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Chapter 289 - That was incredibly insulting! (3)

After she entered the house and before she could even take a seat, Tong Xuelu saw three puppy limping over to her.

Mooncake was the one in front.

Followed by Tong Mianmian and Xiao Jiu.

The one dog and two children were all limping!

Hot dang!

Mooncake ran over and plopped itself down over the back of her foot.

It whimpered and pleaded for patting and comfort.

Tong Mianmian came over and put her arms around her legs.

She looked at Tong Xuelu with her big and limpid eyes.

“Big Sister, Mianmian’s feet hurt.

She needs kisses from Big Sister!”

Xiao Jiu was slightly more conservative than the other two.

He looked at Tong Xuelu longingly as he nodded repeatedly.

Tong Xuelu couldn't help but busted out laughing.

What a house full of actors!

She gave all three little cuties a kiss and that miraculously healed their limping.


The fall rain turned the temperature cold.

The weather was much colder after Tong Xuelu had gotten up the next day.

It felt like wintertime all of a sudden.

After Tong Xuelu had gotten up, she helped Tong Mianmian and Xiao Jiu got into thick winter clothes.

As Xiao Jiu didn’t have any clothes, she had no choice but to have him put on Tong Mianmian’s clothes.

Lo and behold, Xiao Jiu was pretty to begin with.

As soon as he put on girl’s clothing, he immediately looked like a little girl.

When Tong Jiaxin saw Xiao Jiu in a girl’s colorful cotton jacket, he rolled on the floor laughing.


Little Sister Xiao Jiu.

Xiao Jiu had turned into a girl!”

Xiao Jiu’s face turned beet red.

He lowered his head and stopped talking.

Tong Xuelu gave Tong Jiaxin a stare.

Startled, Tong Jiaxin almost choked on his own saliva.

He quickly kept his mouth shut.

As it was raining today, Tong Jiaming suggested that they should not push the bicycle to school with them today.

Tong Xuelu, overhearing their conversation, was stunned.

“Push You guys were not riding the bicycle to school but pushing it”

Tong Jiaming’s face turned beet red instantly.

He nodded and said, “Uh huh.

I am not able to ride with a passenger just yet.”

Tong Xuelu was baffled.

“If you can’t carry a passenger with you, why do you push the bike to school with you every day Isn’t that tiring”

Tong Jiaxin had a prideful look on him.

“Just a little bit tiring is no big deal.

You have no idea how many are envious of us!”

Tong Xuelu, “……”

Tong Jiaming’s face turned even redder.

He, too, seemed to have noticed exactly how vain that sounded.

Tong Xuelu made a detour to the police station on her way to work to ask about Xiao Jiu’s matters.

Officer Zhang informed her that they got very little information from the kidnappers.

All they found out was that Scar was the alias of their contact.

The man allegedly had a long scar across his face and was around 35 or so years old.

They had already had the sketches of him completed and had been on the look out for him.

As long as they could locate this individual, they would be able to figure out who Xiao Jiu is.

It had been days and Xiao Jiu’s family had yet to file a report.

This was too bizarre.

Even if they were his stepparents, they should have filed a police report by now.

Besides, judging from Xiao Jiu’s look, he didn’t look like a neglected child.

Tong Xuelu found that odd but she had yet to figure out how that could be.

The minute that she arrived at the restaurant, Liu Dongchang came storming up to her.

His eyes and brows standing straight up, he said, “What have you told Qingqing”

Tong Xuelu frowned and looked at him coldly.

“I have no idea what you are talking about”

Liu Dongchang stared at her.

“Don’t try to play dumb.

You talked to Qingqing for a long time inside the kitchen yesterday.

You must have said something to her.

Why else would she try to hang herself today”

Hang herself!


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