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Today’s date destination was an amusement park.

It was not a big place like a theme park in a certain mouse country.

It was an amusement park with reasonable prices, the kind of place that families would enjoy on a short holiday.

“I haven’t been to an amusement park since elementary school.” she said,

“Me too.

This isn’t the first time I’ve been here, but I kind of feel smaller than I did when I was a kid.”

I bought a one-day pass.

There was a family discount, but no couple discount.

It’s a shame, because I wanted to brag about my girlfriend at least in these areas.

I entered and went around holding hands with Chinatsu-chan.

I could feel the tension in her clasped hands.

Even so, she did not want to let go of my hand.

She must be embarrassed, but she was doing her best to overcome the feelings that were inexplicably welling up in her.

I was so excited by Chinatsu-chan’s innocence that I wanted to jump up and down even though I hadn’t yet ridden one of the attractions.

“I’m sorry.

I’m not used to it yet…”

“It’s fine.

I know you are doing your best.

Besides, I’m also nervous about my first girlfriend.”


I just told her that I was nervous as well, but she gave me a doubtful look.

“Because, Masa-kun, haven’t you been with a lot of girls in your life”

“Did you have that kind of impression of me You are my first girlfriend, Chinatsu-chan”


Apparently, in Chinatsu-chan’s imagination, I had become a boy with a lot of romantic experience.

“Because that … Masa-kun is good looking, and you seem to be used to it ….

And … kissing, you were good at it.


After saying that much, Chinatsu-chan’s face turned red.

“Is that so Was my kissing that good”

“Mou… I don’t know.”

Ah, how fun it was to embarrass Chinatsu-chan.

And I was seen as a good looking and popular guy by Chinatsu-chan And she said my kissing was good.

…… I’m so glad I did the image training.

“Don’t look at me like that.

It’s impossible not to think you’re experienced after kissing me so forcibly.”

“I understand.

Next time, I’ll say a few words before kissing you.”

“……, Baka.”

She turned away from me.

But she still didn’t let go of my hand.

“Really……I don’t think you’re stupid, Masa-kun.”


I know.”

Perhaps she thought she had said something bad about me, Chinatsu-chan embarrassedly corrected herself.

I wasn’t angry or offended even if you haven’t said that.

But the fact that she cared was a sign that she was trying to be a little more honest.

I was looking forward to watching her as she tried to change.


A classic amusement park roller coaster.

I hadn’t ridden it in a while, but it was a lot of fun.

“Ahhh, It was like being a kid again.

It was a lot of fun.”

“I know right.

I had fun too.

Masa-kun, do you want to go for another ride”

“Yes, let’s go again!!”

We got back in line and rode the roller coaster again.

“Uwa!” or “Kyaaa!” It was also refreshing to be able to scream as loud as I wanted.

Chinatsu-chan, who was enjoying herself like a child next to me, was adorable, and I learned a new way to enjoy screaming.

“Ahh, I rode it, I rode it.”

“It’s the first time I’ve ridden roller coasters in a row.”

“Really If you love roller coasters so much, you must ride them two or three times to be satisfied.”

“I know, but Kentaro always gets exhausted.

… Ah”

Chinatsu-chan held her mouth reflexively.

She talked about another man in front of her boyfriend.

As expected, she realized how bad it was.

Chinatsu-chan made an awkward expression on her face.

…I know

The time she had spent with her childhood friend was nothing compared to the time she had spent with me.

That was how deeply rooted it was in Chinatsu-chan’s memories.

Me and Chinatsu-chan became lovers.

That didn’t mean her memories would disappear.

There was no way it could be erased.

I mean, it didn’t matter if she had a boy she grew up with or not.

I like Chinatsu-chan with everything.

I felt proud of that feeling.

“Hey, Chinatsu-chan.”


“Tell me about the time you played at the amusement park when you were in elementary school.”

“When I was in elementary school”


I want to know more about the Chinatsu-chan I don’t know.”

If we don’t have memories, we can make them from now on.

I can learn from them and get to know her better.

It was not about losing to a childhood friend.

Winning or losing, it was not about that.

I want to know more about her.

I want her to know more about me.

That’s how we can find out what we like about each other.

That’s the kind of time that was allowed in a relationship.


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