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“I see, thinking in reverse.

Nicely spotted, Shellrule.”


I’m just happy to help! I’m actually relieved, because I wasn’t too confident that it would work.”

“This really is effective… I do feel a little sorry though.”

This time, I’m in the dungeon with Shellrule and Ahri.

Shellrule looks both embarrassed and relieved as I praise her.

Ahri’s expression is harder to describe.

We are standing in front of the treasure chest, which is now filled with gold coins.

Shellrule’s suggestion was pretty simple.

First, Ahri grabbed a cat doll with one hand.

Then she cut its head above the treasure chest, and its torso fell.

The moment it touched the box, it turned to smoke and a gold coin appeared.

Then I poured a few drops of potion on the cat doll’s head that Ahri was still holding, and its torso grew again.

We kept repeating this, and ended up with a chest full of gold coins before too long.

“Who would’ve thought this was an option”

“I’m pretty sure this isn’t how we are supposed to do this.

There are probably stronger monsters somewhere that drop more gold coins, or something like that.”

“That would make sense, but we didn’t find any.

This was all you, Shellrule.”

“Thank you.

I thought of this when you told me that the cat dolls’ bodies turned to smoke the moment they fell on the ground after you cut them.

I guess the condition is that they have to take damage and touch the dungeon.”

“I see.

So you’re guessing that it’s not the cat dolls themselves, the dungeon produces the smoke, makes their corpses disappear, and produces the gold coins And potions work, so…”

As we discuss what’s happening here, Ahri looks at us like she remembered something.

“You two, if you don’t hurry, we will get another time up.”

I guess she couldn’t stand by and watch anymore.

Shellrule and I hunch a little and apologize.

“Sorry sorry.

How about we try closing the lid I can’t wait to see what happens.”

I say as I grab the lid of the treasure chest that’s now full of gold coins.


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