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Today I had a date with Chinatsu-chan.

Even on a date, I did my routine every morning.

I did some light studying, some light muscle training, and a quick news check.

The rainy season had not ended yet, but today was a sunny day, and the temperature was said to be over 30 degrees Celsius.

“I’ll have to make sure I hydrate frequently.

I should also take care of Chinatsu-chan’s physical condition.”

I added the information to the date plan I had created in my brain.

Is there any bed hair Are there any wrinkles on my clothes I carefully checked my appearance before going out.

“Areh, Onii, are you going out now”

Before I could say anything else, my younger sister discovered me.

“Ah, Onii-chan is going on a date.”


Have a nice day.”

My sister disappeared across the hallway, seemingly uninterested.

But then she returned with a thud and terrific speed.

“Onii, you have a girlfriend!”

“What Ah, yeah.

I got one recently.”

“I haven’t heard anything about it!”

Come to think of it, didn’t I report it Well, Chinatsu-chan said she wanted to keep it a secret, and my family was no exception.

“Hmm, I’m glad you gave up on your unrequited love ….

Your sister is glad you realize there are other girls out there.”

A sister who goes out of her way to mimic crying and be happy.

That’s a funny statement from a sister’s point of view, you know

“Who said I got another girl I told you that the woman I love hasn’t changed.”

“Eh, so the other party is Chinatsu-chan-senpai”


I got so worked up that I let it slip out.

Well, I guess family is an exception to the rule of secrecy, right.


“That’s right, I’m dating Chinatsu-chan.

Please keep this between us.”

My sister dropped in surprise..

I think your reaction is too exaggerated, no



“I’m serious.”

“Are you talking about a dream”

“You want me to pinch your cheeks”

She’s such a rude sister.

If I had to deal with her any longer, I would be late for the meeting.

I put on my shoes and put my hand on the front door.

“Ah, Onii.

Tell this to Chinatsu-chan senpai when you see her.

Thank you for making my brother a decent man.”

“…I’m going”

So, from whose point of view were those words

To make up for the time I had wasted, I ran in the heat, too hot for this time of year.


Again, I was the first to arrive at the meeting place.

It was worth the run.

“Masa-kun! What’s wrong, you’re all sweaty.”

Soon after, Chinatsu-chan arrived.

I had run in high temperatures and humidity.

It was easy to imagine that I would be sweating, but I couldn’t slow down because I didn’t want to make her wait for me.

“Ahaha… I’m sorry, I turned into a sweaty man even though it was a long-awaited date.”

“Don’t worry about it.

Let’s go somewhere to cool off and have something to drink.”

The date suddenly started with a break.

My date plan in my brain went haywire right away.

But thanks to that, I should say.

Even though it had been so awkward, I was able to talk with Chinatsu-chan as usual.


“What is it”

“That skirt is the one you bought when we went on our last date.

Just as I thought, it really suits you, Chinatsu-chan, and you look cute in it.”

“….Thank you.”

Chinatsu-chan blushed.

There was no awkwardness, and she smiled cutely.

We took a break at a nearby coffee shop.

The air-conditioning and iced coffee restored all my energy.

“All right! Let’s go, Chinatsu-chan!”

“Masa-kun, you’re so excited.”

“That’s right.

I couldn’t sleep at night because I couldn’t wait for our date.”

Chinatsu-chan looked embarrassed by my straightforward words.

“……I was also really looking forward to today’s date, too.”

Chinatsu-chan stared at me as she said that.

Her ears were red.


Let’s have a lot of fun today.”

This…Is it possible

Initially, I thought it would be good if today’s date could improve the awkward relationship between me and Chinatsu-chan.

But it was no exaggeration to say that my initial goal has already been achieved.

On the contrary, I even felt that Chinatsu-chan was trying to get closer to me.

Wouldn’t this mean that I could kiss Chinatsu-chan again It may even be possible to deepen our relationship even more today.

The thought of it made me feel full of energy.

Men were cash animals.

(T/N: A cash person/animal is someone who easily changes his or her assertions and attitude based on whether he or she is willing to lose or gain, in other words, on the basis of profit or loss.)

On the way to the intended station, I casually tried to hold Chinatsu-chan’s hand.


The moment I touched her hand, Chinatsu’s body shook as if she had received an electric shock.


The magnitude of the reaction made me pull my hand back, too.

“I-I’m sorry… Um, I was surprised…”

“No, no, I’m sorry.

If you suddenly touch me, I’d be surprised too…”

For some reason, that’s all I managed to squeeze out.

Deep down inside, I was shocked that Chinatsu-chan rejected me.

But I couldn’t show my hurt expression in front of her.

I smiled and walked in front of her.

Now that was my fault.

I got carried away and tried to touch Chinatsu-chan, thinking it would be okay.

Even though she may not have fully digested what happened when I kissed her forcibly yet, ….

“I-I’m sorry! It’s not… It’s not that, Masa-kun.”

Suddenly, my arm was pulled and I stopped in my tracks.

When I looked, Chinatsu-chan looked like she was about to cry and was holding my arm.

“It’s not that I don’t like it… I was just surprised because I’m not used to it… I love you, Masa-kun….”

(T/N: Must protect Chinatsu)

She tightened her hold on my arm.

“…Masa-kun Are you angry”


Chinatsu-chan and I couldn’t make eye contact.


That and the two big fruits that I could feel on my arms as she hugged me were the reason I couldn’t show her the expression on my face.

“…… what I do to you, Chinatsu-chan.

If you’re shy, feel free to say no.”


But I want to do my best too.

So, Masa-kun, if there’s anything you want to do, don’t hesitate to tell me, okay”

“I want to hold hands with you, Chinatsu-chan.



I also… ….want to hold hands with you, Masa-kun.


My arm was released.

Then we timidly held hands.



For some reason, I felt more nervous walking hand in hand with her than kissing her.

(T/N: Like it’s said, Holding hands more lewd than kissing)

However, the time spent in silence with Chinatsu-chan somehow became less awkward.


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