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I may have messed up…

I kissed Chinatsu-chan.

I thought she accepted it because I did it twice, but there has been an awkward atmosphere between her and me since then.



Even when we were together, we were silent.

It was not a comfortable silence, but only an awkward silence.

I understand.

Chinatsu-chan is just embarrassed.

“Chinatsu-chan ….”


If I try to close the distance even a little, she jumps away from me like an overly cautious cat.

To be honest, I was hurt.

But since Chinatsu-chan also made an apologetic face, I forgave her for her cuteness.

Maybe she doesn’t hate me, I think ….

If she really hated me, she wouldn’t even try to get near me.

But I was not in the right state of mind to have a conversation with her in a calm and peaceful manner.

And Chinatsu-chan seemed like she was new to sexual things.

That’s why I was supposed to attack that part slowly.


But you know, She was at fault too.

She was all alone with me, but she was not even conscious of me.

I was not a harmless childhood friend.

“-What the h**l, pushing responsibility on Chinatsu-chan is the worst.”

I couldn’t stop sighing.

I felt I could understand a little how Chinatsu-chan blamed herself now.

“What’s the matter, Masa-kun You’re just sighing all the time.”

“I know what it is.

It’s called the wedding blues.

It’s been raining a lot lately, so I’m feeling a little tired.”

“You don’t know what it means.

You just said a word you heard on TV.

If you’re going to use it, you’d better learn what it means.”

One minute I thought she was worried about me, the next she was laughing hysterically.

What does she want….


It was the first lunch time with a group of friends since Chinatsu-chan and I became lovers.

The fact that I felt nostalgic for this noise and masculine smell showed how much I spent time with her.

Chinatsu-chan was also having lunch with her friends today.

It was important to respect each other’s friendships from time to time.

I believe it was not because she was avoiding me.


I need some advice.”

I might not be able to come to a conclusion on my own.

I could also ask my friends for advice.

Even if I couldn’t get proper advice, I might be able to sort it out by talking about it.

I’ll keep the fact that we were dating a secret.

Well, as long as I don’t mention Chinatsu-chan’s name, it should be fine.

“Actually, I’ve got a girlfriend.”

“It’s Sugito-san, right”

“It must be Sugito-san, right”

“It’s obvious Sugito-san.”

“How did you find out!”

What are you guys Espers

“Masa, Did you really think we wouldn’t find out”

“I wish I could show you how much you care about Sugito-san.”

“I saw you together at lunchtime.

Don’t give that boyfriend aura out.”

It’s impossible to get away from this situation.

Sorry Chinatsu-chan, I wasn’t able to hide it at all.

“So, what do you want to talk to us about”

I was prepared to be made fun of, but they seemed to be rather normal and willing to listen to me.

“Actually… I kissed her.”

“Yeah, Explode you Riajuu”

“I’ve never been so disappointed in Masa before.”

“Bragging under the guise of advice Seems like you’re trying to piss me off.


At once the atmosphere turned sour.

Especially, the guy who had never had a girlfriend in his life was looking at me in a frightening way.

“Wait, wait, this is a misunderstanding! Hear me out!”

I explained to them (keeping her name out of it, in case you’re wondering) that since I kissed her, she’s been distancing herself from me, and it was hard for me to have a proper conversation with her.

“Isn’t that because she is shy”

“That’s what I thought”

“Well, from your reaction, I’m pretty sure she doesn’t hate you.”

Avoiding because she likes me, huh

I thought so too, but I was convinced when people told me so.

After all, Chinatsu-chan didn’t dislike me because I kissed her forcibly.

“Then there’s no need to be anxious, right”

“Why don’t you just act normal until she talks to you”

“I’d rather keep my distance until things settle down, but that would be dishonest.”

“… Explode”

Are you the only one who can’t give any advice!

“I understand.

Thanks, guys.”

But thanks to the advice I’d received, I didn’t feel so depressed.

Times like these were the times when I learned the importance of friends.


After lunch, I was walking down the hallway to return to the classroom with everyone else.

In my experience, it was dangerous to walk in unpopular places, so I made sure to walk in the hallways where there were more people.

“Oh, hey there, you guys!”

I stopped a group of three boys I saw there.

“…… what”

Each of them had a different kind of sulky look on their faces.

I guess there were different kinds of sulkiness.

All three of them looked like honor students.

Well, in fact, they seemed to be honor students.

At least on the outside.

“You guys are in Class 2-A, right”

“That’s right.”

“My name is Sano Masataka , from Class D, Year 2.”

I was just glad Chinatsu-chan was not here.

I couldn’t do this when she was around.

“Can you lend me your face for a minute”

I asked nicely to the guys who had been bullying Osako.


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