

Many people dreamed of the opportunity to be taught by Tian Lu Academys teachers.

Chu Liuyue muttered to herself for a moment. “Your Majesty, I want to enter Tian Lu Academy for cultivation on my own.”


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