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On his way home after school.

Kentaro was going home with his beloved Ayano.

“–And he’s just that kind of guy.

I think I could have done better, but I wonder why I can’t.”

“Is that so Kentaro-kun is amazing.”

What he was talking about was an episode in middle school.

Kentaro said to his former classmate, “That’s why he’s no good.” “I could have done better if they had chosen me,” he insisted.

Ayano listened to Kentaro’s stories with a smile.

Thanks to such a good listener, he felt more and more comfortable talking to her.


Kentaro had never had a friendly conversation with a girl, except for his childhood friend Chinatsu.

He always lacked self-confidence, and this lack of confidence was even more apparent when he was talking to someone of the opposite s*x.

He was always disappointed by such an attitude, and usually ended up being turned away.

However, Ayano was different from other girls.

When he was depressed after being viciously bullied, she spoke to him kindly.

She listened to him with pleasantries without being discouraging, even though he was just spewing out words that didn’t get the point across.

(T/N: As in she was just being a yes woman and agreeing to whatever he was saying)

Ayano’s receptive response made Kentaro feel at peace for the first time.

“If it’s alright with you, I’m always willing to listen.”

Like an angel, Kentaro thought.

Kind words.

A kind expression.

Most of all, the close proximity to her beautiful appearance made his heart, not just his face, burn with embarrassment and joy.

“Um, Matsuyuki-san.


W-Would you go out with me”

By the time he realized it, it was too late.

It is true that I am in love with her.

But to suddenly confess it would annoy her.

Besides, there is no way she would accept a confession from someone like me.


Kentaro cursed himself for saying what he thought.

“I’m fine with it.

Let’s go out.

I want to hear more about you, Kentaro-kun.”

(T/N: Uhh yeah I think just as our MC predicted)

But the angel was here.

Kentaro was grateful.

He even thought that she must be an angel that God had given to him for all his hard work.

And from the day he got a girlfriend, Kentaro’s life changed completely.


“….I’m sorry for all the terrible things we’ve done.

We won’t have anything to do with you anymore.”

The bullies bowed down and apologized to Kentaro.

Bullying that even seemed endless.

It ended abruptly.

At first, he could not believe it.

But then Kentaro learned the truth.

“I’m sorry.

We were only doing what we were asked to do.

Chinatsu Sugito said you were bothering her.

We had good intentions.”

Everything was planned by Chinatsu.

A childhood friend who was always nagging him.

She always restricted Kentaro’s behavior, telling him to “behave properly” or “don’t talk like that” etc.

Our houses are next to each other and our parents are good friends.

So I became her childhood friend, and this is how she treated me. …… Kentaro’s anger towards Chinatsu welled up in his heart.

A childhood friend who should have been on his side.

And yet, what she was doing was the exact opposite.

There was no way he could forgive her.

–The traitor must be dealt with.

“Ayano, I need a favor.”

“If there’s anything I can do to help, please let me know.

I will do everything I can to help you.”

My only ally is Ayano.

Kentaro thanked the angel for thinking of him and decided to take revenge on Chinatsu.

“That’s enough.

It’s too late now, Chinatsu …… because you betrayed me.”

“N-No t-that’s …….

It’s not,…, It’s not, Kentaro!”

Thus, Kentaro, accompanied by Ayano, took revenge on Chinatsu, the mastermind behind the bullying.

It was Kentaro’s kindness that he did not talk back to Chinatsu until now.

He showed his seriousness to her, who was oblivious to such things.

That was enough to make the power relationship clear.

(Oh dear, you underestimated me just because we’ve known each other since childhood.

That’s what happens when you get carried away.)

As he watched Chinatsu break down in tears, Kentaro felt his own heart begin to clear.

He laughed, intoxicated by the sensation.

(T/N: Mother______)

With Ayano, I won’t lose to anyone.

I can show my seriousness to the fullest.

Satisfied with his sense of omnipotence, Kentaro had no regard for his childhood friend’s feelings.


“Then Ayano.

See you after school.”

“Yes, I will.

I can pick you up from class again, right”

“Yes, please.”

Since the beginning of his relationship with Ayano, there have been other things that had changed besides Chinatsu.

Kentaro and Ayano were dating.

This news spread throughout the school, and his position in the classroom changed.

Ayano Matsuyuki, who was absolutely popular among boys, was his girlfriend.

This fact has quickly raised Kentaro’s standing in the class, where he had been treated like a gloomy loner.

He was now able to greet his classmates and chat with them.

His number of friends had also increased.

He could even talk with the top group without hesitation.

–It was worth showing off.

Kentaro purposely had Ayano come to his classroom to pick him up so that his classmates could witness it.

Not only that, he actively spread the word about their relationship.

Thanks to this, he became a conspicuous presence on campus.

Everything was going well.

….Atleast, that’s what Kentao thought

(Well, I’m getting envied more and more.

I guess that’s what you call an ordeal.)

Masataka Sano.

Kentaro never thought he would be caught saying a malicious lie to him.

A boy from the same middle school.

Although he belonged to a higher group, he talked to Kentaro who failed to make friends when he entered the school.

He never doubted that he was a good person.

(I guess even someone like that can’t tell when he’s jealous.

Ayano has no intention of dating me Just misunderstand That’s ridiculous.

Ayano is honestly listening to me.)

Kentaro decided that Masataka was also a lowly human being.

(T/N: The irony)

All He needed was Ayano.

As long as he had her, everything would be fine.

He didn’t need his childhood friend, the traitor, from the very beginning.

–He still had no idea that his thoughts had been answered and that Chinatsu was really out of his reach.


(T/N: Man he is a disgrace to all the loners in romcoms)


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