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“A-anone ….

I’m embarrassed that we’re dating, so I haven’t ….told everyone yet.”

“Don’t tell me Are you embarrassed to be known to be dating me”


“That’s not what I meant!”

Chinatsu-chan, flustered, turned her red face toward me.

Her eyes were more desperate than serious.

“That’s not what I meant.

… I’ve never been in a relationship before.


“I know.

Not because I’m the one you’re dating, but because you’re embarrassed to be seen dating”

“…… yes.

I’m sorry.”

Chinatsu-chan gave a small nod.

I have decided to respect Chinatsu-chan’s heart.

If she was embarrassed, I don’t mind if she kept it a secret from her friends.

…… But, well, if she gets used to the embarrassment and is willing to openly declare that she’s my girlfriend, I’m going to do everything in my power to brag about her.

She’s my cutest girlfriend! You know!

For that reason, I need her to get used to it.

“Then it’s a secret between us for the time being.

Wow, I’m getting nervous thinking that I’m sharing a secret with Chinatsu-chan.”

“W-when you say it like that, it makes me nervous too.”


That’s nice to hear.”

When I smiled, even Chinatsu-chan’s expression became gentle.

That also made me happy because I felt like she was looking right at me.

“So-so …… when we’re alone.


Chinatsu chan started speaking shyly again.

What kind of cute request will she make this time

She was staring at me timidly and looking up, making it difficult to maintain my composure.

“That …, can I call you Masa-kun when we’re alone …”


I was shocked as if I had received a strong punch.

Because Chinatsu called me “Masa-kun”! I was excited to be called something that was unlikely to happen until now.

Besides, it sounded so cute.

As expected of Chinatsu-chan!


“No, not at all! Go ahead!”

“I see.

I’m glad.



She looked deeply relieved at something like this.

Chinatsu-chan was an awkward girl.

She probably believed she was not good at measuring distance, and that was why she was so careful with me to make sure I didn’t take it in the wrong way.

Even her childhood friend Osako didn’t trust her.

I guess she was trying to approach me timidly so that it won’t happen again.


I hugged Chinatsu-chan.

“It’s just you and me now.”

“What Y-Yeah

“So call me.”

I whispered in her ear.

That’s how she knew what I wanted.

“……, Ma-Masa-kun.”

She called me bashfully, but firmly.

This pretty and cute girl is my girlfriend, right Not so long ago, I had never thought that we could have this kind of relationship.

But the warmth in her arms was accepting me.

“Yeah, I love you, Chinatsu-chan”


Perhaps embarrassed, Chinatsu-chan hugged me back with all her might.

It’s a secret that she was unexpectedly strong, I had to suppress my voice in agony.

Because I am a boy.


When you get a girlfriend, your life changes forever.

Life becomes rosy.

I could say that because it was no exaggeration to say that my life was really rosy.

Even the daily routine of school life was another occasion for me to meet Chinatsu-chan.

Every day was already a treat.

“Good morning, Chinatsu-chan.”

“Good morning, Ma……, Sa-Sano-kun!”

Even the usual greetings were different.

It was cute how she almost called me “Masa-kun” and then hurriedly corrected herself.

“The weather forecast said the rainy season started today.” She said,

“No wonder it’s so humid.

Didn’t you have trouble getting your hair done”

“I don’t have that much trouble.”

“Hou, I envy you for that.

…..Can I touch your hair” I asked,

“But not when we’re at school.”

I had a casual conversation with Chinatsu-chan.

Perhaps because she said she wanted to keep it a secret, Chinatsu-chan seemed to be trying to interact with me as usual at school.

However, there was a definite change.

Chinatsu-chan, perhaps unconsciously, became closer to me when talking to me.

The piercing and sharp look on her face had completely disappeared, and her expression had become softer.

She looked at me more often.

And so on.

Although she said things were business as usual at school, changes in our relationship could be found in places.

“Sano-kun, you have a piece of lint on your shoulder.”

“Ah, thank you.”

Chinatsu-chan’s hand touched my shoulder.

Even though she was just picking up the dirt, I felt nervous just by her touch.

We hugged right after we started dating.

I was just getting used to it.

I began to be taken care of by Chinatsu-chan.

I guess she herself had a tendency to want to take care of the people she liked.

In other words, Chinatsu-chan liked me.

That’s true because we were now boyfriend and girlfriend, but when she expressed it through her actions like this, I couldn’t help but be happy.

“Then, let’s have lunch together again.”

“Yes, I’m looking forward to our lunch break.”

Gradually she was getting used to it, and although she refrained from making out with me in the classroom, she no longer seemed to have any resistance to being alone with me during lunch break or after school.

Since we started dating, my relationship with Chinatsu-chan has developed little by little.

Each interaction was fulfilling.

Smooth sailing indeed.

From now on, I could make out with Chinatsu-chan and be lovey-dovey with her.

There’s no way I could stop smiling.

“Ayano! What do you mean you can’t always see me on your days off!”

The loud voice of Osako, who didn’t seem to be sailing smoothly, reached my ears as I was leading a heartwarming and happy life.


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