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“Masa-kun, is the water hot enough for you”

“Y-Yes, I’m fine.


How did this happen

After school on a rainy day.

I went home under a shared umbrella with Chinatsu-chan.

On the way , the truck’s tires splashed up water.

I was soaked to the skin.

Chinatsu-chan, who couldn’t stand to see me, invited me to her house, and now I was taking a bath at her house.

“What kind of hilarious situation is this!”

“What’s wrong, Masa-kun Is something wrong”

“No-no it’s okay.

So don’t ever open the door!”

I was completely naked in the bathroom at her house.

Chinatsu-chan was right there in the changing room.

Looking back, there was a limit to this.

“I’ll be waiting in the living room.

Masa-kun, please take your time to warm up.”

With these words, She walked away.

Now that I was alone, I organized my thoughts.

I remembered to soak in the bathtub up to my shoulders.


My body warmed up.

As I relaxed, I began to remember what had happened since my arrival at Chinatsu-chan’s house.


When I arrived at Chinatsu-chan’s house, her parents were not at home… Contrary to my nervousness, Chinatsu-chan led me to the bathroom without hesitation.

She said, “Take off your clothes so I can wash them,” and I took them off, and I just realized.

“No! I took it off by myself.

Chinatsu-chan didn’t see me take it off!”

My voice reverberated in the bathroom, and I was embarrassed that I probably shouldn’t have said anything.

I was at my limit….

Just being at her house for the first time made me nervous, but I was really confused about the situation in the bathtub and so on.

From the time I entered the bathroom, the bath was already boiling.

Probably it was her mother who boiled the water for her daughter who might get wet in the rain.

If it were true, Chinatsu-chan was supposed to take a bath right after she came home.

No, even if it wasn’t, it was the bath she used every day.

Every day she bathes here …….

She would relax while soaking in the bathtub and think about me while relaxing.


Urghh, I can’t stop imagining Chinatsu-chan’s bath scene when I’m here…

“…Time to leave”

I got out of the bath and changed my clothes before I fell asleep.

The change of clothes seemed to belong to Chinatsu-chan’s father.

I felt strangely nervous.

“Masa-kun, have you warmed up well Here, this is ginger tea.”

When I went to the living room, Chinatsu-chan kindly took care of me.

I received a cup of warm ginger tea.

It was freshly brewed and was steaming hot.

“I thought it would be easier to drink it when it was a little cooler, so I put it in earlier, but I guess I was too late.”

“I’m not a cat-tongued person, so I’m fine.

Does that mean you have a cat tongue, Chinatsu-chan”

(T/N: Cat-tongued person:- Someone who can’t handle hot food or drinks)

“Y-you might burn yourself if it’s too hot.”

“That’s right”

Her lovely concern warmed my heart and body.

After finishing the ginger tea, Chinatsu-chan dropped a bombshell.

“It will take a while for the uniforms to dry, so why don’t you wait in my room until then”


How can I not be surprised by Chinatsu-chan’s seemingly casual invitation No, Impossible!

“Is it okay if I go to your room, Chinatsu-chan”

“Well, We’ve nothing to do even if we stay here anyway.”

No, it’s not a matter of doing something or anything like that

I wanted to ask her if she was comfortable with letting a man into her room.

I wanted to ask her exactly that, but I didn’t say anything.

“Tha…t’s right…”

It was rather convenient.

I had not expected to be able to enter Chinatsu-chan’s room so soon, but it was a happy miscalculation.

The weather, rain, brought me happiness.

I hated the rainy season, but this was the only time I came to like it.

It’s not a bad idea to get fully wet once in a while.

As I followed Chinatsu-chan as she led me to her room, I was filled with unwanted expectations.


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