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The girl you like was crying.

What action should a man take in such a situation


When I silently offered a handkerchief to Chinatsu-chan, I made her cry even more.

Was I wrong in my perception that a man’s handkerchief was for crying girls

–Maybe it was so hard to see Osako with Matsuyuki that she cried.

I knew how much Chinatsu-chan liked Osako because I have heard a lot about it from her own mouth.

The reason I came to advise her was to get along with her.

Even with such solid reasons, I almost threw out the consultation once or twice in front of her when she talked about her favorite childhood friend.

The more jealous I became, the greater Chinatsu-chan’s feeling of love.

Because of that, the sadness I felt now was immeasurable.

“For now, how about eating the crepe Look, the contents will melt.”

Chinatsu-chan nodded her head while crying.

Then we spent a lot of time eating crepes in silence.

Chinatsu-chan was very slow to eat because of her crying.

“Do you want me to buy you a drink”

I suggested, thinking that she would need time to calm down.

“Thanks …….

But it’s okay.


When I stood up from the bench, she grabbed me by the pants and stopped me.

From her voice, it sounded like she had not yet regained her energy.

“I’m just thirsty, Chinatsu-chan turn is next, So”

The hand grabbing my trousers was tightened.

I sat down on the bench, unable to resist.

Chinatsu-chan wiped her tears with the handkerchief I handed her.

Then she sniffed.

I was the only one here, so her maiden reputation would not drop.


Chinatsu-chan’s voice was no longer laced with tears.

“I liked Kentaro.”


I know.”

Even if I knew, it was significant for Chinatsu-chan to tell me from her own mouth.

I wasn’t that insensitive to not notice it.

Ah…Not good, this trend was a pattern of being dumped.

Even if I take advantage of her weakness, I won’t be able to stand next to Chinatsu-chan…

“But I can’t remember why I liked Kentaro so much.”



I was half prepared to be told something like, “I’m going to die for Kentaro’s love,” but it seemed that the story was not what I expected.

“I don’t think I lied about my feelings for him, but I don’t even remember how long I’ve loved him.

I thought that since we had been together since birth, we would be together forever.

I had never felt that Kentaro was cool or that he protected me.

Maybe I was delusional that one day Kentaro would do something great.”

As if to sort out her own mind, Chinatsu-chan spit out words all at once.

“I thought since we had known each other since childhood, we had a bond.

But Kentaro believed the people who bullied him more than me, whom he’s known for years.

…… After all, that’s all I am.

He doesn’t trust me in any way.”

I listened to her story in silence.

Whether Chinatsu-chan was at fault at all was not the case, even with my favoritism.

A harsh tone may make a weak mentality like Osako’s shrink.

Still, Chinatsu-chan took care of Osako, who tended to dawdle, to keep him on the road.

Sometimes she encouraged him, sometimes she scolded him, and sometimes she cleaned up his mess with her actions.

Far from trusting such a devoted girl, he treated her as a traitor.

I couldn’t help but think that he was beyond insensitive and foolish.

“It’s my fault I couldn’t do better.


And Chinatsu-chan always blamed herself.


I looked at her earnestly, hoping that she would understand my feelings even a little.

“I want you to go out with me.”


“I know.

Chinatsu-chan is brave, sensitive, lovely and cute.

You’re a hardworking, shy, and straightforward girl.”

How well did I know Chinatsu-chan I had the confidence to take the Chinatsu-chan test.

“I want to protect you.

I want to be close to you.

I want to see and experience the same things.

I like you so much ……, I can’t help but think so.”

Chinatsu-chan rested her head on my shoulder.

“I’m a dishonest woman.


“Uh …… What do you mean, ‘dishonest’”

I was inwardly flustered by Chinatsu-chan’s sudden contact.

No, because her head was so close to me! Oh, it smells so good …….

I couldn’t turn my gaze away from the light pigmented red hair.

Each strand of her hair was beautiful.

She was at such a distance that I could clearly see it.

“I was waiting for Sano-kun to praise me like that.”


“Sano-kun, I was really happy when you cared about me, when you praised me, when you told me that you… L-Like me….

I was really happy.”

Chinatsu-chan, who was pressing her head against me.

What is this happiness attack!

“Then I realized that it feels pretty good ..

to be touched by … Sano-kun.



My heart was pounding in my chest.

This pounding in my chest was obviously different from usual.

“I want to be by your side, Sano-kun.

…… I’ve been thinking about that all day.

I felt like I wanted to be honest with myself about how I was feeling after you were so thoughtful of me earlier.”

Chinatsu-chan took a deep breath.

I could feel her determination.

And then, she cut to the chase.

“I don’t know if I can do it properly, but will you make me… Sano-kun, your… l-lover”

“Of course! Please be my girlfriend!”

I answered immediately despite my inner turmoil.

It was not just that I had expected that I might be rejected.

I never thought I would get a reply to my confession now.

This isn’t a dream, is it

“…I did it”

Chinatsu-chan buried her face in my chest and said so in a small voice.

… So cute.

It was that cuteness that brought me back to reality.

“Um, Chinatsu-chan.”

“What is it”

After enjoying my happiness for a while, I asked her for a favor.

“…… can I hug you”

“Rather, I’ve been waiting for you.”

Chinatsu-chan, who was burying her face in my chest and looking me upward, was a cuteness that broke through the heavens.

“Then, then ….”

I fearfully put my hand around her back.

She was more slender than I expected.

And yet, her bosom hit me and asserted its large presence.

As I was getting stiff, Chinatsu-chan put her arms around me in the same way.

I felt as if our feelings had been shared, and my heart was filled with a sense of happiness.

Today was the memorial day that Chinatsu-chan and I started dating.


(T/N: I shed a tear, Good Job My man)


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