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Indeed, at first glance, the scene in the room looked like Lucas and Stanley were the villains.

Karen was sprawled on the floor with her hands tied together and horror written all over her face.

There were also corpses lying all over the room.

It looked like she was the victim.

But when the captain entered the room and saw Lucas, his face showed an extremely shocked expression.

He hurriedly shouted at his subordinates, “What are you doing Hurry up and put down your guns!”

The captain had the honor of going on a mission with his immediate superior before, so he had seen with his own eyes how respectful his superior was toward Lucas.

Even his boss had to obey Lucass instructions.

How could he possibly dare to provoke Lucas

After hearing what the captain said, the police officers looked at each other and then put away their pistols.

At this moment, Stanley stepped forward and said, “I called the police here.

These corpses on the floor are actually notorious killers.

You should be able to find out their identities soon.

We dont need to deceive you.

“Also, this woman on the floor committed crimes and was already sentenced to life imprisonment, but she broke out of jail and abducted someone.

“This is a copy of the surveillance footage Ive found, along with some videos and audio recordings.

I hope theyll be of help to you.”

Stanley took out a USB drive and handed it to the captain.

Lucas had instructed Stanley to get these things done earlier.

After hearing what Stanley said, the captain and the few police officers behind him were all shocked.

None of them had thought that the two people in front of them were the victims, while the harmless-looking woman with her hands tied was actually a criminal who escaped from prison.

Meanwhile, the corpses on the floor were killers from a terrifying international organization!

These matters were simply more shocking than the other.

“Okay, thank you both for your help! Mr.

Gray, dont worry.

We will definitely get to the bottom of the truth and not let any criminals escape!” The captain of the squad immediately assured Lucas.

Lucas nodded without saying anything.

He picked up William, who was still seriously injured and unconscious, and left without turning back.

As for Karen, who was lying motionless on the ground, she had already fallen into despair the moment the bunch of police officers rushed into the room.

She knew that she had completely dug her own grave and that she was definitely going to be sentenced to death!

Two hours later, Lucas had already sent William to Orange Coast Medical Center and had a doctor carefully examine and treat him.

William was then admitted to a spacious VIP ward.

William was lying on a snow-white hospital bed, his head and body wrapped in bandages.

There were several infusion bottles hanging around him, dripping medicine into his veins through the tubes.

Cheyenne and Charlotte were sitting beside the bed and staring at the unconscious William.

They wiped their tears from their red eyes.

Previously, William had been in the hospital for more than a month because of the car accident Karen had planned.

Yet he had been beaten into a pulp shortly after he was discharged.

Standing at the side, Lucas comforted, “Dont be too worried.

The doctor has already run a thorough checkup on William.

His injuries are mostly superficial, and he suffered only a rib and arm fracture.

As long as he recuperates properly in the ward for some time, he will get better soon.”

Jaces henchmen had indeed given William a hard beating.

But because Jace wanted to keep William alive to force Lucas to come, he had specially instructed his subordinates not to strike at Williams vital parts, allowing William to stay alive.

Otherwise, if William had really been killed by Jace because of being implicated or left with severe injuries, Lucas would definitely be riddled with guilt.

Based on the current situation, William would probably wake up in the evening.

And in about half a month or so, he would likely be able to leave the hospital and go home to recuperate.

After hearing what Lucas said, Cheyenne and Charlotte finally felt relieved.

“Lucas, how is that woman doing now” Charlotte suddenly asked with a sad look on her face after a moment of silence.

The woman she was referring to was naturally Karen.

Upon hearing her question, Cheyenne immediately turned her head to look at Lucas.

She looked just as sad and indignant.

To be honest, Cheyenne had never thought that Karen would do such a thing to Charlotte, her biological daughter.

If Charlotte hadnt been hugging her and crying her heart out to her, as well as the wound on her face, Cheyenne probably wouldnt have believed that Karen would really be so vicious as to abduct and hurt her daughter just to force Lucas to submit to her.

Lucas didnt hide anything.

“Shes already been taken away by the police, but…”

After hesitating for a moment, Lucas continued, “But she already committed a felony, and this time, she escaped from jail and abducted someone, adding two more charges.

So she will probably be sentenced to death.”

No matter what, Charlotte was Karens biological daughter, and Cheyenne had always treated Karen as her biological mother before.

So they both had the right to know this.

After hearing what Lucas said, both Cheyenne and Charlotte were visibly shocked and had complicated expressions on their faces.

There was anger, reminiscence, sadness, and a tinge of reluctance.

But they eventually had firm looks.

“She committed those crimes herself because she let her obsessions get the better of her.

No one could have saved her,” Charlotte said.

The cut Karen had made on her face with a fruit knife had already been disinfected and bandaged by a doctor.

After saying this, she gritted her teeth furiously, but she still couldnt hold her tears back.

No matter what, Karen was her mother, and now that she ended up in such a situation, Charlotte still felt extremely miserable.

Cheyennes eyes were also full of tears.

She reached out and wrapped her arms around Charlotte to comfort her.

“Its okay, Charlotte.

I will always be your sister.

No matter what happens, I will be here for you!”

“Cheyenne!” Charlotte could no longer contain her emotions as she fell into Cheyennes arms, bawling like a child.

Cheyenne and Charlotte hugged each other with tears streaming down their faces, just like they did when Karen had left them home alone when they were kids.

They would comfort and support each other.

Lucas watched quietly with some bitterness in his heart.

He could empathize with them at the moment.

But no matter what, he would never let Karen off the hook again.

Karen had committed too many heinous crimes and had completely ruined an originally happy family.

It was impossible for Lucas to let her off and give her the opportunity to hurt his loved ones again.

Since she had committed so many crimes, he would leave it to the law to give her the fairest judgment and verdict!

More than half a month later, Karens verdict finally came out.

Due to sufficient conclusive evidence, Karen was unsurprisingly given the death sentence, which would be executed immediately!


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