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–Chinatsu Sugito has become cute.

And it has become a topic of conversation among the boys.

Even Kentaro, whose presence in the class had been increasing, heard about it.

“They say Chinatsu is cute”

Kentaro snickered as he looked at his classmates who were getting excited.

For Kentaro, Chinatsu Sugito was a girl he has been with since he was a child.

She interfered with Kentaro at every opportunity.

She was an arrogant, overbearing, and selfish woman.

Because of her harsh reprimands, Kentaro had never been able to show his true potential.

The proof of this was that since Ayano became his girlfriend, there was nothing to restrain Kentaro.

This should tell how terrible a woman Chinatsu was.

Her personality was nothing compared to Ayano’s.

If he had to describe them, he would say that they were an angel and a demon, and how could he compare them

(Her personality is the worst …, but the inside and the outside are different.)

But if it was just her appearance, she may be a beautiful girl comparable to Ayano.

Ayano’s gentle and innocent appearance was beautiful.

Chinatsu, on the other hand, had sharp, almond shaped eyes, but if one looked closely, one could see that she had a beautifully shaped face.

Kentaro thought so when he looked at her again after being away from Chinatsu, who was always clinging to him.

(Was Chinatsu the one who made that face)

Although they have known each other longer than anyone, Kentaro was puzzled when he noticed the change in Chinatsu’s expression.

(T/N: That’s called happiness, like Mahiru’s expressions in front of Amane)

It should have been Chinatsu who radiated an atmosphere of menace to those around her.

But now, instead of showing no hint of harshness, she radiated a feminine charm that one could not help but admire.

Even Kentaro was seeing his childhood friend’s face for the first time.

(When did she grow up so much … Chinatsu has a great figure.


They have been together for a long time and that was why He had never seen his childhood friend as a member of the opposite s*x.

But once he became aware of it, he found himself attracted to the woman.

Chinatsu’s face, which had lost its sharpness, was indeed lovely.

The bulging b*****s, which could be seen even through the uniform, were probably larger than Ayano’s.


Kentaro’s throat rumbled.

(W-Well, if Chinatsu apologizes, I’m willing to forgive her.)

(T/N: This F*king piece of pure unadulterated garbage)

The mastermind who was behind the bullying.

Kentaro thought that he was magnamious guy willing to forgive her.


The day of his date with Ayano.

Kentaro woke up early.

It was not the first time he had met Ayano on a holiday.

But it was always just to take Ayano home after she had finished her errands.

Even then, if Kentaro had not said so, he would not have had the chance to see her.

Not today.

We can have a proper date in the daytime.

Kentaro was fired up.

“My clothes are brand new.

My breath is fine.”

He put on his crisp, new clothes.

He brushed his teeth carefully.

(We can get to … kissing today, right)

If I get into a good mood, I will kiss Ayano.

That was all that was on Kentaro’s mind.

He didn’t even consider the fact that she might not like it.

Ayano accepted everything, which was only natural, since they were lovers.

He continued to fantasize about the Convenient Angel.


Kentaro arrived at the meeting place on time.

“Ayano has not arrived yet”

In front of a busy station.

Ayano was nowhere to be seen.

Kentaro sent her a message saying he had arrived.

Kentaro was excited to wait for his girlfriend.

He thought that even this time of doing nothing would be the best part of the date.

However, 30 minutes had passed since the appointed time.

As expected, Kentaro thought it was strange.

(Why isn’t Ayano coming She hasn’t responded to any of my messages.


It was neither impatience nor worry, but irritation that Kentaro felt.

What on earth was he doing keeping himself waiting without contacting her When Ayano arrives, as her boyfriend, he has to give her a warning.

Just as Kentaro’s anger was beginning to show in his attitude, Ayano showed up.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Kentaro-kun.”

“You’re late, Ayano.

I told you how long I’ve been waiting.


Kentaro’s complaint was interrupted.

She was a beautiful, prim and elegant girl who was famous at school.

She was dressed in a white one-piece dress and a straw hat, the very image of a young lady in Kentaro’s imagination.


I thought Kentaro-kun must like this kind of thing.”

Kentaro blushed at Ayano’s elegant smile.

“I-I’m glad you dressed up for me.”

“No, no, that’s not what I meant.”

Ayano denied Kentaro’s words, who scratched his head and looked embarrassed.

Her expression was so kind that it somehow made Kentaro’s heart flutter, even though she was no different from his usual girlfriend.



“Kentaro-kun, you seem to be pretending to be my boyfriend, but I have no intention of becoming your girlfriend.”

Ayano’s abrupt words made Kentaro freeze, unable to comprehend their meaning.

Ayano was smiling.

It was the smile of an angel that had captivated Kentaro.

So, Kentaro thought he must have misheard her.

“I will go along with your talks, and I will also have lunch with you.

I will even accompany you on your walk home alone.”

But Ayano’s words didn’t stop.

“But please don’t get me wrong.

I am not Kentaro-kun’s girlfriend.

I will never be your girlfriend.”

His throat tightened.

He had no idea why Ayano was saying this to him.

“Even so, I consider Kentaro-kun a friend.

So today, let’s hang out together as friends.”

Even amidst his confused thoughts, Kentaro came to a conclusion.

—This is betrayal.

Kentaro had treated Ayano as a lover.

He had cherished her.

Was that a misunderstanding There was no way he could admit such a thing.

“D-Don’t be ridiculous!

People who passed by looked at him.

For a moment, Kentaro was about to shrink away, but then he had to say something.

“You’ve got to stop making fun of people! You didn’t intend to be my lover That’s impossible!”

In a fit of anger, Kentaro reached out his hand to Ayano.


His hand was knocked off by Ayano.

“Please don’t touch me.

I don’t want you to touch me.”


“Are you sure Kentaro-kun, if you touch a girl in a place like this, you’ll be in big trouble.”



The people around them are paying attention to them.

It was easy to read that their eyes held contempt for him.

Ayano smiled at Kentaro, who was unable to make a move.

“Kentaro-kun is someone with a lot of pride, thank goodness.

It’s very typical of you, Kentaro-kun, to be so concerned about what others think of you.”

Kentaro was about to kneel on the ground in frustration at the words that clearly made fun of him.

“A, yano …….”

“I wasn’t sure when to tell you.

Kentaro-kun, I didn’t know what you would do in an unpopular place.

You don’t want to make such a disgraceful side of yours known at school, do you I thought this was the best way to make you understand safely.”

Ayano puffed out her chest, “Ahem.” She should have been a cute girlfriend, but now he hated her.

“Kentaro-kun, let’s go have some fun, shall we Please don’t mistake it for a date.”

“I-it’s a lie,….

Ayano is my girlfriend,… and we’re going out as lovers,……”

“I’m not.

Please don’t make me say it again and again.”

For the first time, He saw Ayano’s disdainful gaze.

Kentaro could not bear it and cowered.

Tears streamed down his face and he could not speak.

“What is that Shuraba”

“He looks like a gloomy guy, he must have been dumped.”

“Uwa, he’s crying.

That’s disgusting.”

“It’s funny.

I hope you don’t mind if I take a video of it.”

Kentaro was devastated by the heartless words of those around him.


Reaching his limit, Kentaro ran out to get away from this place as soon as possible.

Kentaro’s head was a mess.

Today was supposed to be a fun day.

…… Why do I have to go through this Why did Ayano suddenly change her attitude

The unanswered questions kept coming and going.

However, Kentaro immediately thought of the name of the person he wanted to rely on.

“Chi-Chinatsu …….”

–He still had no idea that his childhood friend, whom Kentaro always relied on, was currently happily dating her boyfriend.


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