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A corner of the school.

It was only by chance that I witnessed this scene in that unpopular place.

“I’ve had enough of this.

It’s already too late, Chinatsu,… because you betrayed me.”

“T-that’s not…No…it’s not Kentaro”

“Don’t touch me.”

With a thud, the girl’s outstretched hand was knocked off.

A man and a woman in an acrimonious mood.

It was clearly the scene of a shuraba.

(T/N: “Shuraba”:- “Scene of Carnage”),

The two people involved in this scene, Chinatsu Sugito and Kentaro Osako , were my classmates.

Knowing their relationship, I was very surprised to witness this scene.

Chinatsu-chan and Osako were childhood friends.

Moreover, Chinatsu-chan had a crush on Osako.

She was a woman who could handle everything with ease and often took care of her childhood friend, who was a little clumsy.

Although she complained about it, from the outside, it was obvious that she was overflowing with joy at being able to take care of him.

Why was she being accused of “betraying” him

“You’ve always been arrogant, haughty, and selfish.

I used to hate that about you.

Not only that, but you did such insidious things… Did you enjoy using me as a toy ”

(T/N: When being a tsundere backfires)

“No! I didn’t do that! It wasn’t me! Believe me, Kentaro.



I’m tired of hearing excuses.

Let’s go, Ayano.”

Osako hugged the shoulder of the other girl present, Ayano Matsuyuki.

Matsuyuki was a classmate, a beautiful girl who was popular with all the boys in school.

Her fair complexion and long, straight black hair made her look like a neat and tidy beauty, which was probably the reason why she was so popular.

Why was such a popular guy getting along so well with Osako And of all people, she was next to the guy who was blaming Chinatsu-chan, which made it hard to grasp the relationship between the two.

“Noo….Wait, Wait…..

I beg you, please wait, Kentaro!”

Even though Chinatsu-chan reached out to him and tried her best to speak up, Osako ignored her and turned away and walked away, still holding Matsuyuki’s shoulder.

“Are you okay, Kentaro-kun”

“It’s okay.

Chinatsu won’t understand unless I say this much.

I can’t stay with a selfish woman who doesn’t even try to consider other people’s feelings.”

(T/N: Oh You little son of a… “Childhood friend” Yeah no, you little ungrateful son of a)

Osako and Matsuyuki walked away, ignoring the sobbing Chinatsu-chan.

Chinatsu-chan, who was left behind, continued to cry for a while.

I couldn’t show myself in such a situation, so I hid until she calmed down.

Finally calmed down, she left the place dazed and alone.

……I think I’ve witnessed something outrageous.

However, I knew that my feelings for Chinatsu-chan, who was single-mindedly devoted to Osako, would never reach her.

So I couldn’t confess my feelings to her, and I couldn’t get involved with her any more than I had to.

I could imagine that if I wanted more than a normal friendship with her, she would reject me immediately.


Chinatsu-chan’s sobs echoed softly in the quiet hallway.


But what would it be like now

No matter how much she liked the person, she was abused so badly.

Her heart must have been greatly broken.

Normally, it would not be surprising if she had run out of affection for him.

Still, I believe that her single-mindedness would not suddenly make her lose all the affection she had nurtured so far.

But it must have definitely upset her.

When people say bad things about you, you get angry and sad.

That was a natural reaction for anyone, and this one clearly reached the level of abuse.

Even if it was someone you like, there was no way you wouldn’t feel bad about it.

I couldn’t let this emotional vacillation go unnoticed.

“…… Yoshi.”

Chapter 1: Side by Side with everyday life

This was my chance.

I’ll take advantage of the heartbroken Chinatsu-chan.

And get her to look at me.

I came up with that idea in this short time.

Good things must be done quickly.

I had to get into the gap in her wounded heart before Chinatsu-chan could recover.

I started to run.

I had to wait until her tears dried up.


(T/N: Imagine Rin and Saya but roles are reversed)


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